Ancient Wisdom… Philosophy (Part 2)

This article summarizes the next six articles (#7-12) in the series about wisdom and philosophy that I’ve been writing on my other (macyafterlife) website for more than a year.

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07: Faith vs Evidence

This article splits the knowledge of science (evidence) and the wisdom of religion (beliefs) into basics and secondaries, with the promise that anyone could benefit from accepting the basics of both science and religion, while secondary evidence and beliefs, though also useful, are more exclusive, and can be problematic.

  • Basic religious beliefs are shared by all major religions. Secondary beliefs are important to a particular religion or religious group but aren’t necessarily shared by everyone of faith.
  • Basic scientific theories conform to the scientific methodSecondary theories delve into consciousness, afterlife, extraterrestrials, and other “supernatural” issues that can’t be explained or verified by the scientific method, but would require some sort of acceptable in-beyond scientific method (referring to subtler, superimposed realms, or parallel realities).

The basics of both science and religion are where we humans get closest to “the truth.” Secondaries are where science and religion start to overlap… but it’s not always a place of common ground; sometimes it’s a battleground.

Basic Religious Beliefs

All major religions generally agree on a few basic principles that seem to be impervious to scientific skepticism:

A pulled-apart look at the Earth and a person in the omniverse, in which many universes, dimensions, and planes are all superimposed over each other in a way that’s hard for us humans to fathom. Each realm is unique by its vibration (not by its “location”), and subtler realms closer to the source are in-beyond in relation to denser realms. They can be divided into seven arbitrary levels.
  1. There’s a source at the center (God, Allah, Brahman, Jehovah, the principle…) that creates and nourishes everything in the vast omniverse with life-energy (holy spirit, prana, creative life force…).
    It’s like a heater filling the whole room with warmth.
  2. Everything has spiritual copies or templates of itself in finer dimensions (spirits, angels, paradise worlds… with the source at the center of its being). Hence the oneness of all creation.
    The source is also like a mighty central furnace in a large complex of similar condos.
  3. Physical Earth is far removed (vibrationally) from the source, and life on Earth has evolved to become rather brutal, so during a carnal lifetime we humans experience (and sometimes cause) suffering and uncertainty…
    Living on Earth is like being stuck in a chilly closet with the door locked.
  4. To maximize peace and happiness (despite the suffering), we can acknowledge the source and open up to its life-energy by making conscious contact (for example, through prayer, contemplation, and meditation).
    Making conscious contact is like unlocking and opening the closet door.
  5. Intercessors in our world who have mastered #4 (conscious contact) can help us refine our own conscious contact with the source (spiritual teachers, messiahs, prophets, priests, imams, śramaṇas [ascetics], spiritual healers…).
    They can unlock and open the closet door for us.
  6. There are also intercessors beyond our world (angels, gods, departed loved ones…) that can influence us with their positive thoughts and intentions through a sort of mind-bridge, since mind-to-mind is how everything communicates (even if on Earth our mental connections are obstructed and feel vaguely like “intuition” or “inspiration”).
    They too can unlock the closet door.
  7. As we establish conscious contact and begin to receive insights, a sense of morality begins to emerge within us. The way of morals means a) To understand those noble insights, b) to acknowledge them, c) to devise or adapt them to our world and our lives, and d) to act on them.
    It’s like emerging from the cold closet into the warm room.

(Important distinction: Morals are an innate sense of what’s right and good, fed by the source within. Ethics are rules of right and wrong imposed on us by an external authority to sustain peace in an unruly world. Morals are basic; ethics are secondary.)

Secondary Religious Beliefs

Secondary religious beliefs pertain to such things as:

  • Ethical issues (killing, aggression, sex, abortion, homosexuality…) that not everyone agrees on. Dividing these things into good and bad, right and wrong, can help stabilize a group, but they create tension with other groups who believe otherwise, and are especially problematic when foisted on the general public.
  • Ancient history, such as paradise Eden, the fall of man, spacecraft (vimanas), and world catastrophes that happened long ago such as floods and nuclear explosions (astras). These things are probably “based on true events,” as Hollywood says, but there’s not enough scientific evidence to know specifics.
  • Esteemed individuals (religious leaders, ascetics, gurus, messiahs, prophets…). Their value to their followers is measured almost entirely by their conscious connection with the source; without which their influence could be problematic.

Basic Scientific Evidence

The scientific method employs the best of rational thinking and modern technology:

  1. Form a hypothesis, or testable explanation, and make a prediction.
  2. Test the prediction and gather data.
  3. Analyze the data.
  4. Draw a conclusion.

Then submit your findings to peer review so others can test your results.

That meticulous process has allowed scientists to steadily build a reliable picture of our lives, our planet, and our material universe during the past 400 years. Science is the undisputed master of worldly truth.

But what about other-worldly truths like extraterrestrials, spirits, and God (the source) that don’t fit into the scientific method?

Secondary Scientific Evidence

For those other-worldly things (which apparently make up more than 99 percent of reality!) science would need a sort of in-beyond method (pertaining to “parallel” universes and dimensions that are nested within our material universe, as described earlier in the omniverse diagram). It would probably be built around basic spiritual beliefs like the seven listed earlier:

  1. There’s a source at the center that creates and nourishes everything with life-energy.
  2. Everything has finer copies of itself in subtler dimensions leading in-beyond toward the source.
  3. Our physical universe is far removed (vibrationally) from the source, and life here has evolved with a brutal edge, causing pain and suffering.
  4. We can alleviate suffering in a lifetime by making conscious contact with the source, thus fostering a mental rapport with finer beings closer to the source.
  5. People who’ve mastered conscious contact and a fine mental rapport can help others to do that.
  6. There are also finer beings beyond the Earth who can and do help.
  7. As we receive insights from that rapport, morality is then to understand, to acknowledge, to devise, and to act-on those insights.

