Election Fraud 2012

Thanks to the savage side of human nature, there’s been election fraud as long as people have been voting to elect government officials.

Read more about the history of election fraud

What’s transpired here in the States since the year 2000 will probably go down in history as the most outrageous and most bizarre example of election fraud ever… thanks largely to 1) the application of modern technologies to gratify savage human motivations (lying, cheating, stealing, fear-mongering, character assassination, greed, desire to prevail at any cost….)… followed up by 2) a stunning twist in the closing hours of the 2012 election.

Here’s what seems to have been happening (judging from the reports cited in the links below)… most of the mayhem apparently choreographed by the neoconservative mastermind … Karl Rove… sometimes described as a political “fixer” for US oil millionaires:

2000 election night – The Presidential race between Vice President Al Gore and conservative candidate George W Bush was neck-and-neck as most of the results from the 50 states were in, and it all came down to the votes being electronically tallied in the state of Florida. Thanks to fraudulent voting machines, punchcard ballots, and a 5-4 decision by the US Supreme Court, Bush narrowly won Florida and the US Presidential election, and neoconservative politics with oil industry connections took over the White House… opening the way to subsequent years of massive military destruction in the oil-rich Middle East… but that’s another story. This would all be a huge turning point for America away from democracy….  

Meanwhile, many people noticed the fraud underway on election night, and began to dig for answers….

(More about 2000 election fraud at voterfraud.org – – BBC – – scoop.co.nz – –dissidentvoice.org – – truthmove.org  – –  onlisareinradar.com  – –  commondreams.com)

2002 – President Bush signed into law the Help America Vote Act (HAVA), which was (in the words of Shakespeare) one of those “instruments of darkness that tell us truths… win us over with honest trifles to betray us in deepest consequence.” (which means: smokescreens and doublespeak and half-truths of dishonest people can lead us deeper into the darkness) Essentially, HAVA promised noble voting reforms while distributing the oversight of voting, including electronic voting machines, to the 50 state governments, where computer tampering could easily change election-night voting results in key states like Ohio, Virginia, and Florida. This opened the way to blatant election fraud in the upcoming 2004 Presidential election.

2004 election night – electronic voting results were manipulated, especially in Ohio, which secured a second Presidential term for GW Bush. This time there was a major outcry.

(More about 2004 election fraud at The Nation – – BushStole04.com – – The Landes Report  – –  commondreams.com – – Business Week – – wired.com – –indymedia.org – – blackboxvoting.org – – enquirer.com – – wired.com – – MSNBC– – wired.com – – scoop.co.nz – – Washington Post – – yuricareport.com – –truthmove.org – – American Free Press – – commondreams.org – –consortiumnews.com)

Despite the heated accusations, the network of fraudulent voting machines, which had spread like a cancer through key states, was not disabled. One reason is that the conspirators, to avoid the heat, created a diversion. They devised ways to turn the table and accuse their opponents of voter fraud. Those reverse accusations were a smokescreen. Fighting fire with smoke has become an art form with the conspirators.

(legalinsurrection – – Mother Jones – – Forbes – – michellemalkin – – foxnews – – townhall – – newyorker)

Get a dizzying glimpse here of the neoconservative smokescreen.

2008 election night – The widespread popularity of Democrat Barack Obama swept him into the Presidency. Even the most blatant election fraud could not have turned back the tide, so the conspirators chose to wait… to plan for the next election. The number-one neoconservative agenda, adopted by most Republicans in congress and their media mouthpieces, was to tarnish Obama’s reputation and destroy his popularity over the next four years through the mongering of rumors and fears (for example, that Obama is non-American by birth, a communist, and a Muslim)… so that the Presidency could be stolen from him in 2012. “Winning” was probably no longer even a consideration for the conspirators; stealing the election was the most likely aim.

In the ensuing years, still nothing was done to disable the cheat-easy voting machines set up in key states by the conspirators. A group called “Velvet Revolution” quietly worked behind the scenes to put a stop to election fraud. They even offered a $1 million reward to anyone who could expose and stop the criminal activity involving cheat-easy voting machines. All to no avail. Karl Rove assured the conservative party leaders and their wealthy corporate supporters that things were under control… to expect a landslide victory for Republican candidate Mitt Romney.

