A New Age of American Politics?

(Editor’s note: I’m not including this article in my “Politics and the Human Spirit” series because the links at the end lean to the left (as I do), and I’m trying to keep the series objective and nonpartisan. — MM)

I woke up with a relaxed but strong gut feeling that we’re on the threshold of a new, noble age of American politics.

That’s a radical flip-flop for this gut of mine that’s been grinding over politics for the first 12 years of this new century… suddenly to find itself in a state of calm.

Why the change? It’s not just the election outcome last Tuesday (even though I tend toward the liberal side); it’s what I sense as an unraveling of the darkness that’s held US politics in its grip since the year 2000. What’s happening now is like the lancing of a festering wound to expel toxins and start healing. It’s a little painful for society at the moment, but things are going to get better.

Here’s the simple truth about politics (and every other facet of life everywhere):

Noble values spread peace and order in society, while savage values eventually unravel amid chaos and conflict.

Noble politics is the use of truth, honesty, and good will in the course of setting policies for society… and it leads to a brighter future.

Savage politics stirs fear and hatred through the use of lying, cheating, stealing, fear-mongering, war-mongering, character assassination, and other dark motivations.

So again, noble values in a political system generate peace and order, and savage motivations spin off into chaos and conflict.

The past decade of US politics has been unprecedented in its savagery, most people might agree.

Today, things are quickly unraveling among the most savage elements of American politics.

Read more about the unraveling

The fear and hatred stirred up among the public by the savage political forces is starting to ooze out. Wounds are being opened.

Read more about the toxins…

So, although we’re going through a troubled time here in the States, I have a feeling that the healing process has begun.


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Main interests are other-worldly matters (www.macyafterlife.com) and worldly matters (www.noblesavageworld.com)
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2 Responses to A New Age of American Politics?

  1. Ricky says:

    Mark, although I am a libertarian that, when added up, ulimtately leans a bit more right than left (very far right on economic and constitutional issues and pretty strongly left on social issues), your spiritual outlook and perspective keep me on a balance and pull me slightly back towards the center of the political realm. You make a wonderful point of how we can begin to heal – but a lot of things need to drastically change. I wish humanity would begin a mass movement towards sincerity, decency and ultimately, a movement toward the light. A lot of us are finding it tough to reconcile our political views with what we know is better for humanity. Individualism is very important to me, but a voice that continues to grow louder and louder inside of me is telling me that it needs to be a little more balanced.

    Over the past year I’ve been locked in an internal battle between my noble side and my savage side. My noble side keeps telling me to stay upon the long path that lay ahead for me, whereas my savage side screams “Where’s the personal gain in being ‘noble’? Always put yourself first and ignore anyone that says otherwise”. Mark, I have to tell you that it is really tough. Your book ‘The Project’, which I am in the process of re-reading and further digesting, is really highlighting some stuff that’s been going on with me for a while and it continues to strike some nerves.

    I apologize for the off-topic question but I have really been wanting to ask you what your general beliefs are on crystal healing. I know that you are of firm belief that crystals possess tremendous amounts of subtle energy, but can they be of particular physical/health value to someone in this physical realm? (My favorite crystal is Celestite.) Crystals have a very warm, relaxing and showery sensation to my mind and they always have ever since I was very young.

    Thanks for your great writings, your books and sharing your incredible journey with us Mark – you will always be very appreciated!! (I still have yet to even cover half of the information on worlditc.org, as it is a very deep & comprehensive website!)


  2. Hi Ricky, thanks for the reassuring words about my writing. Much appreciated.

    Sounds like you’ve got the same inner tug-o-war that I have… and many others, I’m sure. It’s hard to weigh personal achievement and gain (and their many benefits during this lifetime) against our efforts to help others and the greater good (and their vast rewards after we die, as well as the light they spread in this world around us). ..

    I’m a big believer in the powers (healing and otherwise) of crystals… although my beliefs are based more on what I’ve researched from credible sources, and less on personal experience. I’ve used crystals a lot in my ITC experiments, but not sure how much they helped with the communications.

    Yes, http://www.worlditc.org is a massive site, thanks mostly to my good friend and colleague in Germany, Rolf Dietmar-Ehrhardt, who manages the site.


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