2012 End Times: Complete Details

So, God sent an email recently to his chosen ones—those who will be spared during the upcoming 2012 apocalypse because their behavior has been consistently noble of late. The email shared all the details of the upcoming mega-event.

Know what the email said?

(answer to be posted in the Comments section below)


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Main interests are other-worldly matters (www.macyafterlife.com) and worldly matters (www.noblesavageworld.com)
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14 Responses to 2012 End Times: Complete Details

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    Hmm, no comments yet? I was hoping SOMEone would share… I didn’t get the email either… Mark 🙂

  2. I recommend a reading of Ruth Montgomery’s last writing, The World to Come which came out in 1999. The book is rather short, but the author’s contribution to the body of literature via her psychic “automatic writing” is unsurpassed.

    In this book she discusses the Apocalyptic rescue.

    The word “apocalypse” is Greek, and it means “to reveal.”

  3. Thanks John for the book reference (I’ll look into it) and for defining apocalypse: revelation.
    Come to find out, I’ve been misusing it as upheaval….

  4. I had the same misunderstanding of the word “apocalypse,” until fairly recently.

    If we think of the so-called “End Times” as a revelation, what do we think will be revealed?

    I have recently seen the most excellent movie entitled “Thrive.” This is the finest production of its type that I have ever seen, because the producer deftly connects every single dot of our world’s problems as the globe is being manipulated by a few concerns, and he wraps this in a discussion of toroidal sacred geometry, cover-ups, revelations, and offers some splendid suggestions of how we can heal the mess that Gaia has slipped into.

    The producer is Francis Gamble, a member of the Proctor and Gamble clan of industrialists. He was being groomed to step into a position of global elitist influence, but he eschewed this offering and began a quest of understanding the layers and individuals and corporate collectives who are intent on an end result which is presented in this film in a very compelling and accurate fashion.

    This film is a must see film. Furthermore the website http://www.thrivemovement.com is also a must visit website. Of all of these types of films that I have visited in the past 7 years, this one is the finest, and most comprehensive and accurate.

    We must create a widespread dialogue about this information.

    Mark, your offerings and especially the recent 16 part series about The Human Story has really assisted me along by revealing to me the very apocalyptic stuff which your recent book “The Project” introduced. Thank you.


  5. Peter says:

    End of the world… I’d like to express my thoughts on this. I’m a lazy person, being trapped in a vicious circle of action and passivity. If end of the world came i’d be very grateful because that would mean that i wouldn’t need to struggle more, in fact i could have the biggest party of my life without thinking about any consequences, any tomorrow.

    So if i had far less conscience and responsibility then maybe there wouldn’t be any need for the end of the world. Perhaps euthanasia should be legalized for us people not to stress ourselves too much and worry in this over-complicated western-minded, achievement-based world.

    I think people want to rest. I sure do. To have a real one, one devoid of any future prospects, just hanging in the emptyness. I’m now in vacation, still i’m not able to unwind to the extent. There always comes a feeling of guilt if I catch myself seeking to turn away from my life. Hence we translate it to “end of the world”. Perhaps end of feeling-of-guilt would be more accurate.


    • Great thoughts, Pete. I agree, we (I, and some people I’ve known… especially older fellows approaching the end of their lives) often project our own personal end-times onto a global end-times. It seems to be a quirk of human nature. Living gets kind of tough here on Earth at times, and there’s a part of us that thinks the whole shebang would be better off with a clean slate.
      I guess the bottom line is that life on Earth has its challenges, and we all do the best we can. Knowing there’s a reward afterward can make the hard work less grueling. The more we work to help others, the greater the reward. That seems to be one of the main things I’ve learned from ITC over the years.
      All the best,

  6. Pete,

    Have a good look at the movie “Thrive.”

    Also, have a look at the site http://www.thrivemovement.com.

    This may lift you up. We are going to require everyone who is ready, willing, and able to turn this around.

    Find one thing that you feel positive passion about, and latch onto that. That will get you through.

    Good luck.

