Abortion Rights Lose Steam

Abortion: The termination of a pregnancy, whether occurring naturally (i.e. “miscarriage”) or induced, by the removal of embryo or fetus from the uterus.

Opposition to induced abortion is growing here in the states, according to a recent poll by the Pew charitable organization. This Christian-oriented poll is the only poll to show these results at the present time, and I have a feeling that the mounting anti-abortionism is due mostly to the fact that the new Obama administration favors women’s choice on the subject, making pro-choice people relax and anti-abortionists bristle more vocally in recent months. Still, the situation deserves a closer look. So let’s see if we can get to the root of the issue.

Why might a woman want an abortion? For one reason or another (rape, financial difficulties, marital problems, single status, likelihood of congenital disease…), she doesn’t want to bring the child into this world. Many people feel she should have the right to choose an abortion under such conditions.

Many other people oppose her right (and everyone else’s right) to get an abortion, mostly because they have a religious belief in the sanctity of human life on Earth above all other life. The logic: A fetus is human, killing humans is sinful, and sin is unacceptable.

That seems to be the crux of the abortion issue raging in the States today. So let’s first see what the spirit worlds have to say on the matter.

From the Finer Spiritual Realms

First let’s look at the big picture. A group of seven angels, or ethereal beings, have been following our world for thousands of years. Here’s an excerpt from a message they planted in a computer of our Luxembourg members on April 3, 1996:

“In perceiving their environment, mammals, like humans, have the ability to evaluate their surroundings and behave accordingly. Though they are humanity’s fellow creatures and inhabit the same living space, humans behave as if the world is their environment alone and everything else is only for their use.

“This anthropocentric world picture is a totally false self evaluation. Man is not the measure of all things as you often assume. Humans are one of a million species on the tree of life. All the animals, plants and the elements of nature are part of the world around you. By living as though the rest of the world is only for your benefit, you miss the purpose of your existence.”

So from a finer spiritual perspective, we humans aren’t as special as we sometimes like to think. What we’re supposed to be doing here on Earth, with our enhanced intellect and agility, is to provide wise stewardship of the planet… and not to ravage it for our petty fascinations. As physical human beings we are of nature, not above it.

What Do Our Late Loved Ones Say

Second, let’s see what our deceased ancestors and loved ones have to say about abortion. Having lived on Earth, died, and gotten settled into paradise, how do they see the impact of abortion on the human spirit?

We were told of one woman who crossed over into the next life overcome by a sense of religious guilt for having had an abortion early in life. She was having a difficult time getting settled, unable to find peace, so ethereal beings located the spirit of the fetus, now a young man in the astral world. When Mother and would-be son were brought together, the woman broke down and wept, expressing deep remorse and regret… begging for forgiveness from the young man. The young man was perplexed and a little unnerved. His brief experience as a fetus was so insignificant, so miniscule in the vast pantheon of his rich spiritual lives, that he could in no way understand the woman’s tortured feelings. He wondered if he was responsible for her anguish, but he was assured by the Ethereals that her religious beliefs were the cause.

My position

Well, for what it’s worth, here’s what I’ve concluded about abortion after two decades of research into the afterlife and what it really means to be human.

First, sanctifying a human fetus is a case of misplaced shame. The fact is, we live in a brutal world in which life kills life to survive, and humans have become the most prolific and proficient predator on the planet. From The Project:

“…Millions of calves are castrated, grazed for a year, then fattened up in feedlots where they wallow in their own waste for several months and eat from troughs until the day when they walk with their friends, screaming in terror, into slaughterhouses, fully aware of the grisly reality awaiting them at the front of the line. Not a pretty picture. Hunters, soldiers, breeders, and butchers need not feel any more or less guilty than the rest of us, though. The fact of the matter is: Living things on Earth kill each other to survive. It’s the natural cycle here, and we’re part of the cycle. It’s often frustrating to be human. Our savage side accepts brutality as a fact of life, while our noble side shrinks in horror from the agony of innocent creatures around us, much of it imposed upon them by us. We sometimes find curious ways to alleviate the guilt—pretending that the lives of nonhuman animals and plants are unimportant, or that they can’t really feel pain, or convincing ourselves that a human fetus is all-important while millions of children, women, and men who die each year of starvation and war can be ignored.  We all have ways to cope with the frustrations of living in a brutal world, and we’d probably get along better if we admitted to ourselves that they are coping mechanisms rather than defending them vehemently, often violently as righteous principles….”

So that’s my personal view on abortion. It’s one of countless causes of pain and death among Earth’s inhabitants… and it’s no more barbarous and cruel than other injustices we put on each other, and on other life forms in our world. On the contrary, abortion is less cruel than using high-tech weaponry to kill men, women, and children. It’s more humane than allowing overpopulation to cause millions of people to succumb to starvation, disease, and mass execution, when we have tools like the Vitality Ratio available to prevent such horrors.


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