Preventing That Pesky Apocalypse

I guess we’re approaching another dark age, judging from the widespread violence, famine, drug abuse, and environmental destruction around the world.

In the late 1990s our INIT association (click here for pictures or here for reports) received a highly unusual letter from a group of ethereal beings—a report of a time long ago when humanity was facing similar conditions here on Earth. That was at the end of “the First Epoch,” the Ethereals said, and we today are maybe midway (?) into the Second Epoch, which began some 4,500 years ago with ancient Babylon (from babili, meaning gateway of the gods).

It seems that each Epoch is made up of a series of golden ages (when population grows, cultures flourish, and people enjoy lives of abundance). Each golden age reaches a climax or end time, characterized by overindulgence, overpopulation, and stressed ecosystems, all resulting in large-scale suffering and death from wars, famines, plagues, and so on. Then comes a dark age, in which social structures have collapsed, and new cultures slowly take root… and the cycle begins again.

Here’s an excerpt from that ethereal report, in which the head priest of the Sothis Temple is addressing the other priests:

“Participants of this project, my brothers and sisters, the Golden Ages of our culture are at an end. Our civilization has become so indifferent that the innumerable dead, who die of starvation and disease, have become a common sight for you. They elicit no more than a sigh, or in the best case, a tinge of protest. The streets of our cities have become the residence of legions of the homeless; drugs rule the world; men murder their brothers on a scale and with a bestiality that has not been seen since the (previous) dark ages. At the same time, thousands of lesser acts of violence and abominations have become so customary that they hardly seem real. We have tried to avert the evil with our Project Sothis, but we have failed. We have made the mistake of reaching an understanding with the pupils of Nephtos, because we believed that as the caste of scientists, they would help us convince the people that the Gateway, the Space-Time Arch, was the last hope for our sick world. But we have erred. They have measured, minced and counted, and again, measured, minced and counted, and could not recognize the true meaning of our search, because they could not recognize the truth that stood behind our endeavors: the inseparability of the spiritual from the material world—the opening of the door between these worlds. So we lost precious time, and our adversaries used our weaknesses….”

I would credit overpopulation and overindulgence as the two main culprits of that culture long ago, and of human culture today. It’s simply the nature of us terrestrial humans to have lots of sex (resulting in lots of kids) and to amass lots of material things. It’s our human nature, then, that traps us in the cycle of collapse and comeback.

I know of only two effective ways to solve the problems here on Earth today, in order to avoid the approaching dark age… and neither has ever been tried in this Epoch. One would be the Vitality Ratio, which I’ve mentioned numerous times on this blog (click here for details), and the other would be the system mentioned in the ethereal report above—the “Space-Time Arch.” I think those are the only tools in the human toolbox that would break the cycle, allowing us, once and for all, to keep population and consumption manageable over the long term.

We have the technology today to implement the Vitality Ratio (especially computer technology and the Internet), but the interdimensional technologies required for a Space-Time Arch have been buried in the sands of time. Digging them up (figuratively speaking) would require guidance and support from finer realms of spirit… something that is off the charts of conventional science, which doesn’t even acknowledge the existence of other dimensions flourishing with intelligent life! A space-time arch, or gateway of the gods, is what the Ethereals wanted to implement with our INIT organization, but we lacked the resonance and foresight to sustain our group.

So let’s talk about that interdimensional gateway, as it may be an option for our future generations, if we’re unable to prevent this particular end time that’s approaching now.

Space-Time Arch

It’s taken me more than a decade, since the collapse of INIT, to understand the full implications of that technology. Until recently I thought of it as a sustained ITC system, which would allow on-going communications between our world and the finer worlds of spirit through technology—a sort of high-tech, modern-day Oracle (click here). As such, I questioned the ability of such a system to really solve the serious problems facing humanity today. Sure, the ethereals would be able to send wonderful information into our world, but would we humans have the will to change our ways? I doubt it.

Well, only in the past year have I come to the realization that a Space-Time Arch would be a lot more than just a communication system. It would be a doorway through which many, many people would be able to enter and exit the Earth at will. Through the doorway, you could step off the Earth and step into the paradise spirit world where most of us awaken when we die. But instead of dying, our body would simply disappear as we step through the gateway to resume a subtler, more brilliant form of life in the realms of spirit… and it would rematerialize—probably at the prime of life—when we stepped back through into this world.

So we humans, with access to a space-time arch, would be multidimensional beings in the most literal sense. When excessive population begins to stress this fragile world, more people would simply step out through the doorway for awhile, and drop back by to visit from time to time.

Again, conventional science today lacks the knowledge to implement such a gateway, but we could quickly surmount that obstacle were we to open serious, on-going dialog with the Ethereals… something that is possible through ITC research.

If I were given a second chance in this lifetime to establish that gateway, I’d quickly move everything else in my life to the back burner and give the project my full attention.

If that door is closed to modern humanity (because of scientific obstinacy and/or ethereal unwillingness to establish a space-time arch today), then I could be equally dedicated to implementing the vitality ratio. And if that’s ignored by humanity (because it too is ahead of its time), I’m happy just to plant seeds (like this blog) for future generations… and to enjoy family, friends, and the many wonderful diversions of this amazing world! 🙂

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5 Responses to Preventing That Pesky Apocalypse

  1. ken morley says:

    (Actually, the website also could be .)

    It would seem that there is good to come from carrying the Vitality Ratio (VR) as far as you can, now ( you may have more than you have shared). To have the most detailed version available, could mean that it will be available the next time, even if we dont use it now.
    The concept is very interesting, but how of it is a real question, one that I dont now have any feeling for at all. How far can a small group go towards designing it? We will find out only if we try.

    • Hi Ken,
      It should be a fairly easy system to design… and you’re right, I hope to get some software developers together to build upon what I’ve already done. Ideally I’ll find some bright engineers who resonate with the project and are excited by its implications. I’m keeping my feelers out.
      The main obstacles, of course, will probably not be technical, but rather the resistance by established institutions that are attached to growth economics, big families, and so on.
      Thanks for the comments,

      PS – my wife and I are planning a trip to SF in late July / early August next year (2011), and I was wondering if FMBR has any meetings planned in that timeframe. We’d love to attend and share ideas with you guys…

  2. Ken, I see I didn’t really answer your question. The program would involve monitoring the needs (population, products, consumption…) of a social system in relation to the resources accessible to the system. Very simple in concept… but awesome in detail.
    Ultimately the monitoring of needs would be done at the personal or family level, but resistance by personal privacy advocates would make it more logical at first to monitor needs at the retail level.
    Resources, of course, would be monitored mostly in the ecosystem…

  3. John Day says:


    This is a really nice simple entry that covers two mechanisms of how to help Gaia: the Vitality Ratio, and the Space-Time Arch.

    We are currently so technologically adolescent, and so spiritually undeveloped, that the prospect of moving into either mechanism seems remote for the near future.

    However, you must keep writing about this material, because you are casting seeds, and some will sprout and grow, and coalesce, and bring forth a dedicated team of individuals who understand the nature of our multidimensionality.


    • Hi John,
      That’s how I look at it, too. Not much chance of these ideas being implemented in my lifetime–the world being what it is. So I’m planting seeds….

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