Human Spirituality & Mental Illness: Barriers Lost

© 2011 Mark Macy

Spirits are around us all the time. They move in and out of our world… in and out of our lives constantly. I’ve spent the past 20 years proving this to be true, thanks to the amazing results of ITC research done by friends and colleagues in Europe… and thanks especially to the somewhat extraordinary and eccentric spirit-face photos I’ve accumulated in recent years… courtesy of Jack Stucki and the late Patrick Richards, who acquainted me with the “luminator.” (click here for sample photos)

Yes, I know that spirits are real… and I know they influence us on a daily basis. If you review my work with an objective mind—free of dogmas, ideologies, cultivated preconceptions and fears—then you know it too.

Now… for your own sake, disregard it.

That may seem like an odd, contradictory statement—to acknowledge spiritual influences and to ignore them—but I’ve come to realize its importance lately, while researching the influence of spirits on people with mental illness. What I’ve learned applies to just about all of us: Spirits are as pervasive as the air around us, and in our day-to-day lives we should give them the same attention we give the air: None.

There are times we focus on air, such as during breathing exercises and breathing meditations… and there are appropriate times to focus on spirits, such as during prayer, skilled mediumship, and serious ITC research… but on a daily basis we have more important matters to contend with. After all, there are many obstacles, pitfalls, and traps in this world… and we need to keep our feet planted firmly on the ground as we walk the Earth. If we don’t pay attention to the physical world around us, we can get hurt.

More important, the more we think about spirits, the more we attract them into our lives… and the more influence they have on us. That can be a wonderful thing when we pray to God or give thanks to our ethereal guides (angels) or feel warmth in the heart for departed loved ones on birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries… but it can be an unsettling experience at best, and at worst agonizing, when we open ourselves to the vast dark cloud of troubled people who linger around the Earth as spirits in a confused state after they die.

For that reason, I believe, we humans on Earth have built-in blinders that block our view of spirits. We’ve evolved, down through the ages, with these mental blocks against the many spiritual influences around us for our own good… to keep us focused on the task at hand: Living in this world. The more we think about spirits indiscriminately, the more they’re attracted to us—especially the confused ones—and the more we have to contend with foul moods, bad dreams, and accidents. So we’ve evolved with built-in blinders.

When the blinders are removed, there can be problems. That’s true for all of us. It’s especially true when we’re sick or injured or stressed out or using alcohol or pleasure drugs… and it’s most especially true for people suffering schizophrenia, a mental disorder that makes it difficult to tell the difference between real and unreal experiences, to think logically, to have normal emotional responses, and to behave normally in social situations.

Schizophrenia, I believe, is a case of faulty blinders. Many people with schizophrenia see and hear the spirits that other people can’t see and hear. They live in two worlds at once—this physical world and the worlds of spirit. The realities of those two worlds are so vastly different that simple day-to-day living can be a hopelessly confusing and unsettling ordeal for those suffering schizophrenia. Here are some of the common symptoms of schizophrenia that suggest the sufferers are trapped between two realities (with my comments in parentheses):

  • An overpowering, intense feeling that people are talking about you, looking at you. (Spirits around us do indeed watch us and talk about us. Without the blinders that “normal” people have, it can be annoying to say the least.)
  • An overpowering, intense feeling that you’re being watched, followed, and spied on, as though with tracking devices, implants, hidden cameras. (For spirits to move in and out of our world and to stay close to certain individuals occurs naturally to them… that is, “natural” by the laws of their world. But by the laws and realities of our world, such close, constant observation seems impossible without the application of advanced surveillance technologies… which makes schizophrenia seem delusional when sufferers explain their experiences.)
  • A strong sense that people are colluding to harass you. (Many sufferers are badly upset by the unworldly sights and sounds they perceive, and their fears attract spirits who stir up the fears even more. They tend to “gang up” on a a sensitive person with chronically troubled feelings.
  • A strong sense that people can read your mind and control your thoughts. (Telepathy is the “normal” mode of communication among spirits, so they can and do read our thoughts… and they also influence our thoughts.)
  • The notion that your thoughts are being broadcast over radio or TV. (Again, thoughts are broadcast by all of us, and they’re picked up by receptive minds, especially the sub-conscious minds of spirits… but again, the conscious mind of a schizophrenia sufferer uses worldly explanations—radio transmissions—to try to reconcile what’s happening to him or her… and to most of us it sounds delusional.)
  • Delusions of grandeur—the feeling that you’re a great world prophet with a mission to save the world. (I suspect that such thoughts are ignited and fanned by confused and troublesome spirits.)

This is the reality we inhabit, folks. I know this to be true, based on two decades of afterlife research, especially ITC. And I believe it is in everyone’s best interest 1) to acknowledge this truth, and 2) to disregard it.

Know that spirits are right here, all around us… but don’t dwell on it. Stay focused on the day-to-day.

And the best way to deal with schizophrenia, I believe, is to remove the stress from the lives of those who suffer it. Remove the stress, and the suffering will go away. Stress stirs up fears, which attract troublesome spirits that can make the lives of sufferers a living hell.

Nearly everyone with schizophrenia is subject to severe stress, not just from the outside (by people pressuring them to be “normal”), but also from inside (the turmoil from trying to reconcile the powerful norms of society with the overpowering norms of spirit). The external and internal sources of stress can make schizophrenia unbearable.

