The Human Story 10: The Afterlife of Anne de Guigné

In the early 90s, ITC researchers asked the Timestream spirit group whether or not, during reincarnation, the soul of the being enters as soon as the cell has developed in the woman’s body. Swejen Salter replied:

Yes, at the moment the body disappears here and the conception has taken place on Earth, the soul has entered the cell.

Some women may be deeply troubled by this when facing an abortion, reasoning that they are killing a human being with a soul, and there will be serious spiritual consequences. Again, Swejen Salter was asked if there are women at Timestream who had had abortions while on Earth and, if so, what spiritual consequences they might have faced. Her reply:

Yes, there are such women here, but abortion is not a topic of importance here anymore as it is on Earth. Here the emotions and feelings of guilt that arose on Earth about abortion no longer play a role.

One of the women who had an abortion on Earth met the human being here, a young person who would have developed out of the aborted fetus and grown into a young man on Earth. The young man did not know the young woman who stood in front of him. Neither did he understand the emotions she felt when she saw him face to face. He knew nothing about the problems she was confronted with when making this decision on Earth. The short stay in the physical world inside the female’s body left no memories in his mind. He was now enjoying his existence and had found his way. Only now did the woman realize that nobody was bearing a grudge against her. Nobody in her new life was judging her, and she managed to free herself from her feelings of guilt.

She gradually realized that her former decision was irrelevant to her spirit life, but not to her psyche. Due to the opinion of people and the social structure of the time, she had burdened herself for many years with feelings of guilt. Today she is at the same stage of spiritual development as those around her who did not have this experience.

The women at Timestream who once said yes to an abortion did not make this decision out of lower motives. That is, they are free from the karmic task of accounting for or repeating the experience. There is a great difference between the decision motivated by lower, selfish reasons and the one made out of desperation or in an emergency.

So, as far as the spirit world is concerned, if an abortion is done for a valid reason, as is usually the case (a woman is impregnated when raped, or a teenage girl made a mistake, or a poor woman became pregnant who can’t afford another child, or birth control methods didn’t work, or a fetus is diseased…) then there are no spiritual repercussions. In these cases, the greatest harm to the woman is not karmic consequence, but the guilt thrust upon her by moral judgment.

In the larger picture, it’s the rights not of fetuses but of living children that really deserve our attention.

German ITC researcher Friedrich Malkhoff and his son Markus are familiar with an appropriate poem, called “Children,” which they shared with other researchers in 1993:

Who can comprehend what is being done to children all over the world?
Children die because wars and violence rule.
Children starve because they live in need and poverty.
Children flee because they and their families are persecuted.
Children sleep on the street because they have no roof over their heads.
Children become beggars and steal because they have nothing to eat.
Children are beaten because they are small and defenseless.
Children must suffer much because they are unwanted.
Who can understand it all?

As the poem suggests, the mistreatment of children does have spiritual and karmic consequences. So why do so many people spend more energy trying to protect unborn fetuses than living children… who suffer so much?

Enter Anne de Guigné

Among the many ITC messages received by Maggy and Jules Harsch-Fischbach of Luxembourg in 1993 through their computer and FAX machines, were several short messages by a newcomer to their group of spirit colleagues at Timestream—a young woman identifying herself as Anne Guigné (pronounced “GeenYAY”).

Anne de Guigné was a remarkable French girl who died in 1922 at age 11. Today many Catholics are trying to make her a saint because of miracles that happened during her short life.

Read more about Anne de Guigné

The miracles didn’t end when she died, however, as she recently became an important player in ITC, as head of “the Group to Protect Newborn Life.”

Two ITC pictures of Anne were received on November 10, 1993, by researchers in Luxembourg and Germany. One picture of Anne in her spirit body came through the TV of Adolf Homes of Rivenich, and we were told that it was produced in the spirit world by a process similar to photography on Earth, in which the real image of the subject is conveyed in reliable fashion. The other picture had been “painted” collaboratively by two artistic women recruited into Timestream to help with ITC images. The image created by the two women was then scanned into a bit map compatible with the earthside computer in

Luxembourg. Spirit images created in this way often bear a close resemblance to earthside pictures of the subject, as you can see in the pictures below.

The two spirit artists, interestingly, were Honorine de Viane (wife of writer Jules Verne) and Susannah Lehnhof (wife of painter Edouard Manet, better known in lifetime as Suzanne Leenhoff Manet).

