The Human Story 5: The Seven Ethereals

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The miraculous spirit contacts received by our INIT group between 1995 and 2000 were made possible by The Seven, especially the one calling himself “Technician.” They protected us from dark and troubled spirits while transducing subtle energies of finer spirit to interact with our carnal energies and with the dense electromagnetic energies of our equipment. In other words, they made ITC possible by opening a bridge between the material world and the astral world of spirit.

Assigned to Planet Earth

ITC researchers have referred to The Seven in various articles and books as “angels,” “ethereal beings,” “superhumans,” and “the Rainbow People” (an image of one of them, below, explains the rainbow name).  Beyond that, it’s not easy to really understand and describe them from a worldly perspective. They’re certainly not the stereotypical winged angels of western tradition. Technician described himself and his six ethereal colleagues to the Luxembourg researchers early on, through a radio contact in 1987:

I am not energy and I am not a light being. You are familiar with the picture of two children walking across a bridge, and behind them is a being who protects them. This is what I am to you, but without the wings. You can call me Technician, since that is my role in opening this communication bridge. I am assigned to Planet Earth.

Like Living Supercomputers

Our spirit friend Swejen Salter once said that being in their presence was like standing among supercomputers that exchange oceans of information instantly. She added:

Seth 3, Ishkumar and others are also “technicians” just like the one you are familiar with. Some of us call them great souls or creators. They live on our plane (third astral level) and yet are really not among us.  They can ascend to higher planes and again “bend down” to our level. Their power is almost unlimited and so is their wisdom and goodness. Their entire being is illuminated by understanding and forgiveness. It is impossible to describe the good feeling that overcomes the person who faces them and can speak to them. We seek council with these higher beings to determine the information to send to Earth. The meetings take place in a round room with transparent walls. During the talks the room revolves and lights, colors and shapes of breathtaking beauty pass by on the outside. Soft “music of the spheres” is heard in the background.

The Seven Archangels?

The Seven have been on my mind almost daily since the miracles of INIT. I’ve churned and processed their wise, rational, often-mind-boggling messages for more than a decade, and the best I can figure (as I wrote in the previous post, Part 4) is that The Seven of ITC are either some of the stranded Edenites (‘sons of God, according to Biblical writings) who died and maintained an interest in Earth… or more likely the same as the Seven Archangels described by Enoch and other Biblical writers. They told our INIT group early on that names were not important to them but, when pressed, said we could call them Technician, Ishkumar, Nsitden, Lagelnev, Mrekklin, and Thfirrin. (I’m not sure about the name of the seventh… maybe Seth3???) But I suspect they’re the same as the archangels… Uriel, Raphael, Raguel, Michael, Saraqael, Gabriel, and Remiel… using new IDs for modern times.

Making Themselves Presentable to Humans

They delivered two pictures of themselves to Luxembourg researchers—one through TV and the other as a computer file:

This picture shows Nsitden in, I believe, two of his forms—in a subtle, genderless human-like spirit body in which he glows in rainbow colors (foreground), and as a lighter, more angelic being (right).

Lagelnev, a spirit of the natural world, formed by ancient human beliefs.

We were told:

Nsitden comes from another planetary system, responds to human emotions, helps people communicate with their feelings and seems unconditionally kind from a human perspective. Mrekklin comes from a parallel world. Lagelnev is a spirit of nature, not to be confused with one of the elementals, but formed by the faith of humans (not necessarily the faith of today). Technician is interested in science and acts as a guide and gatekeeper to other dimensions. Ishkumar was once, long ago, human, so unlike Technician, can relate to humans, and understands and relates to pain.

This is my take on The Seven. If you were ever lucky enough to have council with these guys, and if you wanted compassion and answers that took into account your feelings and your beliefs, you’d address Nsitden, or maybe Thfirrin or Ishkumar. But if you wanted the ‘straight skinny,’ no holds barred, no punches pulled, you’d ask Technician. I remember one occasion when Technician told Maggy, during a phone call, some very important but unsettling information about people she knew. She asked how she could possibly tell them this, as it would upset their lives. Technician’s reply:

Your lives are like the lives of flies….