While I consider those 7 things to be fundamentals (from the perspective of Earth), I’m not sure how exactly an in-beyond scientific method would look. I don’t have “the big picture” all assembled in my head yet.

However... here are two examples of good, solid evidence of spirits involved in our world. I received these contacts during my decade of active afterlife research (around 1994 to 2004). I received hundreds, maybe thousands of similar ITC* contacts in those years. Since then I’ve been sharing what I’ve learned from my experiences, mostly on the macyafterlife website.

*ITC: instrumental transcommunication is the use of modern technology to get in touch with the worlds of spirit.

Solid Afterlife Evidence

Spirit face photos. I captured hundreds of spirit faces on Polaroid film like the one below, in which the legendary singer John Denver showed up (five years after his death) when I took a picture of a Colorado Springs metaphsical shop owner (Joy Schilling) in 2002:

From left: 1) spirit face enlargement, 2) original Polaroid with the spirit face of John Denver appearing with Joy, 3) Joy Schilling, and 4) the legendary John Denver.

When I showed the picture to people familiar with the late singer—especially those who knew him personally—their usual reaction was, “That’s John… definitely!”

I’d call that good “secondary evidence” of other-worldly reality—if not the presence of John Denver, then certainly the presence of two distinct, overlapping faces in the picture. After all, Polaroid photos can’t be “faked,” which I suspect is one reason why our clever, well-intentioned spirit friends helped me with that short-lived project. (It ended when Polaroid stopped making its classic 600 film.)

Spirit phone calls. On May 3, 1996, I received a phone call from spirit group Timestream. The caller was a Latvian psychologist named Kontantin Raudive, a trailblazer in technical spirit communication who’d died in 1974 and then said it was his calling to continue the work from the other side. It wasn’t my first phone call from Konstantin nor my last, but it was certainly the best.

Here below is the phone call, including the original 12-minute dialog followed by a 3-minute follow-up call placed by the spirit group a few seconds later to tie up loose ends.

When I answered the phone, I was greeted with, “Hello Mark, this is Konstantin Raudive calling. How are you?” I immediately pushed the RECORD button on the monitor I’d installed on all of our landline phones. I think I chuckled nervously at that point, recalling Konstantin’s wry wit with my colleague Sarah Estep, who’d asked Konstantin the previous year, “How are you?!” and he quipped, “I’m as fine as a ‘dead one’ can be. Dear Sarah, thank you very much for all the work…”

So I said, “Konstantin, what a pleasure. I’m very well, and you?” That’s where the recording picks up.

Anyway, here’s that phone call.

Science in its present form can only dismiss contacts like these because they don’t fit into the scientific method. They don’t fit the criteria of basic scientific evidence.

Hence the need for some sort of in-beyond method that scientists could use to assess the validity of secondary evidence… like ITC contacts.

(There are additional contacts included in the original Faith/Evidence article, along with explanations of how they were made… and how they’re even possible! That article also has more in-depth information on science and religion.)


08: Our Long History with ETs

Here we try to figure out what’s really been going on with extraterrestrials visiting our world, not just recently but also in the very distant past:

An alliance of highly advanced extraterrestrial cultures is said to be flourishing in our galaxy, representing many planets and star systems. Most of the members are human-like, but some are not (as these popular artworks suggest). They’d like us to join the alliance once we’re peaceful, resonant, and respectful of all life. Meanwhile, the ETs in the alliance watch our world with hope and concern, and do what they can to help us from behind the scenes.

Advanced civilizations have flourished throughout the physical universe, including our Milky Way galaxy, for a very long time. For all intents and purposes, they’ve been here “from the beginning.” If we could measure the age of the universe by our concept of time (which is unreliable, unfortunately, because time is illusory), it would seem that the “beginning” was many billions of years ago.

  • Long, long ago, our little solar system (Earth and the other seven or eight planets) was suddenly bombarded by trillions of meteors and asteroids. The Earth apparently had been colonized by one of those advanced civilizations before that “Heavy Bombardment” occurred, and somehow our most ancient ancestors survived the cataclysm. Life on Earth has been tenuous ever since.
  • Across the eons, influence on our world by advanced ET civilizations has been frequent and mostly positive.
  • Despite their profound role in our world (pyramids, temples, cross-breeding…), many people on Earth today don’t believe that ETs exist, for various reasons. For example:

ETs and UFOs are interdimensional—beyond our concept of time and space—and when they get close to Earth, they appear to us only on rare occasions when they enter our dimension. Then they can disappear in the blink of an eye, making us wonder if we were hallucinating.

In the 1950s, when humanity was still reeling with fear from the second world war and the atom bomb, and when UFOs appeared frequently in the skies, some prominent governments (especially the USA under President Truman) adopted a policy to “protect” the public from additional fear by insisting that UFOs and extraterrestrials don’t really exist (even though some government officials were well aware of ET presence). Government still maintains the policy of denial.

In addition to the mostly positive ET influences on our world, there’s also been a bit of genetic tinkering on us humans—alien abductions—by small races of troubled ETs (not of the galactic alliance) that we find intrusive, offensive, confusing and maybe frightening… what a lab animal probably feels while being poked, prodded, and abused by dispassionate scientists. We’d prefer to believe that these rare and repulsive practices don’t happen, but they apparently do.

