The Most Dangerous Game in Town: LHC

(adapted from my latest book, The Project, and updated with recent reports.)

The biggest scientific project in history is nearing completion, and it’s so powerful that it could destroy the Earth in a massive explosion… so other-worldly forces have stepped in to intervene.

Sounds like a good Sci-Fi plot or a nutty conspiracy theory, I know, but I’m afraid there may be some truth to the story. Even a few of the 10,000 scientists from 100 countries who worked on the $9 billion project are suggesting grave consequences and intervention from beyond our world.

The project is CERN’s Large Hadron Collider, or LHC, a massive particle accelerator whose aim is a series of high-energy collisions to smash the basic building blocks of matter under controlled conditions (for background, read a Wikipedia description or watch a clever rap video or find countless other reports online), and whose development has been accompanied by a series of bizarre accidents.

  • In October 2005, a crane dropped its load on a technician, killing him instantly.
  • In March 2007, a cryogenic magnet got loose due to some obvious weaknesses that somehow got built into the original design and survived four engineering reviews… “dumbfounding” one of the lead physicists, Pier Oddone. Operation was delayed 9 months.
  • In May 2008, the first tests of the LHC’s cooling-down phase were accompanied by a severe volcanic eruption in Chile and a 7.8 earthquake in China. Russian scientists who’d helped develop the project attributed the “natural” disasters to an “antiquark spree” set off by LHC operation, which “nailed the earth’s core.” (There are some reports this was a hoax, and other reports arguing it wasn’t… I’ve heard nothing credible one way or the other.)
  • In September 2008, the first protons were successfully fired around the entire tunnel circuit in stages, but hundreds of superconductors in one area were suddenly neutralized, causing a loss of approximately 6 tons of liquid helium and another delay of the first high-energy collisions.
  • In July 2009, two vacuum leaks occurred, and start-up was again postponed.
  • In November 2009, the project’s off-limits, above-ground high-voltage power supplies were jammed by a chunk of baguette that got wedged in the wiring. No one knows how it could have gotten there unless dropped by a bird or tossed out of an airplane.

In December 2009, some brief tests of record high-energy collisions set world records, and full operation is expected to get underway next month (March 2010). In light of all these strange setbacks, a couple of respected physicists from Copenhagen and Kyoto are wondering if a “backward causation” effect is happening, in which other-worldly forces are intervening… in this case perhaps an intelligence in the future that sees earth-rattling results from the LHC experiments and comes back in time to obstruct them.

Major earthquakes average 12-18 per year, and that number hasn’t seemed to change so far… a good sign. But I suspect a lot of technicians may be manning the seismographs next month.


To put the LHC into perspective, let’s go back to The Beginning and tell the whole story.

As you know, if you follow my blog or read my books or check out my spiritfaces and worlditc websites, my research has always been a little beyond the leading edge. As an ITC researcher, for example, I’ve worked with a team whose members received highly insightful contacts via TVs, phones, computers, and other devices from a large group of spirits calling themselves “Timestream,” and especially from a group of seven ethereal beings who say they’ve accompanied our world for many thousands of years and help to facilitate and protect the ITC communication bridges between our world and the afterlife. The most basic and vital parts of the story I’m about to share come directly from those timeless beings.

So here’s the gist of the story, adapted from Chapter Three of my book, The Project, which pulls together ethereal insights, scientific evidence, legends, myths, and religious texts to fill in most of the holes in the human legacy.

 My Hypothesis

Long, long ago a planet called Eden, or Marduk, circled our sun in a regular orbit between Mars and Jupiter. It was a paradise world where all living things flourished in peace with each other, including the race of superhumans who served as stewards of that lush, perfect planet. They had highly advance technologies and were busy colonizing other planets, including Earth.

The Edenites had technologies far beyond anything we have today. They could capture vast energies in crystals and send alternating currents through their planet. Eventually the energies reached critical frequencies that disturbed the planetary mass beyond the breaking point, causing complete and utter destruction. Eden became a hodge-podge of various-sized rocks and boulders that wrought havoc on the other planets and moons, and they still influence our solar system to this day. The colonists on Earth became stranded here, and the rest, as they say, is history.

 What the Ethereals Told Us

The paradise Eden, also called Marduk, was a world where humans had no inclination toward evil. The superhumans of Eden colonized the Earth, where they had to fight some of nature’s most dangerous creatures that would not submit to human will.  The highly advanced technologies on Eden got out of hand and destroyed the planet in a massive explosion.  

 Scientific Evidence

In the gap between Mars and Jupiter, instead of a planet, there’s an asteroid belt—a ring of rocks and boulders encircling the sun. Most scientists believe the asteroids are 4-billion-year-old debris left over from the formation of the universe, but through the years various insightful scientists—from Johann Bodes and Heinrich Olbers 200 years ago to astronomers Michael Ovenden and Tom Van Flandern today—have proposed a more reasonable idea: A massive, Saturn-size planet once filling that orbit was somehow destroyed, and much of the planetary debris settled into orbit, forming the asteroid belt. In 1987 scientists DP Cruikshank and RH Brown reported finding organic material (amino acids) and sedimentary clay on some of the asteroids, which could only have formed in water under the weight of gravity, as on an Earth-like planet.

Scientists today are convinced that the Earth and other planets endured megatastrophes in the distant past. The consensus is that our moon was formed when the Earth took a glancing blow from an even bigger object. According to recent findings, certain weird qualities of Venus—backward spin and earth-like composition but barren, bone-dry, and searing hot surface—suggest that it might have been the cosmic victim of an even more catastrophic, head-on collision.