2012 election night – The stage seemed to be set for blatant election fraud that would ensure a Romney victory through the electronic manipulation of votes in Ohio, Virginia, and Florida. The subtle replacement of Obama votes with Romney votes or some other such chicanery would ensure a neoconservative victory. The corrupt network was apparently all set up and ready to roll… but an amazing thing happened. On election day, an anonymous team of computer experts stepped in to disable, through cyberspace, the network of fraudulent voting machines in Ohio, Virginia, and Florida, and the Presidency was not stolen after all. Obama retained the Presidency.

Having worked with some of the world’s brightest software engineers in high-tech companies for more than a quarter-century, I know that the successful effort to neutralize those corrupt voting machines took an extraordinary level of knowledge and expertise. It would have been herculean for any engineers outside the inner circle to break in and disable the fraud… but disable it they did!

The following day, the Velvet Revolution group received a letter from the anonymous cyber-sleuths:

Anonymous letter to the

Anonymous letter to the “Velvet Revolution” group

(More about the anonymous letter:  velvetrevolution  –  beforeitsnews.com  –  examiner.com  –  dailykos.com  –  wonkette.com  –  southdacola.com)

This whole drama—from the brazen election fraud starting in 2000, to the superhuman intervention last month that nipped it in the toxic bud—reminds me of messages our INIT organization received from a team of ethereal beings calling themselves The Seven. They often addressed the savage side of our humanity, and our personal responsibility to self-reflect while determining what we can each do to contend with it… within ourselves.

At times like this, in the midst of blatant election fraud, I always enjoy going back through those contacts from The Seven ethereals… to savor the the depth and tone and wording of their messages.

I published most of their messages in our journal Contact!… especially an issue in the summer of 1996, where several of their more important messages begin on page 8.

Read those ethereal messages in Contact!…

Most of those messages from The Seven arrived as computer letters in a plain, basic format coincidentally similar to the one received by VelvetRevolution, above.

Here are couple of excerpts that seem especially fitting at the moment:

An excerpt from one of those computer-text messages, this one by Ishkumar (received at Station Luxembourg 1996 July 19, 11:20 a.m):

Children of Earth, people of Terra! You know the world is not changed by cosmic events but by changes in the individual. Every person is unique and he can build a palace for good or a dungeon for evil. This recognition should make clear to all of you your share of responsibility in all happenings….

And excerpts from a voice message from The Seven, left on the Luxembourg researchers’ phone answering machine around the same time, also contain that tone of other-worldly wisdom:

In the course of bygone decades, of thousands of earthly years, beings interested in the human species meet to decide on the continuation of the project. You must not imagine that only the seven implicated in the actual development of INIT are there. No, it is a coming together of all entities interested in mankind. The interests are various.

We, the Seven of the Rainbow People, have decided to help and support the way chosen by you, in INIT. It is the way of morals….

You already know that also pharisees, ghouls, swindlers, thieves, yes, even murderers, have their interested supporters here among the dead….

This is the seventh time that we accompany and guide you on your progress toward a free, wealthy and sane future in which humanity would have stripped off the chains of intolerance and cruelty. A future in which it will be able to establish fruitful and durable relationships with the light, ethereal realms of existence….

Listen to an excerpt of that message from the ethereal Seven


Most important in all this: the fact that election fraud was halted by superhuman efforts on November 6, 2012, should not lull us into a false sense of security.

The corrupt network of cheat-easy voting machines is still in place in the key states, they’ll probably be put to use if the conspirators think they can get away with stealing another election, and if democracy is to survive here in the States, those machines need to be neutralized, and election integrity ensured. We can’t assume the same powers that saved the 2012 election will be back in four years to do it again.

For the sake of democracy, election integrity needs to be centralized at the highest (national) level, in my opinion.

Locking it into state governments, with HAVA, was most likely a scheme perpetrated by the Bush Administration—and its advisors—to more easily mangle and manipulate the electoral process in its favor.

Whatever it takes, place election integrity in the hands of national government, so that a single, secure election process is ensured everywhere.

(continued from above….)

