Earth and Humanity in the Grand Plan

In the ageless grand plan of the cosmos, Earth and the material universe play a small but important role, lying out in the fringes, where the procreating waves of light and love from the central source that manifest all life start to grow dim and vibrate slowly. By the time the pure reality at the source reaches the dense material universes, it has distorted into a dream-world of time, space and structure. The central light grows dim out here, and so pockets of darkness form… so that love and understanding from the source coexist uneasily with fear and uncertainty… where mothers hold their babes with pure and perfect love, activists work tirelessly to protect animals and the environment, and people donate money to feed the poor… while all around them life kills life to survive, stirring up a dark cloud of fear, intimidation, and uncertainty.

Our true nature, located deep within our physical selves, is that of light, brilliant, ageless spiritual beings whose main gratification comes from our service to each other and to the grand plan. Accepting a tour of duty in a series of dense lifetimes on Earth is one such service that all of us humans signed up for long, long ago. It’s a major commitment—taking on a life out here in the trenches of the cosmos, where the ages-old experiment is underway to see just how far divine light can spread into the lower, weaker vibrations before deteriorating beyond repair. A life on Earth is a rigorous experience in the strange, illusory realm of time and space—short lifetimes navigating through the physical world in carnal vehicles operated by dense material minds, most of which have lost touch with their finer spiritual minds and have forgotten their higher spiritual purposes.

While we each came to Earth with a unique lifetime mission, we also have a common soul purpose for accepting this lifetime out here in the far reaches of the cosmos. That common soul purpose is to help spread light—to access that highest self at the core of our being (through such means as prayer, meditation, contemplation, and a habit of good will) and to bring it into this world through our thoughts, words, and actions. We all do that instinctively when we behave through the noble side of our nature—the part of us that’s driven by love and trust. And we all sometimes falter when our savage side (driven by our fears, doubts, and uncertainties) takes over.

From the view of finer spiritual realms, life on Earth is not easy, and we all have earned gratitude from many levels for our efforts! If we’ve had some success navigating the difficult terrestrial landscape along paths of love (and most of us have!), then we’ll probably enjoy a great Welcome Home party when the time comes to shed the physical body and return to paradise in the astral realm.

If you’re interested in how humanity on Earth really fits into the grand plan of the cosmos—from our paradise beginnings, through a fitful evolution spanning millions of years, to the current state of the world—it’s in Part One of my latest book, The Project, which can now be read online, courtesy of*

* I notice that from my desktop I can read most of my book, The Project, at the google page, but from my laptop I can read only a few select sections. I order a lot of books from from the desktop (Regina belongs to a book club), and I think that’s why I’m allowed to preview other books in greater depth from the desktop. So… if you want to read a lot of my book online, click on the google link above from a computer that’s used to buy a lot of books online.


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