Closing Arguments on US Healthcare

Healthcare in the US needs a complete overhaul for lots of complicated reasons… but that’s not the only thing that needs an overhaul. Here’s the short story…

Why do we need a complete healthcare makeover? Because…

health INSURANCE is outrageously expensive, and insurance companies weasel out of paying policy holders for treatments they need.

Why?  Because…

health CARE is outrageously expensive, so insurers in turn have to raise prices and go to desperate measures to cut costs.

Why is health care so expensive? Because of two things…

growth economics (which pressures health-related companies to get ever richer), and our fear of death (which pressures doctors and the public alike to spare no expense to keep dying patients alive as long as possible).

As an ethereal being (angel) told our ITC group in 1996, (as published in the Contact! ITC journal, issue 96/03, page 5):

 Fear of death is one of the most distressing concepts of human culture, based on the conscious belief that your bodily existence offers life and security, which it never wants to lose. Fear of death therefore is evidence of the mind having lost its roots. It shows a spiritual being who has far removed itself from its higher self. You owe this mentality largely to an intellectual and scientific way of thinking. It wants all thoughts reduced to a comprehensible level of material existence. Heaven is in man and those who have heaven within themselves go to heaven. Heaven is in all those who recognize what is of God and let themselves be guided by the Divine. The priority and basic concern of every religion has always been the acknowledgement of God.

So before we American can reform our healthcare system in any significant way, we’ll have to:

… reduce insurance costs, which can’t be done till we…

… reduce health care costs, which can’t be done till we…

… overcome our fear of death, which can’t be done till we…

… realize the truth of our spiritual existence—that our body is just a short-lived, carnate vehicle that our spirit uses to navigate on this dense, rugged material world. At the end of the physical journey, our spirit—our true self—lives on in finer realms.

That simple truth lets us physical human beings breathe a sigh of relief and helps us tread more lightly on the Earth. We’re no longer desperate to pack our lives full of experiences and of stuff… and to stretch our personal lives to the very last, respirator-assisted breath.

We know about our true, eternal destiny, and we embrace the promise of new life as death approaches. With the end, comes a beautiful new beginning. We no longer fear the “grim reaper” accompanying us six feet under the cold, hard ground; we welcome the glorious transformation into a paradise world of beauty beyond words.

Then, when the fear of death is gone, healthcare will evolve smoothly into a system that helps us all to make the most out of our lives on Earth through wholesome habits, wholesome thinking, service to others, and all-around happiness.

Meanwhile, when wealthy groups stir up lies about the reform efforts (death panels, communism…), and when hysterical people shout, “I’m not your ATM, Obama,” we can relax a bit, knowing that the fear of death brings out the worst in people—selfishness, greed, contempt, disrespect….

Consumed by their own desires and fears, they overlook the plight of the suffering masses.


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