New Politics

Our noble-savage nature as human beings boils over into our social systems. As a result, modern political systems are little more than large, lumbering, noble-savage creatures.

The best political systems have always been those that foster noble values within and among societies (love, trust, good will, empathy….) while contending effectively with our savage side, which is driven by such motivations as fear, animosity, craving and envy.

We rally behind political and religious icons to claim that capitalism is good and communism is bad (or vice versa)… or that Islamic society is good and Christian or Jewish democracy is bad (or vice versa).

That fact is, of course, that all political systems… all nations… are both noble and savage. Those that make the effort to foster the noble qualities of humanity within their borders and in their relations with other nations and systems do much to spread peace and contentment in the world. Those that flex their savage side stir up problems within and around them.

Here are some of the articles on this site about how to foster noble politics in order to make this a better world.

Series of articles

1 Introduction     2 Privatization and the public good     3 Military
4 Information    5 Spirit of Society     6 Education     7 Regulation 
8 Economics
    9 Managing the World in the 21st Century
10 The carnal line between noble and savage
11 Embrace the divine; it’s where we shine
12 Who decides what?       13 Finally… good politics

Northern Europe Does it Right
1  The Problems
2  Basic Income, One Solution
3  More Thoughts on Basic Income
4  Wrap-Up on Basic Income and Wealth Tax
5  Basic Income and the Fertility Rate
6  Restoring a Good Reputation
7  Contending with Savage Forces
8  Being a Noble Force
9.  A Comprehensive Solution
10. Marching Toward the End Time
11. The Destructive 1 Percent
12. Overcoming America’s Oil Addiction
13. Again, Basic Income and Wealth Tax

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