• Overpopulation and the Vitality Ratio: Suffering and injustice resume in some African countries (click here for a report)… and I’m still convinced that the only real solution to the strife is the Vitality Ratio, which would get a handle on the currently out-of-control population there. As I mentioned in an earlier blog: Currently, several African nations have fertility rates of 7+, and it’s in those countries that famine, genocide, and bulging refugee camps have become a way of life and gruesome death in recent years. To deny the connection between chronic overpopulation and these perpetual economic catastrophes, a person would have to be blinded by stupidity, ignorance, dogma, ideology, or some other debilitating condition.

  • The LHC and an Unstable Planetary Crust: I still have a nagging feeling that the ramped-up experiments at CERN in Switzerland (click here) are contributing in a big way to our world’s geologic instability… aggravating conditions for earthquakes (like the one in Japan last week) and maybe even oil catastrophes like the recent BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico. As I reported in an earlier blog entry (click here), similar experiments in a similar world had disastrous consequences. Our spirit colleague Swejen Salter told us: “On planet Varid, our experimental team under the direction of Prof. Suat Dewar, pursued a theory that concerned the origin of matter and energy…. We considered repulsion between energy and anti-energy to be the cause of the constantly increasing “drifting” apart of the universe. We now produced this anti-energy artificially, to spread all over our hermetically sealed laboratory in order to nullify atomic energy (also an artificial energy) which was also introduced in the lab. We were happy and confident that our discovery of “anti-atomic energy” would make impossible any atomic warfare, once we opened our lab doors and let it escape and spread on our world Varid, into the atmosphere and into space. Soon, however, it became clear to me that not everything was in order….” Those experiments on Varid apparently led to a time reversal that would have destroyed life there, and a futile attempt to resolve the catastrophe led to a massive explosion that destroyed the lab.

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2 Responses to Updates

  1. Alex says:

    You need to take a look at HAARP. It’s based on the work of Nikola Tesla. It’s very real and we fund every penny of it.

    Just copy “haarp earthquakes” into a browser.

    God bless.

  2. thanks Alex. Very interesting. Shaky times ahead, I suspect.

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