New Science Will Soon Explore Beyond Duality, Beyond the Material

Glossary for this post:

  • Source – what religions call God, Allah, Brahman, or the Tao… the source of everything… by  nature eternal and virtually perfect and omnipotent in terms of love, knowledge, wisdom, and creative potential. (for more information…)
  • Out-beyond – moving outward from finer dimensions to denser dimensions… in contrast to “in-beyond,” or moving inward into subtler dimensions.
  • Dimensions – countless universes differentiated not by time or by space, but by vibration… so that from our conscious perspective here on Earth, the dimensions seem superimposed over and concurrent with our physical universe.
  • Light – superconsciousness, essence of all energy, matter, and thought… originating from the Source and manifesting as everything… everywhere. When we experience it consciously, as in a dream or near-death experience, the Light is usually described as pure love (see the video below). A capital “L” differentiates Light form the Source from the visible and measurable light we perceive through our senses and sciences.


As Light from the Source streams out-beyond into denser dimensions, forming countless worlds and universes, it finally reaches the material realms… where forms and structures coalesce, and where the Light dissipates and intermingles uneasily with dim pockets of fear, ignorance, and chaos.

It’s this coexistence of Light with dim pockets out here in the fringes of the omniverse, in our material universe, that has compelled humans down through the ages to accept a dualistic, bipolar illusion of reality… good vs evil… light vs dark… hot vs cold… god vs satan….

In reality, there’s no such thing as evil or dark or cold or satan. They’re just the absence of good or light or heat or god, respectively.

This is one of the fundamental truths that transcend science and spirituality… that will become a cornerstone of the emerging new science that will soon be exploring the rich, vast realm of countless dimensions flourishing with life all around us:

The dualistic, bipolar nature of material reality is an illusion.


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