Yikes. To most of us humans, that comment sounds a little repulsive…  knowing the kinds of things flies eat and all. Well, repulsion aside, I know Technician wasn’t trying to insult Maggy or her friends or us humans. He was simply speaking matter-of-factly, placing things very neatly in perspective. From our view, flies have paltry consciousness, fleeting lives, and limited career options. But I suspect it’s not too far-off to say that an ethereal being is to a human, what a human is to a fly…

By the time of INIT (1995-2000), my ITC colleagues and I had learned that it takes a lot of effort for our spirit friends to transduce their thoughts into voices that seem fairly normal to us on Earth. Compare the voice of Technician as it came through in 1987 and then in 1996, again in Luxembourg.

1987 radio contact (Technician introduces this contact: Test. Are you with me? Speaking in Timestream… followed by a message from 19th Century scientist Henri Ste Claire de Ville.)

1996 phone contact (14-second opening line of a long message from Technician…. or listen to the entire contact, with an introduction by me, all lasting 5 minutes, here.)

Their Purpose for ITC… and for Humanity

Here’s the complete transcript of the latter contact followed by a “written-between-the-lines” interpretation.

1 – In the course of bygone decades, of thousands of earthly years, beings interested in the human species meet to decide on the continuation of the project. You must not imagine that only The Seven implicated in the actual development of INIT are there. No, it is a coming together of all entities interested in mankind. The interests are various.  

2 – We, the Seven of the Rainbow People, have decided to help and support the way chosen by you, in INIT. It is the way of morals, which means to understand, to acknowledge, to devise, and to act. It is not to be mixed up with religion, which means to believe. However, the two can be complimentary. But they are independent one to the other.

3 – You already know that also Pharisees, ghouls, swindlers, thieves, yes, even murderers, have their interested supporters here among the dead. And as the word “higher being”–notice that we never gave us this name ourselves–does not stand, as it is often misinterpreted by falsely religious people (to be) purified, rid of all sin, whatever the word “sin” means for them. There are also entities here interested in that situation.

4 – This is the seventh time that we accompany and guide you on your progress towards a free, wealthy and sane future in which humanity would have stripped off the chains of intolerance and cruelty. A future in which it will be able to establish fruitful and durable relationships with the Light, ethereal realms of existence. Our and your opponents tried to prevent this by all means.

5 – Your meeting in Tarrytown is a decisive one–men and women of wit whittled out together to make true the dream of a strong international association based on morals and on ethics, not only by giving it a fundamental constitution and sheltering it this way from the wind, the rain and the storms of pernicious attacks, but also by strengthening love and friendship true, the best qualities of mankind.

6 – The first step was made in Dartington. In those weeks, some of your best were cruelly hit by illnesses, diseases, and personal problems in order to keep them away from their valuable work. Be assured, even if we cannot avoid the plague, we can control the gravity. Whatever has happened, do not lose courage. We are there. You are in the right way. You are a small number, but much depends on you and your decisions on those days. We trust in you.

What’s between the lines (as best as I can determine):

1 – Since the fall of Atlantis some 4 or 5,000 years ago, after human nature had run wild, different types of spirit beings have developed a fascination with humanity for different reasons. The Seven have long been “assigned” by higher forces to monitor, guide, and support our world.

2 – The Seven can resonate (and collaborate) with certain people and groups who correctly understand the messages coming to our world from finer realms and use the knowledge to help the world… which could be called “moral” behavior.

3 – Not all spiritual influences on our world are beneficial, though. Humans who are malevolent or spiritually confused also receive “help” from more negative invisible forces.

