The Human Story 9: The Afterlife of Sir Richard F Burton

The famous British explorer, Sir Richard Francis Burton (1821-90), carried his restless disposition into the afterlife, where he continues his search for answers and adventure. The two contacts below were received in 1996. The first describes his experiences upon awakening after his physical death in 1890, and the second is a travel report of an expedition he undertook, earth-time 1996, to consult with an ethereal being at a time when our INIT group came under attack by skeptics of our ITC work.

Richard Francis Burton, Lifetime

ITC Image of Burton in spirit, received 1987 through a TV of Luxembourg researcher Maggy Fischbach

The memories of Abdallah Ibn Bekr, reported by Richard Francis Burton

Allah be with you, Burton. It is nice to see you once again in Yatrib Quastar. We have known each other for over a hundred years. Each time we meet, memory bridges time and I remember the day I first met you.

I went to the bazaar early in the morning before the heat of the suns forced people back into their homes. As usual, there was much activity. Bright clothing next to colorful carpets and balls of silk competed for attention amidst the noisy mixture of Aramaic, Greek, Arabic and Persian. The sounds of the language of the River of Eternity stood out amongst it. Camels were loaded with goods of all the countries we traded with. The smell of flowers and selected spices tempted my nose. I used to be a spice dealer in Haybar and heard the prophet speak twice, but that was a long time ago and over the years my life has faded, like a cloth of silk under the sun … Now my world is here. I am leader of the exchange trade in our area (money does not exist here any more) and I am happy and contended here. In the beginning I used to search for members of my family. Once I went with a caravan to where the yellow people live – the location they call the “hill of the yellow jade”, but could not find anyone I used to know. Therefore I gave up. To tell the truth, I do not miss anyone, except Halima, one of my former daughters-in-law. She was very beautiful and very kind to me and took care of me until my death. Five hundred years ago, almost like a miracle, Allah be praised, I met her again. She was lonely, too. We got together, for we were young and loved each other. We have enjoyed every day, since.

This morning, a group of horsemen, led by a trumpeter passed me and I quickly stepped into a doorway to avoid them. A long time ago I had been careless and did not get out of the way of a horse fast enough. It ran me down and I broke the right arm and shoulder blade. I had no pain and felt well enough, except that I had to use my left arm for the next ten days until my other arm healed totally.

Another man already stood in the dark doorway. Somewhat blinded by the sunlight it took me some time to get used to the dark. He was tall, very tanned, and looked like one of our people. Also, he was dressed in our customary clothing.

“Peace be with you, stranger” I addressed him. “Peace be with you” he replied. Your city is beautiful, my friend. I have only been here a short time and already noticed great comfort and happy hearts within your walls”. I liked his words and showed him hospitality by inviting him to a nearby coffee house.

And there, sitting under precious tapestries and in front of an artfully carved table of leaf ornaments and mother-of-pearl inlay he told me his name was Burton. He had woken up a few days ago in a shady palm-and-fruit garden near a bubbling spring in the middle of the city. A young goat was licking him and when he gained consciousness his outer appearance and cloths were exactly like they are now. He has absolutely no knowledge how he got here.

At first, he believed to have lost his mind, because he remembered just lying in bed when a terrible pain went through him.

He lost his consciousness and then woke up in this garden and now feels better than he has for decades. He was free of pain and could breathe freely. “But” he added “I had a beard most of my life which is now gone. I have not shaved for three days” he continued and passed his hand over his face, “yet my face is as smooth as a childs behind” (transl. note: actually Burton used the word “Ass”). “You are telling the truth” I responded, “but God knows, many of us will miss this adornment of our face but will get used to it”.

Then he asked me for the name of the mountains he could see everywhere in the background. He wanted to know the names of the three suns and a thousand other things which I answered to the best of my knowledge. Later I took him to my home.

We ate and talked. He kept asking new questions all the time.

Never had I met anyone who was as inquisitive and was so interested in everything. Many things I could not clarify for him because I did not know the answer myself such as the common language we all use when we arrive here but never learned. About the mountains which only few can cross because they are (aqabas?). About life-forms which do not look like animals or men, and much more. We sat together until dusk. A breeze of sweet incense was in the air on this warm evening.

