Fox New Is the GREATEST . . . Gauge . . . of . . .

 Okay, one more politically oriented article here before moving on to more substantial subjects. The subject this week: When lightness of being (love, trust, wisdom, good will…) spreads in the world, peace and order become the status quo. When darkness (fear, mistrust, ignorance, hatred…) spreads in the world, conflict and chaos become the norm.

Peace and order in human affairs attract finer spiritual influences who provide miraculous support for our lives and our world… leading to wonderful inspirations and collaborative efforts in the best interests of all people and the planet at large.

Conflict and chaos attract destructive spiritual influences that stir up troubles at all levels of human affairs, from fistfights and neighborhood feuds to religious intolerance and world wars.

We sometimes have this romantic notion of light forces vs dark forces contending for control over humanity. In truth, it’s no contest… at least not in the long term. Love and good will (the forces of light) ALWAYS win out in the end. It’s the nature of the omniverse.

But in the short term, out here in the material fringes of the big picture, it’s not so clear-cut. We humans have a mixed nature—a light side or noble side suited for building paradise scenarios on Earth, and a dark side or savage side that kicks in when trouble is afoot… so that we might survive under hostile conditions.

In the course of human lives, noble is the rule, savage the exception.

Our light side compels us to smile at a stranger, share our feelings with friends, love kids unconditionally, and enjoy a sunset. It’s the deep-seated part of us that came to Earth long, long ago to establish, someday, a paradise existence of happiness and prosperity for all.

Our dark side is triggered in times of danger or shortage or sexual magnetism, stirring fear or rage or desire within us… to help us prevail in situations that hold human existence in the balance. It’s intended not as a way of life, but as a short-term survival mechanism.

Even though our dark side is only intended as an occasional, short-term alter-ego that surfaces in crucial situations, when it does surface, it pushes everything else aside. Reason, empathy, good will… out the window they go. It’s a very powerful, albeit short-lived, part of our basic make-up… controlled largely by the R-complex in the brain and the dopamine receptors in the nervous system. In survival situations (involving food, danger, and sex, for example), our body emits the natural drug dopamine to give us a surge of pleasure. Ideally, once we’ve done what’s needed to assure survival, our dark side recedes, and our light side takes the helm.

Unfortunately, certain social factions down through the ages have learned to manipulate the public’s strapping dark side in order to stay in power or achieve certain goals. Examples of this savage manipulation would include the Roman Coliseum (with its fight-to-the-death gladiator spectacles) to appease the unruly masses; the Big Lies of Nazi Germany to align the people to military objectives; and the spread of Fox news today as a mouthpiece of a conservative, big-business agenda duping the people into rallying against their own best interests.

The popularity of Fox News is an excellent gauge of the extent to which misperception, ignorance, fear, and  hatred, have gripped the USA… and, like a cancer, more and more of the world. And as darkness spreads—courtesy of Fox News—the more conflict and chaos prevail in human affairs.

(I’m not suggesting that Fox News is the direct cause of all the squabbles on the planet, but it’s such fear- and hate-mongering that feeds the fire, destabilizes human affairs, and gives strength to the chaos everywhere. Of this I’m certain.)

So… it’s my hope that forces of light within the Fox News empire help to spark a transformation in this mammoth dark force of the modern world.


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2 Responses to Fox New Is the GREATEST . . . Gauge . . . of . . .

  1. Melody says:

    Very interesting, and I wholeheartedly agree…..

  2. Thanks for the comment, Melody.

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