A person has two basic parts. The noble savage is the human part of us that walks the Earth during a carnal lifetime. The spirit is the finer part of us that lives on after we die.


(That’s a boiled-down version of a more elaborate spirit world model that I’ve developed over the years.)

So I have two companion websites that are like alter egos:

Noble Savage World explores the noble side of us humans that spreads light, peace and order by resonating with finer spirit… and our savage side that spreads darkness, conflict and chaos. This is the site you’re currently on.

Macy Afterlife explores our rich spiritual heritage… what really happens to us after we die?… where are the spirit realms and how do they interplay with our world?…

On the Macy Afterlife website you’ll find…

From both websites it’s my hope that you’ll emerge with a better understanding of our world and our place in the grander scheme of the cosmos.


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