The conversation had ended. I looked at Burton who like Halima and myself sat on a gold embroidered pillow and stroked his missing beard. He had become thoughtful and was staring out in the star filled bright night. “Not one constellation I know” he murmured. Suddenly he straightened up.

Jumping on both feet and raising his fist against the sky he shouted: “By God! I am going to find out what is going on here, even if it should cost me another dammed seventy years and my health…. Tomorrow morning I shall start for the mountains!”

That was the first time we met, my friend. It was over a hundred years ago and we are still the young men we were then.

You with fire in your veins and I with warmth in my heart for you, my friend of Timestream.

An Expedition of Other-Worldly Proportions

On the morning of March 7 after a four-hour “aircushion trip” we reached the top of mount Agmanaloq. Our group consisted of Hans Brusch, Charles Perrault, Romain Karp and myself. Our guide was my friend M’banga, a good scout and experienced mountaineer whose former existence on earth long ago came to an end in the stomach of an African lion. 

Scout for Timestream: Bwele M’Banga. “Our guide was my friend M’Banga, a good scout and experienced mountaineer whose former existence on Earth long ago came to an end in the stomach of an African lion.”

For four days we had been traveling upstream on the river and had reached a strip of land called “Fireland” by the natives.

Swejen had asked us to “see what was going on” since interference frequencies were reported from that area. Although our contact field was not disturbed greatly it had become a mild nuisance.

As always, I followed Swejen’s wish. To be truthful, I had secretly hoped for an opportunity to leave the electric range in the kitchen and once again breathe the fresh air of the world of Marduk. 

I had no trouble finding a few men who wanted to accompany me. They are upright, honest men with stout hearts who could be relied upon in times of danger.

On our trip up the mountain we stopped twice to rest and to eat something. Every time I bite into a juicy bit of meat I have to remind myself that I am not eating part of an animal, but synthetic food. By God, it tastes better than anything I ever ate on that darn earth. 

M’banga oriented himself with the help of a map that was drawn by some pioneers. The mountain looked black and awe-inspiring. Finally we found the huge crater we had been looking for.

Hans Brusch said, “We have to get into it, but it is a winding path. The hover-craft cannot get through. We must go by foot.” He took a roll of thin but strong rope, reinforced with fiberglass, and we descended one after another into the crater. Perrault was the last one to reach the ground. It had taken us one hour and twenty minutes!

I know that some smart fellows on Terra will now respond with the old story that we do not need any ropes, hover-crafts or ships in our world. We need only think and concentrate on a place in order to get there. Aside from the fact that things may go wrong with this method, especially on our level (3rd plane), it is from the 4th plane on that we will not have to “take a ride” anymore.

“Look at the light,” Romain said.

Indeed, a strange light was reflected by the lava stone, a beautiful optical phenomenon. A faint violet beam of light was shining on the bottom of the crater. Along the crater wall we saw an opening and squeezed ourselves through, one after another. After a few minutes we reached a huge cavern. Diffused light glittered from the ceiling.

And then we saw him. He was sitting in the middle of the room. Actually this is not the right term; he was floating several centimeters above the floor. His appearance and his color changed constantly. All colors of the rainbow in an infinite variety of shadings and variations ran off his long, flowing robe, making it look beautiful and unreal. The only part of his body visible to us was his face. It was alternately male and female, the face of a child, of a sage, a little girl, a freckle-faced boy, a toothless old man, a young black woman, a fat Chinese, a Sioux Indian and an Eskimo. The being was all of them.

We could not get any closer to him. I raised my voice to be heard above the howling wind that blew through the openings of the cave.

“May we ask you a question, Honorable One?”

His voice was in our heads, every word burned in loud and clear:

You need not ask any questions. You have come because of Afra and his group. They have been active again for a few weeks. I knew you would come. I have waited for you.

“Honorable One, what can we do about this group? They make people on Earth feel insecure and sow mistrust and  discord among followers of ITC. Those from Terra who experiment, complain to Timestream that we have to do something to stop the hoax contacts that are now occurring to some of them. Also, enemies of ITC and those who are disappointed and jealous have recently renewed their attacks in front of a confused public. Among them the well-known German Koeberle and others. The Yanks now have their own Koeberle; his  name is Weisensale. 

