Bilderbergers and Neo-Nazis…

I read an interesting book recently called Them, by a sort of renegade London journalist, who spent years working his way into various fringe groups to see what made them tick—Islamist fundamentalists, neo-Nazis, the Ku Klux Klan, and most interesting of all, the so-called Bilderbergers… that small circle of rich and powerful men (mostly) who are said to secretly shape government and industry, and in effect rule the world from behind closed doors somewhere. If you want some central insights into these fringe groups, you’ll probably enjoy the book.

Author Jon Ronson is an unlikely choice to be hobnobbing with the extremists. He’s Jewish, most of them hate Jews, and many of them, for one reason or another, know that he’s a Jew. For one thing, his nose is a dead giveaway, as he says in his book. Somehow he survives his many adventures in good humor, which rears its chuckling head in the writing in unexpected ways.

There’s one passage in particular (p222) that caught my interest (not a particularly humorous one), as it has to do with groups… and the dynamics that cause them to fall apart amid bickering, jealousy, and general chaos. Ronson is writing about the various Klan factions, talking to one of the faction leaders named Richard Bondira:

“Thom (Robb) says he wants to be the voice (of the Klan),” says Ronson.

Bondira replies, “He’s always wanted to be the voice. He wants to be the new Adolf Hitler. Jeff Berry (a third faction leader) wants to be the new Adolf Hitler. They’ve all got their eye on the number-one position and they’re all pathological liars. Thom Robb is falling apart. A lot of your Klan groups today are people who split off from Thom Robb. And all these little fractured fragments continue to break down into their subatomic parts. Every group has infighting and rivaly. They split. More factions form, like little fingers that are never drawn together into a fist.”

My take on this: Whenever a group is driven largely by fear, envy, greed, power-grabbing, animosity, and other savage emotions, whether it’s an extremist group or a conservative political party or an ITC research association, the group tends to splinter through a process of conflict and chaos. That’s the nature of our savage side: It creates chaos and tears people apart… while our noble side, driven by trust and good will, fosters order, commitment, and friendly collaboration in human affairs.

Applying that to ITC, then, if you plan to start a research team, nothing is as important as fostering genuine good will among your fellow members!

You might want to go so far as to get a brain scan of each member and potential member… because in terms of amygdalas (the savage centers of the brain)… size matters.

Read the full story of human behavior shaped by the amygdala.


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13 Responses to Bilderbergers and Neo-Nazis…

  1. Leslie Harris says:


    This topic reminds me of something that I find very curious – the matter of ethnicity.

    All of EVP/ITC appears to be the domain of white Caucasians, who constitute a very small percentage of the world’s population.

    Have you any idea of where all the rest might be?


  2. Alex says:

    Not to hop in out of place here, but contacts from these personalities come to mind –

    Yang-Fudse – Ancient Chinese physician and healer.

    Scott Joplin – Black American composer and pianist.

    Bwele M’Banga – African tribesman now scout for Timestream.

    Afra – Disruptive entity or spirit group of African origin (from what little documentation there is out there on “Afra”).

    Grupo Rabino Israel Meir Kagan – Latin spirit group?

    Ezra Braun – young Chinese man who made contact with Earthside after traumatic death.

    Take care, all!

  3. Leslie Harris says:


    I have come across references to these few in various publications but what I do not find is any ethnic or national groupings (or religious groupings) other than white Caucasian, and that is what has me puzzled.

    If most people go to an afterlife, then I am curious to know where they are – Somalis, Innuit, Jews, Maori, Australian Aboriginals, Kalaharis, Moslems, Tibetans, Afghans, Indonesians, and dozens more.

    China and India accounts for around 3,000,000,000 people . . .

    There seems to be some gaps.