4 – One goal of The Seven is to enlighten and enrich humanity by forging lasting ties with us, but there are always negative forces at work trying to disrupt the connection. Through the centuries, The Seven have come close to our world to attempt the connection with six groups or nationalities since Atlantis, the first being Babylon and the most recent (I believe) being the Semites, or Jews.

5 – By connecting with INIT via ITC, in this modern era of mass communication and the gradual breakdown of barriers that divide races, nationalities, and religions, the Seven hoped at last to reach all humanity. This was their seventh attempt….

6 – … but the challenges were formidable. The “plague” of dark, troubled thoughtforms around the world and among humans was imposing.

So, alas, the exceptional ITC contacts by The Seven broke down for INIT around 2000… and the main receiver, Maggy Fischbach, continued to get contacts from them for several years.

Other Contacts from The Seven

From Ishkumar:

Children of Earth, people of Terra! Often, when we come to take you home at the end of your earthly lives, we notice that you are in great haste. Like someone who unexpectedly has guests coming, you dash to and fro and try to get some order in the chambers of your spirit and your heart. You quickly get things out of the way which you left lying around carelessly for a long time. You hide other things under the furniture and the carpet because you are ashamed that you neglected them. Dear people! We come only to greet you, not to judge you. The pupil is not being judged after an hour of testing, but only after his entire period of learning…. Once you get back to us, you will feel like the child who sits smiling and securely on its mother’s lap. Therefore, do not make this time of your transit unnecessarily difficult for each other. Lighten your hearts and take off your masks in front of each other and you will be prepared on the day we take you home.

From Nsitden:

Children of Earth, People of Terra…, have no fear of doubt. It is not love alone that advances the world but also doubt. Doubt is the price of freedom. There is doubt that is just and results in enlightenment, and there is poisoning doubt that only sows discord. If doubt works against you, your life becomes confused. If doubt is on your side, life becomes an adventure.

From Technician:

Fear of death is one of the most distressing concepts of human culture. It is based on the conscious belief that your bodily existence offers life and security, which it never wants to lose. Fear of death therefore is evidence of the mind having lost its roots. It shows a spiritual being who has far removed itself from its higher self. You owe this mentality largely to an intellectual and scientific way of thinking. It wants all thoughts reduced to a comprehensible level of material existence. Heaven is in man, and those who have heaven within themselves go to heaven. Heaven is in all those who recognize what is of God and let themselves be guided by the Divine. The priority and basic concern of every religion has always been the acknowledgement of God.

Ishkumar reported on 1996 January 23:

It makes no difference what religion you belong to. . . What matters is the victory of reason and understanding over materialism and irrationality at the End Time.

From Thfirrin:

We have often given you the real purpose of ITC contacts: Mankind at the end time should be led back to the principle. Light and darkness shall unite and form a whole again. What people experience now is not the actual beginning of the apocalypse, but only the first symptoms.


While The Seven may be among the most powerful spiritual forces watching over our world, and while their ITC contacts may someday be recognized as among the greatest miracles of our age… finer spiritual energies make their presence known in our world, continually, in many ways.

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45 Responses to The Human Story 5: The Seven Ethereals

  1. Mark R. Whited says:

    I must ask you one question. Why have you not continued your ITC work? I know the answer must be a difficult one, but I would just like to know.
    Thanks for all of your insight and knowledge in this field. I eagerly anticipate your weekly emails.

  2. Hi MarkW –
    When the exceptional contacts were discontinued, I eventually decided that I could do more good in ITC by spreading the word of the wide-ranging things we learned from our spirit friends, than I could do by experimenting with recording devices and high-tech receiving equipment, with just mediocre results.
    When Polaroid stopped making film, of course, that brought an end to my spirit face photography.
    So, I’m still involved in “ITC work,” just not the experimenting aspect of it. More the writing and researching aspect.


    • Mark R Whited says:

      Thanks for answering my questions. You’re the best, my friend. Also, I hope that you have been watching the Gold & Silver investing scene. I have been actively investing in both metals and I know that there is a lot of money to be made in this arena. I have always been very interested in the experimenting side of ITC but have never known anyone experienced and knowledgeable in this field, that was willing to help me in this endeavor. Sorry for my ramblings.

