Time To Give Up the Google?

On your deathbed you know when it’s time to ‘give up the ghost’ and move on, hopefully to paradise.

Well, when you search the Internet for articles about spirituality and decency, and are always carried away to page after page of scientific skepticism and right-wing, American, fear-and-hate propaganda, you wonder if it’s time to search for a new search engine.

Google’s being hacked, big-time.

It’s all about SEO, or search-engine optimization… wealthy Machiavellians with special interests and too much time on their hands manipulating the code of their websites and of big online encyclopedias like Wikipedia… so that when you, the user, type in certain keywords to search for good information, instead you get pulled into a toxic sea of propaganda.

Special interest groups with lots of money and zeal nowadays hire armies of ‘fixers’ to spend their days tweaking their special interest websites and the online encyclopedias with a false sense of popularity… in order to suck you into their dark worlds.

So… if you want to get rich and you want to make the world better place and you know something about coding, (Google, for example uses mostly C++ and Python programming languages for search), then develop a new kind of search engine that isn’t vulnerable to this kind of hacking and abuse.

Meanwhile, I plan to start playing with some other search engines, such as Firefox and Bing, to see if they have the same vulnerabilities that have turned Google into a terrible propaganda tool of late.

(Correction: I’ll start playing with different search engines like Bing and Yahoo along with Google, and different web browsers like Firefox and Explorer along with Google Chrome.)

Some good articles on the subject:


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Main interests are other-worldly matters (www.macyafterlife.com) and worldly matters (www.noblesavageworld.com)
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2 Responses to Time To Give Up the Google?

  1. Not many people can see it Mark – it’s not something easy to put a finger on…but it rings true for me.
    I also see Facebook changing, and they have just tightened the noose even further. First they sold ads to people with community and business pages, etc. It was $5 a year ago. Now it is $20. Then they tweaked the personal pages to be seen less. If you are more active, and have more response, you are more likely to be seen. If you were not active, good luck.

    Now I see all of these people who were accustomed to their ego being fed…..and now they are beginning to starve. The logical outcome of this is for some of them to withdraw inward, but the natural human tendency is to try even harder for more attention, and that’s what they want to happen. It is competition. Competition for our time, energy, and money.

    As we move further forward, it is essential that people and groups in the community continue to share across platforms. More information will come from people who know people than searches on the web…unless you know what you are looking for.

    Thanks for the article.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Keith,

      The web in general (Google in particular) is still an amazing source of information for lots of people I know. We can search on our phones for an actor’s name we’ve forgotten, or the meaning of an obscure word we come across in a book, or the address of a store… or an article we read last year when all we can remember is a few key words or concepts in the article and maybe the author’s last name. As a research tool, the Internet is incredible, thanks in large part to Google.

      I think when I wrote the above article I was frustrated by Machiavellian (scheming, unscrupulous) forces that have been trying relentlessly to grab and hold onto political power here in the States for the past couple of decades, using all sorts of unsavory methods. Hacking the search engines is just one small example… and it’s not always something that’s easy to see or to prove.

      In any case, I was venting a bit with this article, something I try to do only on this website, which has a very small readership. With noblesavageworld I try to expose the darkness that’s always trying to encroach on our world, and to shed a little light on things as best I can.

      I really admire Google for all it’s done with its maps, gmail, chrome, and other world-unifying work. Really amazing. In truth I’d never really “give up” on Google unless something better came along, which is unlikely. I just hope they find a way to strengthen or protect their search engine somehow so it’s not so easy for scheming people with narrow interests to manipulate the global search environment for their own dark agendas. Probably asking too much.

      Anyway, Keith, always good to hear from you,


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