Time To Give Up the Google?

On your deathbed you know when it’s time to ‘give up the ghost’ and move on, hopefully to paradise.

Well, when you search the Internet for articles about spirituality and decency, and are always carried away to page after page of scientific skepticism and right-wing, American, fear-and-hate propaganda, you wonder if it’s time to search for a new search engine.

Google’s being hacked, big-time.

It’s all about SEO, or search-engine optimization… wealthy Machiavellians with special interests and too much time on their hands manipulating the code of their websites and of big online encyclopedias like Wikipedia… so that when you, the user, type in certain keywords to search for good information, instead you get pulled into a toxic sea of propaganda.

Special interest groups with lots of money and zeal nowadays hire armies of ‘fixers’ to spend their days tweaking their special interest websites and the online encyclopedias with a false sense of popularity… in order to suck you into their dark worlds.

So… if you want to get rich and you want to make the world better place and you know something about coding, (Google, for example uses mostly C++ and Python programming languages for search), then develop a new kind of search engine that isn’t vulnerable to this kind of hacking and abuse.

Meanwhile, I plan to start playing with some other search engines, such as Firefox and Bing, to see if they have the same vulnerabilities that have turned Google into a terrible propaganda tool of late.

(Correction: I’ll start playing with different search engines like Bing and Yahoo along with Google, and different web browsers like Firefox and Explorer along with Google Chrome.)

Some good articles on the subject:


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Main interests are other-worldly matters (www.macyafterlife.com) and worldly matters (www.noblesavageworld.com)
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