Biggest Political News of Our Time

I know I wrote last week that I would try to avoid writing about politics… but this is HUGE! Scientists in England have discovered that a person’s political stance is determined largely by wiring in the brain.

Especially in the past decade, here in the States, liberals and conservatives have driven each other crazy… and at least now we’ll know why: Different brain chemistry.

This study probably isn’t going to make us like each other any better than before (as indicated by the hostile comments following the article), but I really believe it will be a key to finding a lasting peace in the world in the coming decades. Knowing how the brain works (especially certain brain parts like the amygdala) to stimulate our fears or our empathy… will one day help us get our savage side under control.

Fantastic news!

Please read that article…



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  1. Richard says:

    Very interesting. Will you be speaking anywhere this year? Would love to hear you.

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