  3. MarkW –
    Yes, I’ve been a silver fan for years. Good investment possibilities there, though it could be a bit of a rocky road if/when the market tanks. Typically when the market tanks, the commodities go down with it. After THAT, however, hi-yo silver, away…………. 🙂

  4. Ricky says:

    Warmest of greetings to both Marks! 🙂

    Mark M, Mark W mentioned that he receives weekly e-mails from you. By chance, do you have an e-mailing list for updates on the latest ITC research or developments? Your work is beyond fascinating and clicks with me in a way that nothing else ever has. I believe it’s because it has triggered my own spiritual awakening. I have bought and read all 4 of your ITC-related books in chronological order – C.B.T.L., Miracles in the Storm, Spirit Faces & The Project.

    Secondly, I saw that you were discussing prospects for silver investments! I happen to be an individual investor that actively-watches and makes frequent decisions on market movements (my BBA was in Finance with a concentration of Investments & Capital Markets). I love commodities, and precious metals are my favorite asset class. I am extremely bullish on, or optimistic about, the prospect of silver. It’s extremely important, in my view, to accumulate silver for the long run. Setting aside a long-term budget for periodic silver purchases is the ideal thing to do! If you have time, I truly recommend that you accumulate and dollar-cost average over a period of many years. Also, I know that this next metal is slowly slipping into the mainstream psyche as a long-term investment opportunity – copper. Copper prices are hovering at a very low point right now and it may be time to take advantage of this as well. Gradually-accumulating fine copper bullion through trusted sellers is a very wise decision. There are beautiful copper bullion bars out there, available in many different sizes. In the short-term, there is not a very good chance to make quick profits off of either of these medals. But 20 or 30 years from now, I think these types of investors will look back and thank themselves greatly.

    But looking at the bigger picture – I think that those who immerse themselves in a life of love, kindness and a mindset geared towards that eternal, non-vibrating light (the source of all life) – will be the ones that thank themselves the most. As Mark once said, it is like a “homing beacon” that we can consciously set to ensure that we awaken in a paradise world upon the expiration of our physical lives.

    Mark, all my best to you. I truly cannot wait for the times of humanity’s spiritual awakening and their realization of what really does happen beyond our dense world.

    – Ricky

  5. Hi Ricky,
    The weekly emails MarkW referred to are notifications of new posts on this blog, sent out automatically to subscribers. That’s the only ITC report I’ve been sending out in recent years.
    As far as silver, yes, I’ve bought some of the physical metal too in recent years, and plan to get more.
    As you say, though, our spiritual investments are the ones that will reap the greatest rewards. Very well expressed! Thanks!!

  6. David says:

    Hi Mark – it’s been a while since I’ve asked a question (but I’ve been busy expanding my awareness). This leads me to my question – I’ve been reading the teachings of Silver Birch recently. The wisdom expressed through his teachings really ring true with my own internal logic. Have you studied Silver Birch’s teachings? If so, do you find any of his core teachings to be at-odds with the things you’ve learned from your years of ITC?

    Thanks in advance,

    • Hi David,
      I’ve heard of Silver Birch but have read very little of the information… so unfortunately I can’t comment about how well those teachings jive with what we learned through ITC contacts.
      You’re probably in a better position to make a comparison?…

  7. David says:

    Mark – it doesn’t seem to. That said, your communications came directly from the source (of who they said they were). Silver Birch (and others) came through mediums. Was there anything you learned through ITC that would cause you doubt over mediums (in general)?

    Thanks again,

    • David, most mediums filter information through their minds as it comes into our world. So their messages are colored to a lesser or greater degree (often hard to determine how great a degree) by their religious beliefs and levels of understanding. I’m always discerning with channeled information, other than very basic descriptions of and simple messages from departed loved ones.
      Deep, esoteric information is far more prone to “rough translation” as it passes through a medium’s mind.

