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Sliding Toward a Dark Age Behind Big Oil’s Trump Card (2)

2016 year-end news summary (2)  (This is a continuation of the previous post… ) Helping the less fortunate… Protecting the environment… Uncovering life’s mysteries… Erasing the barriers that keep humanity divided…. Thanks to noble things like these, which have been … Continue reading


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Overcoming Our Oil Addiction (Fixing America 12)

To overcome America’s oil addiction, maybe we can learn a few things from the 12-Step program, which has the greatest track record in the world for recovery among addicts and alcoholics. If it works for addicted individuals, maybe it could work for an addicted society. Let’s borrow of few of the program’s time-proven principles, which have restored sanity and peace to the lives of countless individuals, and adjust them for society…. Continue reading

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