(Scientists have not adopted the notion of an Eden destroyed by the super-technologies of its superhuman inhabitants, and a few surviving colonists on Earth forging our terrestrial human legacy. Not yet, but I’m sure they will, as it solves so many riddles about Heaven and Earth.)

 Historic Evidence

Some 100 years ago Nikola Tesla enjoyed experimenting with oscillators. He’d sit in his Manhattan lab and change the vibrations of the oscillators, and different items around the room would start to shake—maybe a chair, then a table, then a lamp. One night he strapped an oscillator to the thick steel pillar that ran up through the ceiling and down through the floor. As he adjusted the pitch, the pillar began to shake, then the entire room began to shake, and before long the vibrations streamed down through the pillar into the bedrock below Manhattan and set off an earthquake. Horrified, he smashed the oscillator with a hammer.

In 1912 Tesla was developing oscillator technologies that could send vibrations—sound waves—into the ground with earth-shaking results. He said that using the planet as a carrier, his technology could deliver electricity anywhere in the world instantly if used appropriately. If used inappropriately, it could split the Earth apart like an apple. In February 1912, World Today ran an article by Allan L. Benson entitled “Nikola Tesla, Dreamer.” An accompanying illustration showed the Earth blowing up, over the caption, “Tesla claims that in a few weeks he could set the earth’s crust into such a state of vibration that it would rise and fall hundreds of feet and practically destroy civilization.  A continuation of this process would, he says, eventually split the earth in two.” (I believe Tesla was tapping into techniques similar to those that destroyed Eden.)

 Insights from Our Spirit Friends

The Timestream spirit group sent us the following contact through a computer in Luxembourg in November, 1996. It was written by a woman in spirit who says she died on one of Earth’s parallel worlds, a physical planet called “Varid.” The contact warns of the destructive influence that certain kinds of scientific experiments can have on physical planets such as Marduk and Earth… and Varid:

On planet Varid, our experimental team under the direction of Prof. Suat Dewar, pursued a theory that concerned the origin of matter and energy. It was based on experiments with a series of vacuum tubes which were contained within each other and would implode by themselves. It was our understanding that the total vacuum, or absolute void space, consisted of energy and “anti-energy“. Sooner or later this would split, at least on planet Varid. (Unlike scientists on Earth, we could produce a true artificial vacuum totally evacuated of air and matter to far below 1013 hectopascal) Energy and matter repelled each other, causing one such implosion of the tubes. We had come to the conclusion that our universe came into existence in two stages: 1. Splitting of the void into energy and anti-energy. 2. Transformation of energy into matter (suns and planets). We considered repulsion between energy and anti-energy to be the cause of the constantly increasing “drifting” apart of the universe. We now produced this anti-energy artificially, to spread all over our hermetically sealed laboratory in order to nullify atomic energy (also an artificial energy) which was also introduced in the lab. We were happy and confident that our discovery of “anti-atomic energy” would make impossible any atomic warfare, once we opened our lab doors and let it escape and spread on our world Varid, into the atmosphere and into space. Soon, however, it became clear to me that not everything was in order. Prof. Dewar, who was then in his 80s, noticed that his white hair started getting dark again. He did not complain anymore about his arthritis. It seemed to have disappeared. One of my female associates who was four months pregnant, started menstruating. Another younger girl complained about discontinuation of menstrual periods and shrinking breasts. All this pointed to a time reversal.  I became panic-stricken when I realized what our experiments had triggered. The consequences would be disastrous if we could not reverse the flow of time back into its “normal” path. The anti-energy once flowing to the outside would reverse the aging process. The living population would become so young that as premature babies they would be unable to withstand their environment and perish. Meanwhile no new babies would be born. Although a child could be conceived, it would not grow. It became obvious to me what we had to do. Under no circumstances should the locked chambers of our lab be opened. During our attempt to destroy our lab set-up a tremendous explosion occurred in which I died. It was 1987 October 30. I never found out what happened to Varid…. Dr. Swejen Salter.

The moral of the story is a simple one: things are not so stable here in the material universe, where forces can destroy entire worlds… so stay tuned next month, when CERN’s Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland is ramped up to full speed. Fifties rocker Jerry lee Lewis, now 75, might be invited to perform the world’s last concert


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2 Responses to The Most Dangerous Game in Town: LHC

  1. Helen Heubi says:

    Just wondering about Swejen’s report. She says she doesn’t know what happened to her planet. But in spirit I believe she can go anywhere she wants. She could just go there and find out what happened, couldn’t she?

    Was she simply afraid or unwilling to revisit her home planet?

    For some reason this woman really strikes a chord with me.


  2. Hi Helen, I think there are limits, once in spirit, as to where you can go and what you can experience. I recall George Meek’s wife Jeannette, after her transition in 1991, was working with a guide to learn how to get settled into a fine vibration. Occasionally she’d feel the ‘tug’ of George’s longing, still on Earth. On one occasion she visited him, felt a connection to the furniture in her old house, and the bliss she’d been experiencing on the other side gave way to a sadness, as her paradise world sort of shimmered away. Before long her guide appeared and escorted her out of George’s house, back to the paradise world… and she was advised not to make such trips alone until she’d really gotten settled into her new life.
    So… that’s just one example of an unpleasant journey… and it could have some bearing on the afterlife of Swejen Salter, who shared with us that she really didn’t have a happy marriage while on Varid. If her life in the physical realm was unhappy, she might have been reluctant to visit there in spirit form, as you suggest.

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