  7. Patrik Herák says:

    Hi there,
    I get that this article is supposed to be a joke, but I’d like to express my feelings about this “2012 apocalypse” absurdity anyway 🙂 It all started with Mayans predictions and bad interpretations (for example, someone could interpret Bible as a violent book, and could do horrible things in the name of god).
    As living Mayans people say, their cycle ends this year, but it doesn’t mean the apocalypse, but some Earth transformation to a higher state of living. I think that with all these enlightening knowledge about spirit worlds, afterlife, “The Project” and other stuff Mr. Macy is writing about (and I’m very glad he doesn’t give up 🙂 ) that transformation must be something we have been waiting for a long time.
    Maybe it’s time to get a little bit closer to paradise on Earth, don’t you think? After all, we will see soon 🙂


  8. Yan Mikhlin says:

    I think it’s great what Mark is doing. You don’t know how much hope and satisfaction I have in his work and ITC in general. I have been a follower of his blog for some time now and am truly impressed! It just brings me so much joy to know that this life is not IT, and to see pictures from the so-called “afterlife” brings me joy without end. I believe each of us affects the earth’s Collective Consciousness in a positive or negative way. I just happen to believe that my own personal thoughts have affected the world in a most impactful and interesting way and thanks to people like Mark, they have been raised in vibration in a most significant way. Mark, you may not know this but the world began with a lover’s quarrel (try to find it on the net) and I’m one half of that lover’s quarrel. Whether there was any reason for “the Fall” I haven’t been able to figure out yet, but each of us, I believe, is here to first and foremost, figure out our priorities, which is to say, what’s most important to us, and if there is indeed, only one truth, then we should all come to that same conclusion, namely that we should learn to love ourselves before we can love another. And that love, indeed, is the way and the ONLY way. In the end, I think everything will work out. Mark, keep up the great work; I’m rooting for you every step of the way, man! By the way, thanks for the books; they’re really good and I really enjoyed them! The dedications and autographs really added a nice touch. Thanks, man! Anyway, God bless to you and yours. I really think we see eye to eye on many levels.
    Your friend,

    • Many thanks to both of you, Patrick and Yan!

      Patrick, I’ll definitely keep doing what I’m doing. Writing about this stuff seems to be my purpose.
      In fact, I just posted my first kindle book on amazon yesterday.
      Basically, I boiled down the “Human Story” series from this blog and called it “The Noble-Savage Project.”
      The reason I mention it here is it talks exactly about the issues you addressed above.


      Your heart-warming words are very much appreciated.
      I’m getting a chill writing this, because the ebook also addresses exactly what you wrote about “the Fall” and how it all began with a lover’s quarrel… and especially, as you said:
      “…each of us, I believe, is here first and foremost, to figure out our priorities, which is to say, what’s most important to us.”
      That’s the key message of the book! Not just for individuals, but for the human species. Figuring out our purpose.