  4. Thank you Alex!
    I was going over the various contacts, thinking of some of those personalities you listed. I’d forgotten some, remembered others.
    There’s also the Arabian fellow who RF Burton met when he awakened in a Middle Eastern culture after his death–a bustling city with horses and a busy marketplace.
    Also there’s Mootai, the Polynesian girl living in a small island village.
    And the assassinated Swedish prime minister, Olaf Palme, who awakened in an ancient northern tribe… found by the local storyteller and brought back to health (in the afterlife sense) by the tribe.
    Hey, Les, our spirit friends went to great extents to show the racial and cultural variety of spirit communities ‘over there’ from various eras.
    There’s also a Native American community, represented by a fellow named Red Jacket, I think… something like that. Burton and his group persuaded the tribe to move close to the Timestream station to be a part of the project.

    Anyway, Alex, it sounds like you’ve been following the ITC contacts pretty closely. That’s much appreciated… and not just by me!


  5. PS, Les… it’s also much appreciated that you’re stirring up these issues and bringing them to light! Thanks for your dedication to these many dialogs!

  6. Leslie Harris says:


    This is the nature of my mind. If I develop an interest in anything, I cannot be satisfied with a superficial knowledge; I am compelled to undertake a thorough examination. Part of any thorough examination perforce includes recognizing and resloving contradictions, anomalies or apparent missing information. If I cannot find answers to contradictions, etc, then my knowledge is inadequate and thus unacceptable to me; there is absolutely no question of just dismissing them.

    I have been dismissed by several people, some known to you, for asking questions that I feel need answers in order to establish the credibility of the base proposition that there is an afterlife.

    Such dismissals don’t bother me; it is my intellectual rigour that matters to me – a lot – not their airy dismissals. Their message was: we are luminaries, you are a neophyte; luminaries don’t answer neophyte’s questions.

    If some people think that they are above having to resolve contradictions and anomalies, so be it. I will pursue my path because that is the only path acceptable to me in the accumulation of knowledge.


  7. Alex says:

    Thank you, Mark.

    I’ve been following closely since the Contact! publication days. Since then, I’ve been through many life changes!

    I must admit that the various contacts from the “Rainbow People” have largely been my foundation of confidence in life (and the prospect of physical death) since I first read ‘Conversations’.

    Simply put, I would say that the words of the Rainbow People (or whatever is best to call them) has struck a time-tested and unshakable chord within me, but beyond that, those truths have actually manifested themselves tangibly in my life, sometimes in good and bad ways (I wouldn’t give up the harsh lessons for anything and am deeply grateful for them). Sometimes learning involves considerable pain, and I’m finally okay with that…as much as one can be, at least…

    I’m also the type of person who wants to know the truth whether it stings or not (true belief is dangerous and counterproductive), so I can certainly relate with Les and we probably approach things from a similar angle – whatever is real is real no matter what our emotions might wish otherwise. The search for truth has many dogmatic and sometimes seductive interferences in the way. It’s rough out there, but never stop acquiring knowledge!

    There’s an excellent dialog here that’s appreciated greatly, so thanks for the opportunity to chime in…and digest everyone’s thoughts in the meanwhile!

    Take care!

  8. Leslie Harris says:

    ” Rolf Ehrhardt and our mutual colleague physicist Ernst Senkowski, both of Germany, both believe that EVP/ITC messages have been filtered by the minds of human experimenters in the same way that channeled information is filtered by the minds of the mediums who channel them… whereas I’m convinced that under the right conditions, ITC messages can come through into our world, directly through the electromagnetic energies of the equipment, very pure and vitually unfiltered by human minds.”

    I intended to coment on this earlier. The instances of data being lodged on the hard drive of a computer appears to be beyond the filtering “by the minds of the human experimenters”. Whilst such psychic ability might be remorely possible, then one could reasonably expect that it would occur in a lot of other fields – not just EVP/ITC.

    One so gifted could create the data on an airline’s computer and get free airline tickets at will. Stockmarket shares could also be created at will to create instant billionaires. The possibilities are endless but there is no evidence of this existing anywhere else

  9. Leslie Harris says:

    Bummer!! I don’t know what I hit but the above was send before completion. As I was saying . . .