So when we think about extraterrestrials in relation to our planet, we humans have mixed feelings—from acceptance and awe, to denial, skepticism, and fear. Let’s see what history and prehistory have to say about ETs… assuming that knowledge might alleviate our fears:

Primordial History

Life-energy streams endlessly from the source to create and nourish everything in the omniverse. It’s like a pure, nonvibrating light that starts to vibrate very fast as soon as it leaves the source. The vibrating life-energy gets slower and denser as it spreads out-beyond… all the way to the material universes at level 1. Every universe (represented by the fine, white circles in the diagram), planet and entity has a “place” in the omniverse that’s defined by its unique vibration (not by its “location,” which is illusory). The vibrations could be thought of as “impurities” of the perfect light of the source. The slower and denser the vibration, the more “impure” it is. The material realm (level 1) is the most impure and illusory.

Essentially, life-energy originates from the source and streams out-beyond in waves, creating countless possibilities for universes, worlds, and living beings to come into existence and to evolve of their own free will. Pure, brilliant life that flourishes at level 7 swirls out-beyond into level 6 to manifest life that’s slightly less pure and less brilliant, which swirls into level 5, and so on… all the way into the material universes at level 1, where illusions and impurities abound.

It makes sense, then, that life-energy has been streaming into our material universe from finer realms virtually forever… and various forms of life have been here, again, virtually forever. By this definition, the entire omniverse is a living thing.

Our INIT group received a message in the 1990s from ethereal beings who shed some light on our world in primordial times. They said, essentially, that:

Long, long ago Eden (also called Marduk, Maldek, Lucifer, and other names) was a planet in our solar system between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. The superhuman inhabitants of Eden—a Saturn-sized, paradise world—colonized smaller planets nearby, including Earth. From that message (and several others) I deduced the following:

  • At some point—probably some 4 billion years ago*—Eden was pulverized, resulting in what scientists call the LHB, or Late Heavy Bombardment, when asteroids began pummeling all the planets in our solar system. Only the Earth colonies survived.

(*Radioactive argon has a billion-year half-life, so while carbon14 dating can assess the age of things thousands of years old, argon39 dating can test things billions of years old… in this case, moon-melts from many ancient meteor impacts that all happened about the same time: 3.9 billion years ago.)

  • Where did the Edenites originally come from long, long, long ago—long before the obliteration of their world? They might have migrated to our solar system from another star system in the galaxy. Or, more likely, they incarnated from a spiritual template of Eden (probably at level 3). That level-3 paradise world (Eden or Marduk) still flourishes today, long after the obliteration of the physical planet, and many people from Earth awaken there after they die. It’s like the “spirit body” of the late Planet Eden.
  • After the explosion of Eden, despite the chaos from shrapnel in our solar system, our marooned, superhuman ancestors were stewards of a relatively peaceful Earth until contentious dinosaurs (the “serpent”) emerged on our planet. Then they “lost mastery over nature.”

(The actual contacts pertaining to those theories can be viewed in the original Extraterrestrial article.)

The Edenite colonists were what we today would call “extraterrestrials”—intelligent beings not of the Earth—and they lived long ago… perhaps from “the beginning” of our material universe as it spun into being from finer (spiritual) universes.

Since then, there’s apparently been an extensive ET influence on our world, especially during the rise and fall of Atlantis, when mighty temples and pyramids were built on Earth, cataclysmic wars were fought, and genetic experimenting with plants and animals was done with abandon… which brings us to ancient history.

Ancient History

Clockwise, from top left: 1) Pyramid of the Sun, north of Mexico City. 2) Kailasa Temple carved meticulously out of a massive rock near Ellora, India. 3) Ancient carvings of futuristic vehicles in the Temple of Seti at Abydos, Egypt. 4) Two ancient relics depicting humans contending with dinosaurs. Late last century more than 30,000 clay figurines like the brown one were dug up at Acambaro, Mexico, and more than 15,000 carved andesite stones like the black and white one were found near Ica, Peru. They were all evidently buried long ago, though current science has no method to measure their age.

There’s a lot of solid evidence of extraterrestrial presence in our world in ancient times. The pictures above are just a small sampling, even if science has a hard time grappling with that sort of evidence.


Recent History

Six well-documented ET contacts in recent history deserve our attention:

  1. 17-year-old Joseph Smith was visited by a being called Moroni, sometimes referred to as a Pleiadian ET (sometimes as an angel), who shared important information that allowed Smith later in life to found the Mormon religion.
  2. Maria Orsic (1895-1945) was a Croatian medium who received “Aryan wisdom” from ETs, including in-depth knowledge of star systems and interstellar vehicles—knowledge that was twisted into lies by Nazi Germany for destructive political and military purposes.
  3. 1950s ufologist George van Tassel was the first known contactee by the “Ashtar Command,” who claimed to represent an alliance of advanced ETs from many star systems. Van Tassel built a three-story “integratron” in the Mojave desert so that the building itself and the people in it might resonate enough with the ETs to enable communication and collaboration… but he died shortly before it was completed.
  4. Ashtar had a vast fleet of starships, some illustrated by van Tassel. “Vrillon of the Ashtar Command” interrupted a British TV broadcast in 1977 to relay a warning to Earth. “Sananda” of the Ashtar Command is said to be one of several aspects of Jesus. Another aspect of Jesus is called “Pescator,” who lives in the same paradise Eden where many people from Earth awaken after they die.
  5. 1950s UFO photographer George Adamski was visited by an ET called Orthon in the California desert and later drew a mural of the refined fellow.
  6. Paola Harris, modern writer/researcher of Exopolitics, has friends in southern Europe who say they’re living among ETs who’ve settled there and blended into human culture. One friend, Maurizio Cavallo, is visited by advanced human-like ETs from planet Clarion and has taken many pictures of them aboard their ships.
Artist’s rendition of a crew of the Ashtar Command welcoming a human visitor. Most of the command are said to be human-like beings, while many are not.