      Again, both of your replies mean a lot to me.
      If friendship,


  9. Yan says:

    Mark- Not a mystery there, now I MUST get the ebook….. I liked your book, “The Project” but to tell you the truth, I thought it was a little “mechanical,” if not systematic and so, I wasn’t able to get through it completely. Not to question its holiness because it IS Holy; maybe a little too holy for me, Mark -hey watch it!! Anyway, nice to know I was on the ball with the central theme of your new ebook: goes to show that the collective consciousness does have an affect on us, even where we least expect it and there is indeed a certain order in the universe. Mark, I’m glad you know your true purpose, my friend; something too many can’t say, myself included. Maybe it’s just enough to have some point of view and not just drift along anywhere that life will lead you. You certainly help and encourage me, and it’s been said that even if you help just ONE person, in your career or profession or simply anywhere, then you would have accomplished your purpose. I’m sure there is something to this ITC stuff, even though not everything squares with what I’ve read in other so-called, esoteric, spiritual, etc., literature but it does seem to be more reliable than other sources if simply from the fact that there is so much physical evidence and that it CAN be recorded. I just hope we make it there some day. I tend to be old fashioned and somewhat of a purist in my thinking, and what can be more old fashioned than getting back to the original Paradise out of which, it is my belief, we all issued forth because of lack of experience. I totally hate the fact that it is because i lack experience, knowledge etc., that I have to sit here and suffer. My mom always said, learn from others experiences and from THEIR mistakes. How foolish I thought that was! Little did I know that I was even MORE conservative in that respect- that I didn’t even think I need experience at all! Isn’t that the way God , if there is one, created us, perfect, whole, complete and resplendent in every way? Right now, I’m questioning, basically, every aspect of my Earth experience, and I’m not leaving anything to spare. I think every one of our basic assumptions about life MUST be questioned, in order for there to be any real change in our country and our world and nothing at all should be left to chance. Why not examine everything, for even a slight change in perspective can be enough to change one’s outlook even to create significant change in how one views the world and even the world itself! Anyway, I’m talking too much here so I think I’ll end. I just happen to think that people should dialogue more and that alone would bring with it significant change. I think that is the case; people HAVE started to talk more and that is a start, I believe, in the right direction. Mark, I’m sorry, this IS YOUR blog and I don’t mean to take it over, it just happens to be a topic and area in which I’m extremely interested and you look somewhat receptive to what I have to say so I’m using every opportunity to express myself to the maximum. I believe I have a lot of learning left in order to be able to formulate my thoughts more completely but I believe that the basic things that I DO say, are what many major thinkers have already formulated, if only for the fact, that they are so basic and are almost brutally honest. Mark, I really do like to hear everything about your life, great last post, btw. Always like to hear what truly positive people like to say, even the minute details of their life. I hope what I’ve said here, is truly what’s relevant and I’m not just “flapping” my mind, so-to-speak and wasting everybody’s time. I’m sure the ethereals, if they do exist, will probably like, and take it as a big complement that I am devoting so much time to this and will consequently award me “browny” points for doing so. Nothing beats a cigarette though! 🙂 Have a great day! Hope I didn’t say too much! God Bless.

    Yan Mikhlin

    • Yan, great letter. Thanks.
      I agree with your comments on “The Project.” I rounded up a lot of important information for the book and put it all together more like a technical writer than an author. Still, it has its place….
      Hope you like the ebook (Noble-Savage Project) better. More concise and better-flowing.

      When people and families go through really tough times, there’s only one principle I’ve found that can uplift them and keep their heads above water through the ordeal… something you allude to in your letter:
      While there can be a lot of gut-wrenching drama in our outer lives, in the outer world, we all have at our core a piece of the source… the living flame… the soul… (call it what you will); and that truest part of us is connected to a higher power that can solve any problem. Once we release our problems–turn them over to the higher power–suddenly we’re free. The drama continues to boil around us, but we can observe it from an objective, peaceful state of mind that lets us go on with our lives.

      Many of us (my family included) have gone through this grueling, then peaceful process.

      Thanks again for the deep thoughts…

  10. Doug OMara says:

    I don’t know if this is a joke or not either. But either way I’m simply clueless.

    It just seems to me that “something” big has to happen quickly. Maybe self-destruction via war, huge culling from vast over-population that gets worse every single day, or heck…..anybody’s guess is as good as mine. I fully understand previous posts on this thread stating how tiring it all gets.

    But in summary, I bet we on earth either get a massive helping hand from some higher spiritual powers or we’re in a big, big pile of do-do.

    However, I surely do greatly appreciate Mark’s work in unraveling the crazy story of we human beings as it gives me hope that somehow, somebody has a coherent plan for dealing with this mess.

    Thanks Mark!

    • I agree, Doug. The plan that evolves to salvage “The Project” (noble-savage humanity on Earth) will certainly be facilitated by finer spiritual beings. But the biggest part of executing the plan will be in our hands. Somehow we have to figure out how to deal with our savage inclinations… the fear and greed and resentment that boil out into our societies and into the world to spread destruction. We have to find ways to foster our noble side, not just personally but at the social and world levels… imho.

      How our future generations go about that will be fascinating. You and I (at the soul level) will most likely be a part of that… in new bodies in future lives.

      See you then!


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