    The possibilities are endless but there is no evidence of this existing anywhere else other than in the EVP/ITC field. It thus comes into the same area as claims by sceptics that mass telepathy and mass hypnosis exists – but only in EVP/ITC, of course.

    Just imagine the implications of mass telepathy and mass hypnosis if such things existed. The banking details of absolutely anyone could be “read” and used. Not that there would be any need for that, of course, because mass hypnosis could be used to drive hordes of people into banks to empty their accounts and give it all to the mass hypnotist.

    I just LOVE the logical minefields that sceptics willingly enter in their desperate search for “explanations”.

    So, my money is on the data being added to a computer hard drive. Even then, it would appear that only Timestream* has been able to achieve this and only they have been able to find a way. This is at the opposite extreme to the random recording of meaningless words and phrases and, as far as I know, random imprinting of random data onto a computer drive has not been known to occur. This further emphasises the achievements of Timestream.


    *Sorry, I forgot the Webster experience, so we know of two examples of coherent messages being imprinted onto a hard drive.

  10. Les, ITC is kind of complicated by earth standards. I don’t fully grasp the process, but I’ve been assembling some puzzle pieces over the years.
    Timestream told us on several occasions that they don’t interact directly with the physical equipment, but with the electromagnetic energies, which they integrate somehow with their subtle energies.
    Also, as I studied their messages over the years, it became evident that they drew upon the knowledge banks and the attitudes of my colleagues and me when dialoging with us. It seems to be a natural process of minds merging when two beings communicate… so rather then two distinct entities sharing their unique personal ideas, you have one entity shuffling together information to form a whole.
    That seems to be how communication takes place in the worlds of spirit… more like the Vulcan mind meld than the point-to-point chatting that seems to take place on Earth (like two people talking by phone).
    When people die and get settled into a community of kindred spirits, that mind-meld kind of communication would seem very natural and fine. On Earth it would be a horrific experience, for example when a trusting, innocent individual opened a rapport with a con artist or serial killer, and started taking on those troubled attitudes. That’s probably why we on Earth have evolved with an illusion of individuality in which we seem to all be unique, instead of the merged spiritual being whom we really are. There’s such a diverse mix of light and dark thinking in this world that it behooves us all to maintain some degree of separation.
    Anyway, I think I’m rambling and maybe getting a little off track. I’ll reread all this later and maybe add more information.

  11. A couple of things to add.
    That mind-meld communication (the most natural form of communication in most realms) seems to be what’s taking place during channeling and spirit possession. It also occurs in EVP and ITC to a large degree.
    But… under the right conditions that mind-meld can be minimized by a gifted spirit team like Timestream and the Seven ethereals. I think they somehow forge a degree of separation, so that they can avoid the clatter of the human minds and open a channel through which to convey their information with an unusual degree of clarity… if that makes sense.

  12. … but that’s only to a degree. If things get too out-of-whack among the humans (too many fears and animosities that badly disrupt the resonance) they’re no longer able to sustain that channel, and ITC falls apart.
    I think that finally nails the point I was trying to make…

  13. Leslie Harris says:


    I do wonder about “they’re no longer able to sustain that channel”.

    Timestream was able to devise ways of communication that precludes any input from the receiver, conscious or unconscious, as evidenced by imprinting messages on computer hard drives and telephone answering machines.

    So too did Thomas Harden when he communicated with Kenneth Webster via Webster’s computer. How Harden did this is not understood but it is improbable that Webster did this unconsciously. Harden does not appear to have any collective mind at his disposal but there appears to have been an initial involvement by “Group 2109”. It could be that this group paved the way for Harden to communicate thereafter.

    We two examples for which the most probable explanation is that the messages originated in an afterlife. Timestream stated that they were ceasing such communications because they didn’t think that we in the here and now were worthy of such contact. I have not seen anything that discloses how the Harden/Webster contact concluded ot why but I will do some more searching.

    We are left with Timestream ceasing contact, not because they could not maintain it but by their conscious decision.


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