Remove the stress from schizophrenia, and the condition will transform from a “mental illness” or “brain disorder,” to a condition of spiritual awareness. As the person’s life becomes anchored in happiness and love, troublesome spirits will drift away as playful, supportive spirits move in close to make life more joyful. Instead of suffering delusions, the person will begin to receive spiritual insights, wisdom, and love from the finer realms inhabited by ethereal beings.

So, those external influences of schizophrenia sufferers (mental health professionals, the families and friends of sufferers, and society in general) can remove stress by redefining “normalcy.” It’s time to acknowledge that spirits move in and out of our world constantly, and that they influence our lives in profound ways. Then, we won’t burden sufferers of schizophrenia with stigmas like “hallucinating,” “delusional,” “paranoid,” and “mentally ill.” Such stigmas cause more stress in the lives of those who carry them.

Acknowledge spiritual reality, remove the stigmas and stress, set up loving, supportive environments… and schizophrenia will quickly vanish. In its place will emerge a legion of brilliant, sensitive seers who’ll grace the world with tremendous insights from the finest realms of spirit.

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11 Responses to Human Spirituality & Mental Illness: Barriers Lost

  1. Richard says:

    Where can one get a Iluminator for research?

  2. Dear Mark, This is my first time reading your blog. I’d like to say thank you for what I, at least, feel is a very lucid and well-grounded post. I suffer from schizophrenia, and your explanation of spirits and faulty blinders makes total sense to me. I also agree that the best coping mechanism I have for “my voices” is to ignore them, period. I also have worked very hard to remove stress from my life, which being on disability and out of the full-time workforce has been a blessing for. I wish more people in our society would at least consider the existence of spirits as a potential explanation for the strange behavior of schizophrenics. And you’re right about the label of mental illness too — that in and of itself is very debilitating and isolating. Finally, I would like to share that in very enlightened and positive and spiritually advanced company, I have experienced my voices change into positive, wise, and benevolent spirits. I wish I could live in such an elevated state each day — that is what I am striving to create in my life, but living within “normal” society makes creating that better reality a difficulty. Also, I just re-started my blog, which can be found at It’s a blog about the recovery process. Might I perhaps add a link to this post in my blog? I feel it may be of benefit to readers. Thanks for your time, Stephanie

    • Hi Stephanie, Thanks so much for commenting on this. Yes, I’d be honored if you linked this on your good blog. (I just read your latest post, which supports what I’ve felt about the overall harmful effects of pharmaceuticals in many cases.)
      I’m also delighted to hear that being in “enlightened and positive and spiritually advanced company” has led to a ‘higher class’ of spiritual influences for you. If you would please keep me updated on this, it would mean a lot to me… since you’re putting into practice what I’m relating based on second-hand experience and theory. If you know of other people having similar experiences (a more loving state of mind alleviating the darker side of the condition called schizophrenia), I’d also love to hear their experiences… and to share the details of their stories on this blog.
      Blessings to you and the greatest of happiness…

  3. I read a good book recently (Connections), written by a young man with schizophrenia (Mike Hedrick). Here’s the review I wrote for it on
    “I met Mike’s dad, who assured me the amazing and unsettling experiences in this book are true… making it the best story I’ve read to date showing how the schizophrenic mind works. The ‘personal messages’ that Mike receives from his surroundings compel him to save the world and lead him to the United Nations in New York (where better to materialize such a lofty dream?)… which is closed for the weekend (thudding the author down to reality)… leaving Mike to drift for awhile… hopeless, homeless… eventually winding up groping through the north woods toward Canada on blistered, painful feet. The unlikely (but true) conditions that save his life show that guardian angels are real, and they can come in surprising forms.”

  4. Patrik says:

    Hello Mr. Macy,
    another interesting article from you, thank you for that.
    But do you think it’s possible to disregard spirits just like that – even if you know they are real, and it’s probably the most fascinating information on the Earth ?
    I found your ITC research website few years ago, I studied all materials for long hours – I have to admit these hours were really worth it.
    After I “accepted” spirits into my life, It seems much easier than before. Most of the time I feel very delighted and happy, depressions don’t bother me anymore. I can’t imagine how my life would look like without awareness of spirits anymore. I know that attracting bad spirits is not very pleasant experience, but if your mind is pure, all you attract is the good ones.


    • Thank you for that, Patrik.
      Being aware of spirits has been a daily part of my life, too, for nearly 20 years… so I think I did not explain things very clearly in the article above.
      I’ll think about that and maybe try again in a later article.

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  6. Mandy says:

    Hi Mark.

    I thought you and other readers of this page may be interested to read Gateway of Understanding which was published in 1934. It very much relates to what you have written. There is a pdf version available to read for free on or you can open it directly via this link:

    Click to access GatewayOfUnderstanding.pdf

    I believe there is a lot of truth in what you have written and hope mental health services will eventually look into this further too.

    Regards, Mandy.

  7. Thanks Mandy,
    Our minds are going along the same lines.
    After posting the article above, I actually did a follow-up article:
    … where I talk about the work of Carl Wickland, whom you linked to.
    He was one of the modern-day pioneers of spirit influences on human psychology.
    Primitive cultures were aware of the connection in ages past, and many tribes still are today…one of those situations of modern medicine having to play catch-up with ancient knowledge….

  8. Mandy says:

    “…one of those situations of modern medicine having to play catch-up with ancient knowledge….”

    Here here!

    Thanks for the link, Mandy.

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