      If you can find a good Direct Voice medium (a rare skill), you’d have better luck getting pure information, since the spiritual being employs mostly the medium’s voicebox, not his or her mind.

      Of course, a genuine ITC bridge, forged by ethereal beings, astral spirits, and resonant humans all working in close collaboration to get information through technical equipment provides the most reliable information, but such a bridge doesn’t seem to be available at the moment.

      These are just my opinions …………

  8. David says:

    Thanks again Mark. Spirit Guides (such as Silver Birch & White Eagle) seem to form much of the foundation of Spiritualist teachings, yet I understand what you’re saying about the “mode” of how those communications came to us (versus ‘direct voice’ and/or ITC). That said, it seems that when we look for that same ‘high-level’ of teaching & wisdom (from direct-voice and/or ITC) we come up lacking (versus the level that was provided via the aforementioned Spirit Guides above) – or, am I missing some significant teachings you can point me towards?

    Thanks again for this forum Mark!

    • Hi David… the best source?
      Probably that involves each one of us going within.
      Opening the channel between our carnal mind and our soul, through meditation and inner work.
      Unfortunately,that could take a lifetime of dedication for most of us to master.
      So I know what you (and many of the rest of us) are looking for… reliable answers to life’s deepest questions.
      The best advice I’ve heard is to continue searching with a discerning eye and a sensitivity that lets you feel resonance with certain sources.


  9. David says:

    Yes – “that” could take a while….I was really hoping to know before this weekend. 😉

    I know what you’re saying, I was just wondering if (through ITC) anything ever came through that talked about any particular spiritual teachers (that may have added validation to any of the writings of Kardec or other mediums).

    The Scole experiments included speaking (“through” mediums) as well as with direct-voice and a variety of other phenomenon (but still no references to any particular spirit guide teachings,etc. – at least not that I remember reading about).

    Thanks anyway.

    • David, I recall that the Frederic Myers spirit world model was embraced by the folks at Timestream (in the mid-astral realm).
      The ethereals seemed to be a little careful about name-dropping……… 🙂


  10. David says:

    Thanks Mark (yes – sounds like they don’t leverage “name-dropping” like we seem to do on the earth plane). It would seem that Leslie Flint’s style of mediumship was sort of a version of ITC(?) . I’ll head towards the Freric Myers information next – thanks again!

  11. Marri Perez says:

    Hi Mark,
    I read up on Frederic Myers. I found his information very thought -provoking and extremely intelligent. I felt compelled to add your name to shared link regarding Myers. I then decided to facebook friend you and noticed you are not on facebook … Please advise if you prefer me to remove your name from this facebook shared comment.

  12. Marri Perez says:

    Thanks Mark. Will leave all as is!

  13. David says: has an interesting (and free) thesis on Frederic Myers’ work (science of spirit possession) – Meyers did a lot of investigating into the science of the afterlife – it’s amazing the amount of information that’s out there (for the initiated).

  14. Pavlov'sBitch says:

    Hi Mark,

    Have just ‘discovered’ your work and was prompted to comment on Polaroid’s discontinuation of film which affected many enlightening/enhancing projects such as 3S and VRIC. I do not think this was entirely due to the digital revolution but more to do with the unique discoveries about our reality some clever humans were making independently,using this equipment. Inventive humans could produce such film, I wondered? But then, there are so many systems of control in the process of marketing and distribution it would prove unprofitable as it would have a very limited demand.

    Polaroid was perhaps the only unmonitored photography, independent of lab scrutiny, unless one had a fully equipped darkroom and that’s just too much freedom to be permitted either genius individuals or the masses.

  15. David says:

    Mark – I only just recently started reading about Myers. I started by reading that thesis on the Palmer site (just finished it today) – makes me want to read more though – he approached the subject very scientifically. It’s kind of hard to understand why he’s not more well known (but then again, given the mainstream’s lack of curiousoty, it’s not really that hard to believe). But I will say that I found it extremely interesting and very well investigated.