Lifetime pictures of Anne de Guigne

This spirit-world painting, received as a computer image, shows Anne de Guigné, as a young lady in her 20s, closely resembling her girlish look during lifetime, complete with her characteristic black hair band. ITC portraits created artistically in this fashion often bear a close resemblance to lifetime pictures that have found an intimate place in people’s minds. The computer image was attached to a short message: “Anne Guigné. Born at Annecy 1911 April 25. Transition made 1922 January 14. Guardian angel of Remy.”

Most ITC images through TV, such as this picture of Anne de Guigné, have been produced on the other side by a technique similar to photography, so they bear a close resemblance to the actual appearance of the spirit person… the way they are perceived by other spirits around her at the moment.

Both pictures of Anne were accompanied by letters. The identical one-page letters, written by Anne, appeared the same day in computers of Homes and the Harsch-Fischbach couple. The message to Homes in Germany arrived in his Commodore 64 computer. The identical letters stated:

As a little girl in France I got very ill. I was an important source of information (for higher beings monitoring her life on Earth). Through spiritual insight and prayer I learned from the omnipotence that I was better able to understand the things I needed to know here on the third level and could do more for mankind from here than on Earth.

I desired the change into a multi-dimensional world and was allowed a fast passing over to a world some memory of which was still alive in me. It is the same beautiful world you have heard about from others like me.

There are 35,000 to 40,000 children dying daily on Earth. My task became clear to me. Together with other scientists, physicians and theologians I am in charge of a group for the protection of all newborn life. We are particularly concerned about those who have to die as children.

As you know, the concept of guilt does not exist here. However, we do not understand your overall attitude towards these entities who voluntarily walk the path of incarnation and are part of the all-that-is.

In particular it is your consciousness that bears the responsibility for your children, not only by evolutionary law but also by the natural laws of the all-that-is.

Be aware therefore that the wars and violent events caused by you, and from which particularly your innocent children suffer, are not sparing you part of the so-called purgatory. Just the opposite. Every debt you shoulder by sacrificing your own flesh and blood to wars is adding to the misery, the suffering that awaits you.

The more you create your own hell on Earth by your criminal deeds and negligence, the less it will be diminished for you here later. Therefore consider carefully what you do and be aware that everything will be observed and weighed. 

We know that those among you who are actively pursuing ITC in a positive manner, are not evil people. We want to encourage you to oppose crimes against the defenseless. You can do this by leading an honest life in accordance with spiritual cooperation.

Anne Guigné is greeting you, especially your children.

– – – –

I was becoming close friends with the Luxembourg researchers at this time—the early 90s— and I was starting to conduct my own ITC experiments here in Colorado with encouraging results… capturing lots of spirit voices on cassette tapes in the early morning hours. For a period of time I would sometimes hear a friendly female voice with a French accent.

One morning I asked if I was hearing the voice of Anne Guigné, who was becoming active at Timestream. Several spirit voices emerged through the radio sounds in rapid succession, the last of them apparently Anne de Guigné:

Definit! Comment de suer-la?

It’s apparently slang, “Of course!” (‘definit!’ is probably short for ‘definitement’) “Don’t worry about it!… or, How can you sweat it?”

Listen to those spirit voices of Anne de Guigné and others.

The voices in that contact are typical of many EVP results–lasting no more than a couple of seconds each, unusual word usage, and not of high spiritual content. The reason, I believe, is that, first of all, only so much can be said in two seconds. Second, most EVPs don’t involve a dedicated spirit group, while an ITC project involves teams on both sides. Members of the Timestream spirit group, for example, come from various realms and assemble at Station Co-Time on the “third level” of spirit, which is much like the earth but without the hormonal dramas. They work together at the station to assemble meaningful messages and images, which a delegation then takes through “the tunnel” to the ITC location on earth to make the actual contact. By the time the spirit delegation arrives at the experimental site on Earth, there may already be a crowd of spirits there… but they can move through the crowd to the equipment to deliver their contact. Other random voices and messages may also “leak in” from the crowd during the delivery.

Most EVP, without participation of a devoted spirit group, usually involves whatever spirits happen to be near the earthside experimenter, and those are often  spirits who are stuck in a denser realm… what might perhaps be called the “second” level, or maybe a “shadow world” of Earth?…

In any case, that contact of mine seems to have some random voices as well as the Timestream voice delivered by Miss Guigné. That’s my own (rather long-winded) explanation of how those voices probably came through during my contact.

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