Finally, here’s a chronological list of some of the well-documented UFO sightings during the past century or so:

1865 — An old trapper named James Lumley witnessed a UFO crash along the upper Missouri River.

1897 — A UFO was seen flying low above Aurora, Texas, as though lost, until it crashed into the windmill of “Judge Proctor.” The mangled body of a nonhumanoid ET was found in the craft and later buried in the local cemetery.

1930s — Scandinavians saw “ghost flyers,” small spacecraft that flew long distances, often through severe blizzards, without refueling, apparently to observe military bases and navy ships.

1930s — An Inuit (Eskimo) encampment at Lake Angikuni, Canada, disappeared around the time that an enormous craft was seen hovering in the sky by nearby trappers Armand Laurent and his sons. The Inuits’ dogs (dead of starvation), rifles, half-cooked meals (now moldy), hanging clothes, and other possessions all remained at the scene.

1941 — Police, firemen, and preacher William Huffman from Cape Girardeau, Missouri, arrived at the scene of a silver saucer UFO crash—its side ripped open, exposing two dead aliens and one dying, unable to breathe.

1947 — US pilot Ken Arnold reported seeing nine crescent-shaped UFOs flying at 1,700 mph over Mt Rainier in Washington State.

1947 — A UFO crashed near Roswell, New Mexico. Bodies of Zeta Reticuli (greys) were found and the site, moved to a hangar at Area 51, and studied by doctors and nurses.

1964 — Socorro, New Mexico, policeman Lonnie Zamorra saw a UFO land, stopped his car, and watched two 4-ft-tall ETs dressed in white moving around the UFO.

1967 — Amateur geologist Stefan Michalak saw two glowing, cigar-shaped objects hovering near Falcon Lake, Canada. One flew off, the other landed nearby. After sketching the UFO, he approached quietly, touched the vessel (which burned his gloves), then glanced into the open doorway, and saw a panel of blinking lights. The doorway closed, the craft rotated, and tiny holes in the craft sprayed him with scorching gas the set his hat and shirt on fire.

1974 — A small plane collided with a UFO near Coyame, Mexico, one of many UFO encounters in Mexico since the 1970s.

1980 —British and American servicemen observed a glowing, triangular UFO with a tripod hovering and then landing in nearby Rendlesham Forest (UK).

1991 — Hundreds of spectators saw a round, silver UFO during an air show in Mexico City. It showed up again the following year at the same annual air show.

2004 — Mexican Air Force pilots, searching for drug smugglers, saw UFOs flying at 11,500 feet above southern Campeche.

2006 — A UFO hovered above O’Hare International Airport in Chicago.

2010 — Xianshan Airport in China was closed for two hours as a UFO hovered over the airport.

2016 — A UFO wobbling above Guangzhou, China, caused a massive traffic jam as people climbed out of their cars to capture the moment on their mobile phones.

2021 — Damien John Nott is among the most prolific UFO photographers today. He says that he and others often “get a feeling” of when and where a UFO will appear, and several of them happen to show up to capture the event on film.

And still, government agencies (especially in the USA) continue to deny the existence of extraterrestrials. Even the latest government report released in July 2021 (US Congress ordered the US Defense Department and Intelligence community to divulge everything they knew about extraterrestrials) was essentially nine short pages of waffling and denial.

One way to get a full disclosure from Uncle Sam (US Defense/Intelligence), ironically, might be to cut off all defense spending until he “comes clean” and shares everything he knows about extraterrestrials.

The original Extraterrestrial article includes a lot more information about ETs, with sources.


09: Sensitive Souls on Earth

When thinking about the plight and the potential of sensitive people, we probably need to explore both:

  • Worldly cause of sensitivity (such as biology). And
  • Other-worldy causes (such as spirituality).

To do that, we’ll zero in on “HSPs” (highly sensitive people), who are acknowledged by science, and “starseeds,” who are not.

The book pictured to the right is by Esther Bergsma, trainer, scientific researcher, and high-sensitivity expert from the Netherlands. She’s licensed by Dr Elaine Aron, who pioneered the study of HSPs in the 1990s. They and their colleagues have found that:

Highly sensitive persons (HSPs) have a deeper sensitivity to physical, emotional, or social stimuli. Their sensitivity is closely associated with their brains and central nervous systems and is sometimes called sensory-processing sensitivity, or SPS.

HSPs are sometimes told they’re “too sensitive,” but in fact their sensitivities give them both strengths and challenges.

Overall, they are biologically gifted with sensitivity.

Starseeds are said to be spiritually gifted with sensitivity. Less scientific, more esoteric sources say there’s been a major influx of children being born since the 1950s (after the second world war) who are extremely bright and sensitive and share some of the qualities of Dr Aron’s HSPs. They’re often referred to as starseeds, indigo children (because of their deep blue auras), crystal children, and other mystical-sounding names, and they’ve come to Earth at a time of crisis (nuclear weapons, high-tech wars, rioting, widespread addictions, environmental destruction) when our fate hangs in the balance. It’s a sort of last-ditch effort by finer spirit to refine our collective consciousness and save the planet. Between 30 percent and 80 percent of the young people on Earth today are said to starseeds. That’s their story, and I suspect there’s some truth to it, even if it sounds like science fiction.