2016-11-10 update. See what I mean? The gall of these ‘barons’ with their choke-hold on the far right… their hucksters stirring fear and hate that’s grown for nearly 20 years into a cancer throughout American society. On election night (11-08) their new generation of ‘ORCA’ swims as their ‘tunnel rats’ and ‘worker bees’ massage the votes through the network of cheat-easy voting machines in the key states and beyond. Pundits on TV watch in awe as the trumpet of fear and hate maintains a steady, narrow lead against all odds.

In the coming days the pundits spend hour after hour trying to explain why their pre-election polling results (the near-certain victory of Hillary Clinton’s voice of reason) must have been so wrong.

Day by day I watch to see if the powers that ‘beached ORCA’ in 2012 might possibly step in to expose the cancer to the light after this absurd debauchery of democracy on election night 2016. That… or maybe a whistleblower steps forth.

Is there still a chance of restoring America to noble values of good will and decency, or have the barons dragged us too deep into the savage swamp of fear and hate… beyond the point of no return… like Hitler’s Germany?

(Here’s my latest utopian effort on that front…    but more pointedly here…. )



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7 Responses to Election Fraud 2012

  1. (Here’s what I meant by “superhuman” or “herculean” task in the above article. In order to hack into something like the ORCA voting fraud program, you’d have to know all the Internet programming basics: 1) software programs C++, Perl, Python, Java…., 2) the HTML mark-up language, and 3) the Unix operating system and the Linux kernel. Know how to troubleshoot PC and server hardware, how to design and manage websites. Know what system administration involves. You’d have to study (or “enumerate”) the target… probe for security weaknesses, figure out user account names, shared resources, web server version, system name, MAC addresses….
    This all takes a lot of dedicated time… and if you have only a 24-hour election-day window of opportunity, it’s a near-impossible task… MM)

  2. Ricky says:

    This has been a fascinating read, Mark – I had never really looked into this until I researched it from your recent blog posts. I must say that I am not surprised that this type of savage action (that which destroys the fabric of a free society) has taken place in our country. I have peered into the hole of darkness that tends to be the modern-day Republican Party and this is why I will never vote for them. I will repeat it: There is overwhelming darkness in the Republican Party and the force that drives it in our current day is not of the slightest of noble intentions. There are many reasons for which I am at odds with the Republican Party. With that being said, I am not a Democrat. I am a Libertarian – very, very left on social issues, and solidly right-wing on economic policy and procedures, putting me quite at odds with that party as well. I am one of these people that is realizing that there is another way to guide our society. There is another way to fulfill our quest for spiritual growth and balance it out with the materialistic desires that our physical bodies so incessantly crave. My train of thought is one that wants to make people happy, comfortable and free to do as they please – to follow any path they would like in life – to live in a society that has an abundance of opportunity and wealth – and most of all, decency.

    In your book “The Project”, your explanation of how mankind could theoretically (and very realistically) alter the triggers of endorphins and ‘reward’ hormones in the mind so that they would be released upon engaging in selfless, productive and noble acts towards others and the environment, is absolutely wonderful. I, as a libertarian, reject government-imposed policies that alter the natural movement and mind of the individual, but when I see the darkness that encapsulates our world, I can’t help but to reconsider and think that it would be for the good of humanity’s future. We truly could live in a paradise. Let me put it this way – if you or one of your colleagues were to run for political office, I would tirelessly advocate for your candidacy. Your caring thoughts and intentions of light are just what is needed to heal a world that ails from those with ill-intentions.

    Your words continue to inspire my thoughts –


    P.S. Your youtube videos are terrific. I know that you had discontinued your ‘Project’ videos on your worlditc channel for the time being, to focus on your blog and other things. I was just wondering if and when you might possibly make more videos, as they are very enjoyable, articulate, thought-provoking and eloquent.

  3. Hi Ricky.

    Some 30 years ago I was working alongside another technical writer named Bill Hewitt, who was busy in his spare time writing books for the Llewellyn publishers, including his book “Daydream Your Way to Success.” Bill was something of a mystic, a psychic. He’d been involved for years in Silva Mind Control, a form of meditation and spiritual development. I was busy in my spare time writing books about politics, economics, and world affairs, and Bill was my first introduction to the powers beyond our material world. He taught me how to meditate.

    Bill surprised me one day with some unsolicited advice. He said something to the effect that I’d never be in a position of authority–it isn’t my life purpose. Instead, I, or more realistically my ideas or insights, might be used as a “power behind the throne.”

