Best (and Worst) Countries To Be Born – 2013

Researchers at The Economist have found that the best country to be born next year will be Switzerland.

Nigeria will be among the worst.

The USA will be tied with Germany… in 16th place.

The study compared wide-ranging qualities of the countries and their people, including:

  • per capita GDP
  • life expectancy
  • quality of family life
  • human rights (freedoms)
  • gender equality
  • job security
  • climate
  • crime rate
  • community (social organizations)
  • political corruption

See the original article…

Of the 10 best countries, half are in Europe, and all 10 could be classified as social democracies… countries whose governments make a serious, on-going commitment to keep human rights in balance with social equality.

Compare social democracy to fascism, capitalism, and other systems…

Here’s a list of the 80 countries included in the report:


And here’s a similar list from 1988… when the USA was in first place. Much has changed in the world (and here in the States) since then….


(Next article, hopefully, will be about managing the world via the various levels of global society, from the personal to the planetary. Still trying to boil that crucial but complicated topic down a bit.  — MM)


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1 Response to Best (and Worst) Countries To Be Born – 2013

  1. sarah says:

    The US is a sad place these days…2013 needs to be about changing that..and not just for the US but for Earth

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