On Being Human

As you know (if you’ve seen my youtube clips about “The Project), there’s good evidence that our ancient human heritage traces back more than a billion years here on Earth. And if you’ve read my book by the same name, you know there’s also a strong case to be made for the idea that we today are the product of cross-breeding between a race of brilliant superhumans stranded on Earth long ago, and more animalistic humans native to this world. The intent of the ancient cross-breeding was to create human beings wise enough to convert this world to a paradise someday, and at the same time tough enough to survive the rigors of a ruthless world where life killed life to survive.

 Our Noble-Savage Nature

Because of that cross-breeding long ago, we today have noble, almost god-like qualities fueled by love, wisdom, and good will, compelling us to be gentle stewards of the planet and to serve humanity with the best we have to offer. But we also have a dark, savage side, driven largely by fear and belligerence, that helped our early hybrid ancestors survive in a hostile world of monstrous predators.

Today most of those monsters are long gone from our world and exist only in our minds, but our savage side still coexists with our noble side in a rocky relationship—leaking out as fears, insecurities, suspicions, resentments…—and stirring up dramas and conflicts with the people around us.

Our human qualities boil over into our social systems, creating not only some of the most horrific events in this planet’s history (for example, world wars), but also some of the most wonderful situations conceivable, when our noble side prevails!… as seen in pictures of modern Hiroshima…. Today we have the Internet that puts people from all walks of life, everywhere in the world, in touch with each other. We’ve inherited great works of art, science, and technology from brilliant minds around the world, and we enjoy the fruits of international collaboration on education, the environment, medicine, and many other vital fields.

A Bright Future?

These are amazing times. Thanks largely to modern technology, we today have the first opportunity in history to share this planet as a unified humanity, if we can replace our fears and suspicions with trust and collaboration—that is, if we can learn to tame our savage side and foster our noble side.

I’ve come to believe that the greatest key to true happiness on Earth involves 1) knowing how the savage side stirs up drama in life, and 2) detaching from life’s drama as much as is realistic.

It’s not easy making noble choices all the time, since drama stimulates the dopamine receptors in our brains, giving us a shot of pleasure when we experience action and romance. Making only noble choices would be like always choosing to see documentaries instead of feature films, reading textbooks instead of novels, and going to art museums instead of ball games. We enjoy movies, thrilling stories, sports competitions, and all sorts of drama because of the dopamine high.

Well, I’m getting off course a bit (not to mention a bit preachy), so I’ll end by saying that we’re beginning to see some wonderful signs of a worldwide coming-together. Here’s one example from the Internet—a Slovenian group singing an American song, capturing the flavor of Africa in a most awesome way. A blending of East, West, North and South.

Wow!  :-)))))))))))


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