The original Sensitivity article goes into much more depth about both HSPs and starseeds:

  • It looks at the qualities of HSPs (depth of processing, overstimulation, empathy, sense of subtleties) and compares them to people with other high-sensitivity conditions (ADHD, autism, PTSD, and schizophrenia).
  • It also explores origins of starseeds (finer spiritual incarnations, extraterrestrial incarnations) and how to identify them.​


10: The Source… the ‘Whole Shebang’

(Note: In computer programming, the #! code (shebang, or hash-bang) alerts the computer that something important is about to happen, followed by an explanation of what needs to happen. A similar process of inspired creation drives the entire cosmos as life-energy from the source shapes the morals and motivations of all living things. In simplistic terms, life-energy from the source is to the omniverse what “source code” is to a computer. It’s a sort of cosmic source code that gets compiled or interpreted in different ways as it spreads and devolves into different worlds in different universes throughout the cosmos to forge reality… to manifest the “all-that-is”).

Big picture: This is a pulled-apart look at the “all-that-is.” The source emits life-energy that nourishes and sustains everything in all of the countless universes (fine, white circles) with vitality and purpose. From the perspective of the source, everything is sort of superimposed in a way that’s hard for the carnal mind to imagine. Everything’s unique by its vibration (not by its location, timeframe, or appearance, which are all illusory). To make it simpler to understand, we can divide this unimaginably complex reality—the whole shebang—into 7 arbitrary levels that lead from the Earth to the source.

The source is at the center of everything and is also the totality of all-that-is. It goes by a lot of names—God, Allah, Brahman, Jahweh, Jehoveh, Nirvana, the principle…. Essentially, the source creates and comprises everything, and nourishes it all with life-energy.

Here’s what our INIT group learned from ethereal beings about the source:

  1. Humanity’s fear of death is one of the most distressing aspects of life on Earth, from their (spirit beings’) perspective. Once we humans realize that the eternal source is everything and is at the center of us all, the fear of death starts to disappear from our lives as we become aware of eternal life.
  2. It’s a free-will omniverse, in which we’re all connected to the source, but at the same time we can explore the many possibilities in this dense world that’s so far removed from the source… like a child running away from Mom to explore the playground. Whenever we get sidetracked or sense danger in our world, we can always hurry back to the source for safety, wisdom and peace. We do that by fostering conscious contact, especially through meditation.
  3. Finer beings can intercede between the source and the Earth, though most of them have no interest in worlds like ours. The exception? If we humans have a sincere inner drive to foster conscious contact with the source, then those finer beings are sometimes attracted to us to offer guidance and support.
  4. The source only spreads love, good-will, and other resonant feelings and motivations out-beyond into the omniverse. Human fear, retribution, anger, and other dissonant attitudes are created on Earth—stirred up by predatory and competitive behavior—and it’s a mistake to associate them with the source. In other words, only light is spread by the source, and darkness is stirred up by Earth’s bristling symbiotic relationships. As we foster conscious contact with the source, we can rise above Earth’s darkness and drama.
  5. The source is the entire omniverse, which it actualizes with its life-energy. While it acknowledges its connection to all of the trillions of entities in its creation, it gives no preferential treatment to any of them, not even those whom we consider to be spiritual masters.
  6. The Earth gets a little rough with its dog-eat-dog symbiosis, and occasionally purges itself with an “End Time.” When one of those mega-events happens, the light and darkness on Earth get sort of shuffled together, causing more conflict and confusion during the healing process. As we approach one of those End Times today, again, we can protect ourselves from the drama by fostering conscious contact with the source as conflict and suffering intensify. The path to the source is decency through honesty, which helps to stabilize the world during its upheaval.
One of “The Seven” ethereal beings working with our INIT group in the 1990s.

The original “Shebang” article shares 6 historic ITC contacts from “The Seven” ethereal beings that explain those 6 insights about the source, or “principle.” For example, they told us:
(#6) “We have often given you the real purpose of ITC contacts: Mankind at the end time should be led back to the principle. Light and darkness shall unite and form a whole again. What people experience now is not the actual beginning of the apocalypse, but only the first symptoms of it. Before opposites can be united, the strength of unity among ITC people must increase and come from a pure heart.”

The source is at the heart of everything, creating and nourishing the all-that-is. I think it’s the crux of all existence.

For an extraordinary lifetime on Earth, we can experience the drama while falling deeply, madly, irrevocably in love with the source.

The Source by Any Other Name

Humans have always been aware of a creative force at the center of everything. Here are a few of the names that we humans have given to the source:

Major world religions today:

  • God (Christians)
  • Allah (Muslims)
  • Brahman (Hindus)
  • Nirvana (Buddhists… there’s some debate among Buddhists about whether Nirvana is a creative entity that some people call God or whether it’s just God-consciousness and there is no God-entity, but there’s really a very fine line between the two concepts, as the big picture diagram suggests.)
  • Jahweh or Jehovah (Jews)

Localized religions:

  • Gitche Manitou (Algonquins, North America)
  • Wakan Tanka or Great Mystery (Lakotas, North America)
  • Modimo (Tswanas, southern Africa)
  • Jah (Rastafarians)

Major religions of the past:

  • Ahura Mazda (Zoroastrians)
  • Hunab Ku (Mayans)
  • Shangdi/Tian (Taoists)
  • Ra (Egyptians)
  • Marduk (Babylonians)
  • Ansur (Assyrians)
  • Nammu (Sumerians)

As cultures and religions evolved, they assigned lots of imaginative qualities to the source, often giving it a familiar human or animal appearance with superhuman powers that got tangled up in Earth’s symbiotic relationships—from motherly love to a warrior’s ferocity. Some descriptions of the source became so elaborate that mainstream science today tends to dismiss it all as myth and legend.