    Thanks again for your site – so much to learn…

  16. David says:

    Look at the upper left hand corner on the homepage “The Science of Spirit Possession” – the entire 284 page thesis relates to how Meyer’s work is just as relevant today (and even more so with the gains we’ve made in understanding the quantum world better) as it was then and relates to how / why his work went under-appreciated. One of the more interesting things I’ve read in a while…

    • I don’t see the thesis on the blog. Do people have to buy the book to see what you’re referring to? If it’s free on the blog, please include a complete link to the article or ‘thesis.’ Thanks!

  17. David says:

    I didn’t have to buy anything at all. I apologize for not providing the link (I haven’t figured out how to do that on my iPad and I’m currently out of town away from my desktop pc)

  18. David says:


    Once you google it, the PDF should pop-up.

  19. Ricky says:

    Here’s the link to the PDF:

    Click to access TJPALMER.pdf

    All the best to both of you!

    – Ricky

  20. And here’s a link to the great book by Carl Wickland, Thirty Years Among the Dead (mentioned in the Myers piece)

    Click to access 30_years_among_the_dead.PDF


  21. David says:

    Mark – that’s a long book – have you read it already? (want to insure its worth the investment in time to read). Thanks in advance.

  22. David says:

    Thanks – already started reading it (it sucked me right in).

  23. David says:

    Just finished reading: Quantum Enigma: Physics Encounters Consciousness

    Wow – what a great book. Written by two physicists who give the facts of the quantum enigma – goes a long way to understanding why (just about anything) is possible. Well written and engaging. It also deals with the topic of how the scientific community shuts down any meaningful research / discussion by their treatment of fellow scientists, etc. I “did” have to buy this book (the kindle edition was 9.95) – but I’m really glad I read it. It really supports the fact that we may well live in a strange world (and uses known, undisputed quantum world facts to help explain that what we “do know” is enough to allow for a world of possibilities).

    Check it out if the topic interests you (it’s an engaging read)

  24. David says:

    My pleasure. The fear that those in the scientific community feel (when speaking of anything related to the paranormal) is fascinating all by itself. Instinctively, one would think that a real scientist would simply want to uncover the “truth of reality” (whatever that might turn out to be) – but history has obviously proven the exact opposite.

    You can see the great care the authors took in trying to sanitize themselves from the retribution that they knew they would be subjecting themselves to by simply writing this book (even though they did a fine job at simply sticking to the “facts”).

  25. Ricky says:


    Have you read Mark’s books? If so, I highly recommend them. I plan to read George Meek’s books at one point, but it will probably be a while, as I am reading other books at the moment.

    If you read Mark’s books, hopefully you’ll come to the same realization that I did: Mark and his colleagues of past decades, from around the world, have uncovered and worked towards something grander and more incredible than most peoples’ minds can handle. For my particular case, it’s a type of spiritual understanding that I never thought I’d have.


  26. David says:

    Finally found “The Project” on Amazon (and ordered it) – I’ve read a lot of excerpts, but look forward to reading the whole book….thx.

    • Ricky says:

      It’s a great book! I really hope you enjoy it as much as I did. The amount of thought that this book provokes is truly something to behold. I think it’s a book that makes a lot of people reach their “boggle point”, but if you can stretch and open your mind just past that point, you’ll realize that there are incredible things at work in the universe. I know I did!

      If you don’t mind, I’d really be curious to hear your thoughts on the book, as I don’t have much of an opportunity to discuss it with other people who have also read it. Mark put something really spectacular together here. The order I personally read Mark’s book in are in chronological order: Conversations Beyond the Light, Miracles in the Storm, Spirit Faces and the Project. I haven’t read the books he wrote before he became in ITC, however.

      “The Project”, I think, brings all of his books together and paints a grand picture for us. Happy reading!!

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