New Science

Modern science excels at exploring nature, from the very small to the very large… but it ignores almost completely the vast and flourishing realms of spirit that pulse with life all around us… invisible to our senses and sciences.

As we begin to open up to those invisible worlds, a monumental new science will emerge on Earth.

Here are a number of articles that offer a glimpse of the new science….

Here’s a sample from one of those articles (Measuring Maya)….


We have stoplights because we know that two cars can’t occupy the same space at the same time. That two solid objects can’t share space is basic science. Using stoplights is applied science.

If you’ve seen my spirit face photos, it becomes evident that when we explore beyond the material realm, principles of science—e.g. the concept of space—begin to vanish. In those photos, one or two or sometimes three or more spirit faces are partially superimposed over each other and over the face of the human subject. All of these beings share the same “space” in a way that’s impossible here on Earth. Beyond the material world, it’s not just possible, but a basic way of life to share space with other beings. Or, stated more accurately, the concept of “space” does not exist there as it does here on Earth.

And that’s what I want to write about today—the nature of reality and the next stage of science: exploring beyond the material realm.


Newtonian physics has given us unprecedented knowledge of our universe, from the tiny world of cells and molecules within us to the vast realm of stars and galaxies around us.* Thanks to vigorous, rigorous scientific explorations during the past three hundred years, today we have a pretty good idea of the forces and principles that drive the world around us and the world inside us… and we engineer modern societies from that knowledge.


For three thousand years, eastern mystics have professed that ultimate reality exists only at the source, which they call Brahman, and which other spiritual paths call God, Allah, and Yahweh or Jehovah. As the stuff of life (light, love, pure consciousness, aum, the word of God) emanates from the source to manifest everything everywhere, its vibrations become slower and slower, until finally forming the material universes. What we experience through our five senses way out here in the physical world, then, is called mayama (not) and ya (that which is real)—often translated as “illusion.” So most of the things that we humans accept as reality—space, time, gravity, and three-dimensional structure—are really illusions, according to mystics who’ve spent centuries exploring the nonphysical realities through meditation.

Merging Science and Spirit

The next phase of science will be to pierce the veil of maya to begin to explore the realm of subtle energies, chi, prana, and Holy Spirit… and the many“afterlife” worlds that are driven by those forces.

In the meantime, there are a few obstacles to that important merger. Over the years I’ve become convinced of a couple of things. First, the various realms of existence are like radio signals—all superimposed over each other, and each remaining distinct by its unique vibration. Second, we physical humans use our five senses and brains to “tune in” to the realm we’re living in—the material universe. Our minds tune out the spiritual realities simply because life on Earth would be too confusing if we could see and hear everything going on in the vast and flourishing spiritual realms that are right here, all around us.

On a bigger scale, modern science has ways of tuning out the spiritual realms in its day-to-day course of business. Through the scientific process, scientists remain tightly focused on the matter at hand—the physical universe—and they don’t want to be distracted. Because of that, when evidence of nonphysical existence comes to the surface during scientific exploration, it’s often filed away in closets and dusty archives and made off-limits to the public.

Case in point: the spirit voices captured by Russian-American scientist Waldemar Bogoras a century ago. This case is especially interesting to me as an ITC researcher because his recordings were the first known ITC contacts ever made.

In 1901 Bogoras took along an early recording device to visit a Chukchi tribe in Siberia. In a series of recording sessions, the shaman was in one corner of a large tent, beating a drum and turning in circles in a trance-like state, performing a spirit-conjuring ritual. Bogoras was in the opposite corner, and the phonograph was in the center of the tent recording the sounds. Voices of spirits—some American, some Russian—came across loud and clear in the recordings. The howling of a spirit wolf also was caught on the recording cylinder.

These recordings are not easily accessible to the public, requiring special fees, forms, and permissions to use for selected purposes. The complete set is owned by the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, on file in the Archives of Traditional Music at the University of Indiana in Bloomington. I’ll include here just a couple of short excerpts to give you an idea.

In the first excerpt you can hear the shaman’s voice and drum faintly in the distance before the spirit, a deceased American, begins to speak… probably positioned directly at the horn of the phonograph, judging from his loud voice. The spirit mimics the shaman, then becomes agitated (perhaps because he’s been “pulled in” to this ceremony) before laughing off the experience.

The second excerpt is the spirit of a wolf howling into the phonograph, again with the shaman in the background.

There are many such examples of other-worldly evidence hidden away by science, and I suspect that the secrecy is enforced, at least in part (and perhaps unconsciously), to protect the scientific model—that is, the idea that if anything exists beyond the material… (Read more…


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