Still, I believe that the clear, simple essence of the source, and the omniverse it sustains, shines through it all… eternally.


11: Life-Energy By Any Other Name

The previous article was about the source. This article takes a closer look at the life-energy that’s emitted by the source to create and nourish everything throughout the vast omniverse.

The source is at the center of everyone and everything with its life-energy.

This is a pulled-apart view of the subtle (spiritual) forms that are within us. As the diagram suggests, we humans (and everything else in our physical universe) originate from the source and devolve through many forms at many levels while becoming the carnal you and me whom we know today, in this lifetime.

Though often called “the Great Central Sun,” the source isn’t really like our sun, because life-energy isn’t like sunlight.

We think of our sun as a burning ball of gas emitting heat and light in waves that flow freely through empty space and bounce off the planets, moons, and asteroids in our solar system.

Life-energy from the source doesn’t flow freely through the omniverse like that. Quite the contrary, it moves out-beyond from the source, through many universes in many dimensions, devolving and transforming to create countless entities, worlds, and universes. It doesn’t just stream, it creates everything and nourishes it constantly.

So life-energy from the source gets passed out-beyond, from one universe to the next, as a creative, nourishing force of power and information that transmutes constantly into denser and denser realms.

Life-Energy By Many Names

Sensitive humans have always revered life-energy, feeling its vital effects and giving it lots of names:

  • holy spirit (Christians),
  • nūr, rūḥ (Muslims),
  • prana, shakti, kundalini (Hindus),
  • chi or qi (Chinese)… [Incidentally, the Chinese call their country 中國 (Zhōng-Guó) …which probably had an original meaning of, “The country () of life-energy from the center within ().” Last century Chinese society turned away from the source and its life-energy during their communist revolution. Once they turn back (which is only a matter of time) perhaps we’ll all start thinking of a spiritually reborn “China” as the “Chi-Nation,” which I suspect was the original intent long, long ago.]
  • creative life force (Buddhists),
  • consciousness (scientists and philosophers).

In a nutshell, here are a few specific things our spirit friends told our INIT group about life-energy:

  1. All of our thoughts during a lifetime become energy patterns that are stored in finer realms forever, as a sort of historical record of our existence.
  2. Meditation and refined thinking can get us vibrationally closer to the source, forming a beam of life-energy through which we can receive knowledge and strength. A sick person entering the beam can sometimes be healed miraculously if they are receptive to that frequency of life-energy.
  3. When our loved ones and ancestors at level 3 have the opportunity to exchange information with a finer being (one of The Seven, for example), all other higher beings in the group are aware of the conversation. Since communication requires resonant life-energy, it can only happen when everyone is sincere, which is hard to achieve on Earth, making ITC difficult.
  4. Everything is formed by life-energy that spreads out-beyond from the source, throughout the omniverse, as a field of vibrations. By adjusting their life-energy to resonate at a common frequency, finer beings can come together in friendship to merge their life-energies into a single light, while also retaining their individuality and their ability to leave the group to perform particular tasks or missions.
  5. When the mission involves ITC communications with Earth, a lot of life-energy is needed to sustain the bridge, and the finer beings become living power supplies to provide the energy and knowledge. Although spirits communicate silently mind to mind, they can fabricate voices, text, and images that are meaningful to us humans on Earth, and convey that information to us through our equipment. Voice contacts through our radios and phones exhaust much more life-energy than simply planting messages and images in our computers.
  6. Positive public interest in ITC creates resonant fields of life-energy (what scientist Rupert Sheldrake refers to as “morphogenetic fields”) that allow communication bridges to be established from level 3 to Earth (between our spirit friends and ourselves). Without those stable, resonant energy fields, there’s no amount of life-energy from finer beings that can sustain an ITC bridge. In other words, researchers must be in mental and emotional harmony with each other and with their spirit teams.
  7. Some of our spirit friends make a distinction between life-energies that are electromagnetic (the informational energy of matter in our material universe) and those that are 5-dimensional (the energy of life that is everywhere). When we die, some of our 5-dimensional energy can remain stored in various objects or buildings. Violent death can cause 5-dimensional shock waves around the Earth that we can sometimes detect emotionally, but not through our five senses. If we could develop a 5-dimensional wave receiver on Earth, it would be like tuning into various spirit worlds through a radio, but the widespread slaughter of animals and humans on Earth creates 5-dimensional shockwaves that disrupt an ITC bridge.

This article, like the previous one, is based on messages received by our INIT group in the 1990s via phones, radios, computers, and other devices. The messages were delivered by our invisible friends at Timestream spirit group at level 3, especially The Seven ethereal beings who established and protected the communication bridge. Those 7 messages pertaining to each of the 7 principles above can be viewed in the original article.

I hope that information gives a pretty good understanding of life-energy and its influence on our lives.


12: Mystics: Why People Suffer

Which statement is closer to the truth?

  1. There’s a lot of pain and suffering in our lives and in our world.
  2. We spend our lifetime free of pain and suffering.

At first glance, from a lifetime of experience, the answer is obvious to us all: (1) is true, and (2) is false.

