WikiLeaks: Symptom of an Unsustainable Illusion

You and I both know, at some level, where the Information Age is taking us… even though we’re all a little reluctant to accept it… for our own somewhat devious reasons. That’s why WikiLeaks is a little scary.

What? You don’t know what I’m talking about?

I really think you do… but your conscious self—your ego—may be blocking it out at the moment. Let me give you some hints.

First, a famous quote by the Scottish poet, Sir Walter Scott:

“Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.”

I think you’re getting the picture, but here’s a second hint, just in case… what an angel told me and my research group back in 1996 to share with you… to share with the world:

Children of Earth, people of Terra! Often, when we come to take you home at the end of your earthly lives, we notice that you are in great haste. Like someone who unexpectedly has guests coming, you dash to and fro and try to get some order in the chambers of your spirit and your heart. You quickly get things out of the way which you left lying around carelessly for a long time. You hide other things under the furniture and the rug because you are ashamed that you neglected them.

Dear people! We come only to greet you, not to judge you. The pupil is not being judged after an hour of testing, but only after his entire period of learning… We know you are only on a journey. Once you get back to us, you will feel like the child who sits smiling and securely on its mother’s lap. Therefore, do not make this time of your transit unnecessarily difficult for each other. Lighten your hearts and take off your masks in front of each other and you will be prepared on the day we take you home.


Life on Earth is a drama made possible by our ability to harbor secrets from each other. We can anonymously send flowers to someone we love or death threats to someone we hate. Governments can withhold important knowledge and spy on each other and on their citizens for what they call “security reasons” but what is really no more than the manifestation of their basic human fear and mistrust.

While the noble side of our nature inspires us with love and trust for each other, our savage side urges us to plot and plan, to fight and kill each other, to deceive and harbor secrets. Our dark side was ingrained long, long ago in our forebears, who had to survive in a ruthless world of predators… and it still remains today, strong as ever… even though most of those predators have been long vanquished.

We humans still relish our dramas while we walk the troubled pathways of Planet Earth… but the dramas are just an illusion created and perpetuated by our noble-savage minds. After the death of our physical body, fragments of our savage thoughts linger like a dark cloud around the Earth, while our finer spiritual self—our noble side—is swept away to paradise, where the drama is gone. Our new, more glorious life soars to new heights of inspiration, love, and openness. The people we meet in paradise can see our motivations and hear our thoughts. We all share in each other’s good will in wonderful ways we can’t begin to fathom during our earthly lives, cluttered as they are with dark clouds of troubled thinking. Our strongest compulsion in paradise is to serve the brilliant communities of loving people around us.

Those on Earth who cling too stubbornly to the drama, with their selfishness and ill will, don’t make it to paradise right away after they die. Their dense spirit remains stuck for awhile in the world of savage thought fragments that’s close to the Earth in vibration… until they can work through their troubled thought patterns and ascend to a paradise vibration.

So… back to WikiLeaks and the Age of Information.

Our world is moving quickly toward its paradise destiny, which means the dramas with all their deception, fears and animosities, are beginning to break down. The Internet is quickly opening our world up to a free flow of information. There are those who fight the trend—musicians and music producers, writers and publishers… and the clandestine government organizations who mistrust other governments and struggle to harbor secret agendas in their own self interests.

WikiLeaks, like Napster before it, is just one of the many forces that are breaking down the barriers to the free flow of information on Planet Earth… and it’s scary for those of us who relish the drama… those of us who want monetary rewards for the fruits of our inspiration… who like to stockpile information and weapons and money for the power they provide us.

These are all part of the drama, folks, and let’s face it. We’re all caught up in it to some degree.

As the Ethereals told us, it’s not a big deal. This is Planet Earth, and such illusions are part of the experience here.

All I want to say in this article is that the illusions are starting to fall away in this Age of Information, stirring up a lot of fear in most of us, and those who find the greatest inner peace in these troubled times are those who can rise to a finer level of consciousness to find security not in the material world, but in that brilliant eternal spark within us—the spark that resonates with the angels.

See the noble-savage life on Earth for what it is—an illusion—and partake in the dramas selectively… knowing that in the end you’ll have to detach from them as you awaken to a new and glorious life.


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3 Responses to WikiLeaks: Symptom of an Unsustainable Illusion

  1. Andre Loureiro says:

    Thank you!

  2. Lisa I. says:

    I really enjoyed this post, Mark. I love the way you put things into perspective.

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