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phs10: The Carnal Line Between Noble and Savage

Maybe the best way to distinguish the “noble” from the “savage” in human nature and human affairs is to answer a simple question: What drives the angels? While angels, or ethereal beings, aren’t perfect in the “God” sense of the word… they’re much closer to perfection than we humans are… so close, in fact, that from our earthly point of view angels seem omnipresent and all-powerful. They seem to embody all of the nobility of God…. Continue reading

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Election Fraud 2012

What’s transpired here in the States since the year 2000 will probably go down in history as the most outrageous and most bizarre example of election fraud ever…. Continue reading

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The Human Story 7: The Afterlife of Jules Verne

“I suddenly realized with amazement that I no longer had pain — anywhere — and that my blindness had completely disappeared, which allowed me to observe, among other things, that I was in a sumptuous palace bringing to mind the splendid residences of the rajahs….” Continue reading

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