    Long story short, I have no inclination to be involved in politics… just to try to understand it and find solutions to political problems. Hence my writing.
    That seems to be what I’m here for in this lifetime–to plant seeds with my writing. As long as I can do that, quietly, from behind the scenes… I feel like I’m on track.


  4. Fidel W. Vaughn says:

    Elections in the USA are highly manipulated by a number of methods including gerrymandering, massively biased registration procedures, illegal “caging,” massively biased removals from voting rolls, “accidental” misdirection of voters, and massively biased allocation of and mode-setting of voting machines, among others. Election fraud/manipulation is known to have altered at least two US presidential elections (Bush-Gore 2000 and Hayes-Tilden 1876), clearly swung Illinois to Kennedy in 1960, and may have swung Ohio to Bush in 2004. This is not even counting massive “Jim Crow” measures in the early 1900s which systematically almost entirely stripped Southern Blacks of their voting rights and gave the Democratic party five decades of permanent 1-party rule throughout the South. Election fraud not only alters election results, it has destroyed entire countries and led to lasting dictatorship and/or war. The protests of those defeated by election fraud and/or manipulation have been incredibly faint in the USA. Why? Our theory is that both sides continually benefit heavily from the same election-rigging techniques and any protest – and most election reform more generally (and investigations leading toward it) such as abolishing gerrymandering – is therefore counterproductive for both sides and hence is not undertaken. If this theory is correct, then range voting, by eliminating 2-party domination , will have a hugely beneficial effect on election fraud in the USA.

    • Thanks Fidel,
      I like your analysis a lot.
      Election fraud IS a problem involving both sides of this two-party system, though since 2000 seems to be coming mostly from the political right here in the States.
      I think the protests against fraud are pretty strong, but they seem faint… like a shout in a storm.
      There’s only so much a concerned person can do to change the macro systems around us… again, like a shout in a storm.
      Concerned individuals often feel powerless against the massive machine of big money, special interests, and multi-million-dollar political campaigns… maybe rightfully so.
      When Gore and Kerry had their presidencies stolen by Bush, I felt like a parent of a kidnapped child.
      Some of my extended family, Bush supporters, toed the party line, telling me, “Get over it.”
      They’re very loving people, and since then we no longer discuss politics at family gatherings.
      I guess I’m trying to say that we individuals often have to swallow our indignation to sustain peace among those we love.
      Such is the troubled nature of “peace on Earth.”

      Even when we gather in numbers to protest the fraud, it’s little more than a shout in the storm. Who remembers these big events?….
      2001 January 20, Counter-Inaugural demonstrations against President George W. Bush, organized by the International Action Center at the Inauguration parade route, by Louis Posner of Voter March at Dupont Circle and the Rev. Al Sharpton at the U.S. Supreme Court. (info: http://www.redandgreen.org/Bush/jan20_demo.htm)
      2001 – May 19, Voter Rights March, by Louis Posner of Voter March at the West Capitol steps. Election reform advocates seeking a full investigation into the 2000 Presidential election.
      2005 – January 20, Counter-inaugural protests. Demonstrations against George W. Bush’s second inauguration. (pictures: http://www.jofreeman.com/photos/jan20.html#photos)

      So, I think the answer is a reformed political system in which decisions on issues are made at the appropriate levels of society (personal, family, community, state, and federal), and integrity of the voting process in the selection of national leaders is maintained at the national level… not at the state level where there’s 50 times more opportunity for the savage side of humans to rear its cheating head.

      In fact, that’s the subject of the article I’m trying to write this weekend. Hopefully I can post it by Monday, but it’s a huge subject.


      PS – There’s room for hope. A network out there (mentioned in the main article above) is toiling hard behind the scenes to correct things. I learned about them only last month, and reliable sources tell me they do very good work. See http://www.velvetrevolution.us/newVR/?q=about

  5. Scott Gabehart says:

    It seems that this highly praised intervention is as corrupt as the acts it purports to prevent. Are you serious?

    • Matter of perspective, I suppose. As I see it, the corrupt voting machines are like cancer tumors in America’s social structure, and the successful cybersleuthing efforts were like treatments that disabled the disease for the moment… both being invasive, but with very different aims and intentions.
      Still need surgery to remove them… but it was a step in the right direction.

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