But according to mystics, in the bigger metaphysical picture that extends beyond a lifetime into eternity, (2) is closer to the truth, and (1) is largely an illusion. Mystics see the truth of oneness through spiritual eyes. They see beyond the duality (Earth’s darkness vs. the “inner light”).

So let’s try to unravel human suffering to see if we can find “the truth” that all the great mystics talk about… and why, from the big picture, life on Earth is just “an illusion.”

Worldly Causes of Suffering

Lots of things on Earth can make us suffer— accidents, addictions, assaults, crimes, disasters, diseases, disorders, hunger, poverty, poisoning, war…. It’s a long list of obvious things that we’re all familiar with. Here are some of the main things we do to ourselves and to each other to cause suffering:

  • Planet Earth causes suffering for everything living on her. The ways we all treat each other (plants, animals, and humans) are sometimes called symbiotic relationships. They involve not just 1) mutualists (who ensure everyone wins) and 2) commensalists (who ensure no one loses), but three other types who are stuck in win-lose dramas: 3) competitors, 4) parasites, and 5) predators. I suspect it’s those three win-lose symbiotic relationships—competitor vs competitor, parasite vs host, and predator vs prey—that cause most of the suffering in our world. They cause pain, inspire dark and hostile motivations, and stir up troubled and confused thinking. Those impure thought-forms spread like a disease into all human groups—friendships, families, businesses, and nations… even religions. As a result…
  • Our societies cause suffering—in the form of chronic stress—with their rules and laws, their crime and punishment, their economic disparities, their pressure to conform, and so on. Peace and happiness in society can be elusive while those win-lose relationships fester with animosity, fear, greed, resentment, and other destabilizing emotions.
  • We humans are biologically built for suffering. We have hormones, brains, and DNA that make us feel pleasure and pain. They can make us healthy or sick, happy or sad, passive or aggressive, loving or resentful, confident or afraid. They can make us sensitive or insensitive to the suffering of others.

All of those familiar conditions of our world are probably the main causes of suffering in our lives, but there are also some imperceptible troubles that come into our lives from beyond, whether solicited or not.

Other-Worldly Causes of Suffering

This pulled-apart view of the all-that-is shows how everything is spiritually nested. Every entity (like a person or planet) has subtler bodies within it leading toward the source, which rests at the center of everything.
Earth’s brutal nature deflects or repels* some of the life energy coming from the source, casting a sort of spiritual shadow around the planet—a repository of all the dark thoughts and motivations spinning off our world. It’s a troubled realm that across the millennia has inspired notions of ghosts, lost souls, demons, and hell.
*While writing this article it occurred to me that Earth’s brutality probably doesn’t “deflect or repel” life-energy, but more likely REFRACTs it like a dark prism to create the shadow. (More about that in a moment.)

Invisible things beyond our world that make us suffer can seem kind of mysterious, so let’s put them under a microscope and remove some of the mystery.

During our lifetime, our negative thoughts and feelings can cling to the Earth like static lint, getting caught in a sort of shadow around the planet, before drifting back to Earth into susceptible minds.

After we die and get settled in paradise, we might choose to reincarnate into a new lifetime of pain and suffering on Earth because our struggle will somehow get us closer to “the truth.” It might have to do with:

  1. karma (making up for mistakes from a previous lifetime), or
  2. soul purpose (deciding at a spiritual level that a lifetime of suffering now will prepare us for an important mission or another lifetime later on), or
  3. a combination of the two.

That’s apparently the case with some derelicts and eccentrics who are shunned and persecuted. “Normal” people may feel sad, compassionate, or repulsed by their presence, but they’ve chosen this difficult journey, before birth, for two or three good reasons that they probably don’t even remember. They might begin to sense an “inner light” that makes them realize that other people’s suffering is more problematic than their own suffering, which now starts to seem inconsequential. They might start behaving like a mystic.

Important: If someone’s suffering, and we’ve tried everything in the world (medically, therapeutically, nutritionally…) to help them out of their suffering, but they continue to suffer as though by choice, then it’s probably time to start looking beyond the world for answers. First there’s prayer—turning the situation over to the eternal wisdom of the source while making conscious contact. If their suffering continues, then we might choose to accept the likelihood that they’re here in this lifetime for reason #3 (above): They’re cleaning up their karma while working toward a higher soul purpose. If we believe (from a place of love and inner peace) that their suffering is for a higher purpose (what Christians call “God’s plan”), then our refined life-energies can get the attention of higher powers—theirs, ours, and others—so that the best possible outcome can unfold.

Mystics—Beyond Suffering

There are simple techniques or principles that anyone can use to become a mystic (without all the misery), while gradually shedding the scrappiness, judgment, and insecurities that come bundled up in the human package. Self-reflection is involved, along with the atonement, gratitude, and humility that come naturally through the process. As we adopt one of these simple principles into our daily life, our suffering diminishes and eventually becomes inconsequential, and the suffering of others is more painful to us.

The original Mystics/Suffering article goes into a lot more depth about the other-worldly causes of suffering, and about some things that all of the great mystics down through the ages have in common.

Anyway, that brings us up to the present. I published the article below just a few weeks ago… after our house burned down in the Marshall fire. It’s the entire article (not just a synopsis), since it’s fairly short.


Taste of the Apocalypse (a Sidebar)

(Note: Our house burned down in the “Marshall fire” on New Years Eve, along with the rest of the neighborhood. (Until things get settled, new articles might get delayed. Meanwhile, here’s what’s been happening with Regina and me during the past week….)

