Best and Worst Presidents for the Economy Since 1900

There’s an interesting, timely article on the “Motley Fool” investors’ website that describes how well the economy did under all the various US presidents since the year 1900.

The article concedes that presidents don’t really have all that much effect on the economy… but the results are still interesting.

Here are a couple of tables from the article. (There are several other, similar tables in the article, along with some analysis.)

Stock Market Performance

Corporate Profits

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Readers’ comments after the article are also interesting, and provocative. One of my favorites:

On October 25, 2012, at 5:06 PM, savant55 wrote:

Over the last 30 days, the DJI has dropped 3.70%. An average citizen with a $200,000 401k would have lost overall about $7400. Since the great demise of the market in October 2007, the old fashioned way of buying stocks based upon profitability and credibile company business plans has gone by the wayside. Instead, those who have millions are buying and selling, making tremendous profits and essentially manipulating the market. The result is that most regular investors have moved away from the market because they are smart enough to realize it is a game.

Food for thought…


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