“These people cause great damage to ITC with their hate, jealousy and blindness. Experimenters are asking why higher spirit beings are not doing anything against this. Why do they permit these offenses and insults against honest people who only pursue the positive and the good, and thereby work for your goals, too?”

People who successfully oppose ITC so vigorously, are blinded and unable to accept the path it has taken. They feel called to crusade against something that they cannot fully comprehend. They do not even want to comprehend it because they are so convinced of what they do and write, that there is no place in their heart for anything else. They are so convinced of what they believe, it is impossible to reach them. It will remain like this until they have gained new experiences in a life higher than their own Earth life. When this happens, they will recognize far more in a single moment than any words will ever convey to them. The fullness of our unlimited love is open to any soul in a way that can best be accepted by that soul.

“That will be only a minor consolation to people like Maggy and Jules who are most vigorously attacked.”

There are only two types of people who can intervene in human affairs. I am speaking of people like you who have passed on and are not too far from the level of development of those you left behind. The second group are people who call themselves friends of the experimenters. You are still close to them and know their feelings. You know when they are worried and need help. Sometimes you can even help them regain their physical health, but not very often.

Those whom you contact have taken on a great responsibility and found special strength before they entered their present Earth life. Their task is not an enviable one, for they must accomplish it quietly, whether it was given to them or they selected it themselves. They must not be wasting energies selfishly.

We whom you call Rainbow People have often given you the real purpose of ITC contacts: Mankind at the end time should be led back to the principle. Light and darkness shall unite and form a whole again. What people experience now is not the actual beginning of the apocalypse, but only the first symptoms of it. Before opposites can be united, the strength of unity among ITC people must increase and come from a pure heart.

“What concrete action should these people take?”

If they ignore the jealous zeal of those who feel called to darken the path to the principle, how can they advance their own development and the development and spread of ITC? Did we bring slavery to men, and did we later abolish it? Did we free you of your dictators? Did we create laws for you to protect humanity and wildlife? No. You yourselves have done this and other things. You did not do it by ignoring justice and by doing nothing. Therefore, go to your people and explain that they should tell Terra experimenters these problems can only be solved by a common attitude. We are not allowed to interfere here. It is not our goal to establish the greatest possible number of ITC stations on Earth, but to encourage people to accept our messages which are passed along by those we have elected.

Almost everybody will become aware where high ethical and moral thoughts are sown and where fear and envy trigger hate. You should at least distance yourself in public from those who are not in unison with the fundamental ideas of the organization you call INIT. You may go now.

We immediately found ourselves back at Station Co-Time, (the sending station for Spirit Group Timestream).

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2 Responses to The Human Story 9: The Afterlife of Sir Richard F Burton

  1. Pete says:

    Is it just me or did they sound a bit harsh?

  2. You had to be there. 🙂
    INIT was going through tough times, under attack by other researchers and by a few members with divergent purposes. The attacks were especially difficult for the more sensitive members who were our main ITC receivers. The agitation of those individuals was picked up by our spirit friends, and it was mirrored back to us in their communications with us. It was also the primary reason why the contacts began to diminish around that time, and eventually dried up almost to nothing.
    An ITC bridge depends on harmony, or resonance, among the humans and our spirit friends. When the humans get upset, the dissonant feelings usually start to leak into the contacts, and the contact field becomes cloudy. Unless the troubles are resolved and peace of mind is restored among the members, the contact field continues to deteriorate and the contacts become increasingly unstable. Our spirit friends can eventually “lose touch” with us completely, and troubled spirits can take over the bridge, since they resonate with the prevailing attitude among the humans.
    During this particular contact (the ethereal being addressing RF Burton and his party), the spirit group had arrived bearing troubled feelings from the Earth experimenters. The ethereal being picked up on the discord (actually, he knew about it in advance) and addressed it as concisely as he could: Troubled spirits (Afra and his group) were at work, stirring up discontent among researchers. Being human, the researchers got totally wrapped up in their misconceptions as a basis from which to attack our group… so we and our spirit group were advised to disconnect from those people.
    If you read the contact carefully, understanding the situation, it begins to seem less harsh and more matter-of-fact under difficult conditions… at least to me it does.
    – – Mark

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