This is our house, along with neighboring houses, last year (courtesy of googlemaps):

Here (below) is our house this year (courtesy of our neighbor, who managed to get on-site the following morning, despite the lockdown, and snap a few pictures):

And here’s how it all happened….

In the past couple of months we’ve had two unprecedented, hurricane-force winds sweep down from the Rockies, through Boulder, and across dry fields and grasslands… kicking up thick dust clouds that sandblasted our home 10 miles to the east. Being on a hilltop, our house was buffeted relentlessly in the 100-mph gusts.

The second windstorm, on New Year’s Eve, brought an added surprise. A small fire got out of control in the countryside south of Boulder, turning it into a raging inferno that swept across the dry fields and grasslands and destroyed rural homes as it moved toward our town (Louisville) and our neighboring town (Superior).

The thick squall of dust, smoke and ash indicated that something apocalyptic was heading our way. As our house filled up with smoke, my first thought was to sit it out in the basement, where the smoke hadn’t reached (I didn’t know the magnitude of the fire at the time). Regina insisted we grab our personal papers and files (which we’d gathered together and put into a plastic tub in the basement just a few months earlier), throw them in the car along with an overnight bag, and head out.

It didn’t take much to convince me. By then, emergency vehicles with sirens were moving through the neighborhood with loudspeakers demanding we all leave immediately. I ran out, flagged down a police car, and was told to join the queue of cars heading out of town. A big fire was imminent.

View of the fire as it reached Louisville and Superior. (courtesy of Avista Hospital)

When we moved into that house many years ago, it seemed like paradise. Regina had her desk upstairs facing the Rockies to the west and overlooking Harper Lake across the street to the north. We took frequent walks around the lake and through the rich, grassy open space to the west.

It was always in the back of my mind that our hilltop refuge would be safe from flooding, but we’d be vulnerable to heavy winds that could do real damage to the neighborhood. (I’ve always ruminated on best-case and worst-case scenarios to keep things in perspective.) But the fire was a complete surprise!

Anyway, we drove straight east through clogged streets for a few miles (it took an hour and a half) and checked into a Hampton Inn, certain that we’d return home in the morning. But as we watched the news on TV that night, it became more and more apparent that our house might not be there in the morning. It was at the northern fringe of the fire.

Well, long story short, our entire neighborhood burned down.

This map shows the Boulder County area hit by the fire, where it originated, and our home (red star). (courtesy of googlemaps)
This satellite image of the same general area shows the swath of the fire. (courtesy of Maxar Technologies 2021)

Regina and I are thankful for our spiritual understanding that’s been growing in recent decades—the idea that the only reality is in the source at the center of everything (including you and us and everyone and everything else) where nothing is ever disturbed, while the Earth and all of its structures, rough dynamics, and dramas are just fleeting and illusory. That’s something we consider to be a basic truth, but it certainly hit home for us that day. Our “illusion” disappeared, literally, overnight.

For the first day or two I looked at our situation philosophically, even with humor—

  • In recent years I’d been fretting more and more about the task of downsizing and decluttering. (When joking cousin Jim heard about the fire, he said with a chuckle, “There are easier ways to downsize, you know.” I laughed and replied, “I know, but it seems like the more we meditate, the more we seem to shape reality with our thoughts,” and we laughed some more.)
  • Friend Clyde asked what he and his partner Janice could do to help in this difficult time, and I said, “You probably shouldn’t invite us over; we might never leave.” We laughed.

As days passed, reality slowly set in. Or, more accurately, we had to move reality to the back burner in order to deal with the illusion.

  1. Where we’re going to live. (with friend Katy for a week or two, then a rented, furnished apartment)
  2. Insurance—great gift, small curse. (We’re fully insured, fortunately, but insurers need a complete list of everything that’s not part of the house, its value, and when we got it… “If you can imagine turning the house upside down and shaking it, everything that drops or rattles needs to be inventoried”)
  3. How long to rebuild the neighborhood. (considering the scope of the damage—a thousand homes destroyed—a couple of years, at least)
  4. Temporary address changes to be shared with dozens of friends and businesses as we move around…
  5. Closing accounts for newspaper, waste disposal, lawn guys, tree guys, landline phone service (it took a full day of phone calls and emails to finally close our Centurylink account for our landline; lots of companies seem desperate to hold onto customers during the technology revolution)…
  6. Getting food, clothes, Internet… toothpaste, soap, razors, and other toiletries… kitchen stuff, bedroom stuff…
  7. Jewelry, tools, extension cords, printer, TV….

And the irreplaceable stuff—family photos, memorabilia, my 40 years of afterlife research that includes hundreds of spirit face photos and cassette tapes of spirit voices coming through phone and radio… all lost. (Fortunately most of my research stuff is in on my websites, so copies can be salvaged, while family history now consists mostly of memories.)

As I write this, it all seems overwhelming, but as long as we keep anchored in the reality of the situation—that the inner light can never be disturbed—Regina and I know that we’ll get through all of this external drama.

Why? Because, like everyone else, that’s our lifetime mission: Get through Earth’s drama, learn from it, and help others through it.


Anyway, rest assured that Regina and I are fine. Our worldly stuff is gone, but in the bigger picture, all of that stuff is inconsequential. Even our lives here on Earth are fleeting. It’s our place in the grand, eternal scheme of the omniverse that’s all-important, not our place at 1021 Willow.

I took some extra time to write this article because I’ll probably be using some of the information in the next article on my macyafterife website… about “Apocalyse: Revelation”. Writing about our mini apocalypse gave me the chance (and incentive) to start writing the bigger piece. 😉



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