Good Government Solves Problems; This One Is the Problem

One of Ronald Reagan’s most famous lines as President was, “Government is the problem,” and since then it’s become a self-fulfilling prophecy here in the States.

By nature, every government should be a regulating force that keeps society stable. That’s its raison d’être, its purpose for being. It should solve problems.

The US federal government today definitely IS a problem… and it’s not by accident. There’s a large, unified contingent within the US government whose aim is to make it a problem. The group’s biggest goals include 1) sabotaging government and destabilizing society, 2) convincing a confused public that government is bad, 3) hijacking the government with the help of disgruntled voters, then 4) using their power for their own narrow interests.

So far, that group is moving well into step 3 of their plan.

A long-time Republican staff member recently described the ominous situation.

Read more on that report

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