Worlds Within Worlds 31 — What’s Happiness? (in 4 words)

Let’s look at a particular kind of happiness.

Not the thrills and hormonal stimulation we get from sex and roller-coasters and fame and fortune, but rather the inspiration and inner glow that come from watching the sun set… or being part of a loving family… or having an a-ha moment that reveals a glorious vision… or simply watching babies laugh with their smiling moms on youtube.

That’s the kind of happiness this article is about.

Lately I’ve been trying to figure out what causes that inspiring and heart-warming kind of happiness, or bliss… based on what we’ve been learning about the source and its life-energy that creates and sustains everything.

What can we do to enjoy that kind of happiness?

After a lot of thought (and some a-ha moments), I’ve come up with four simple words:

  • Be kind.
  • Be pure.

Entities throughout the omniverse are intended to be clear channels for the life-energy that streams through them from the source. They’re “pure.” And as they migrate into compatible communities of like-minded entities, they all get along well. They’re “kind” to each other.
But that flow of life-energy gets obstructed here on Earth— at level 1—which is far removed from the source.

If we could…

  1. join a meta-scientific expedition through many universes (white circles in the diagram), especially those close to the source, at the higher levels 4 through 7,
  2. study the way of life in those finer universes, and then
  3. write a report for the folks back home on Earth…

… one thing we’d probably realize is that just about everyone everywhere lives in a state of bliss. And while trying to understand why everyone’s so happy, we’d probably narrow it down to those two basic qualities shared by everyone:

  • They’re kind. As they migrate naturally into compatible communities of like-minded entities, they’re all loving, empathetic, and supportive of each other.
  • They’re pure. Life-energy from the source flows into them, having passed through a series of finer realms.

In short, being kind and pure is (I believe) an ideal condition that operates throughout most of the omniverse… and it’s a blissful experience. Being connected to the source is meant to be a blissful experience.

That said, being completely kind and completely pure (and therefore completely happy) is impossible during a lifetime here on Earth.

Why Is Happiness on Earth Elusive?

From my own observations over a lifetime, I’d say that most people’s lives are mostly happy. Most of our relationships with other people and with society and with the planet are win-win relationships—what biologists call a “mutualistic” symbiosis.

It’s obvious that some people suffer more than others, but I believe that for the average person, just a small proportion of one’s lifetime experiences are what could be called “unhappy.”

Those unhappy moments sometimes stand out as we reflect on our past… and if we enjoy books and movies and TV shows of the crime-drama variety, it sometimes seems that life on Earth is rife with predators and parasites who cause a lot of pain and suffering.

But in reality (as I see it) a lifetime on Earth is mostly a happy experience for most people.

Still, some unhappiness is unavoidable for everyone in the course of a lifetime. Why?

There are two main reasons for unhappiness on Earth:

  • We’re unkind sometimes. Even if we try to be kind to everyone and everything on the planet, we have to defend ourselves occasionally from predators, parasites, and even competitors. If our home is infested by termites or flies or bats or rats, or if our body is infected by harmful bacteria introduced by a tick or flea, we have to get rid of those guys… sometimes by killing them. If two men vie for the same woman, or if two businesses vie for the same customers, or if two politicians vie for the same position of power, then kindness often takes a back seat. As long as there are parasites, predators, and competitors around us, we can’t always be kind if we wish to survive on Earth.
  • We’re impure. For each of us, our connection to the source has been constricted or compromised by the brutality that goes on in the world around us. Mainly, each physical entity is nourished largely by feeding on other physical entities and then assimilating their dense life-energy into their own physical body. That parasitic, predatory way of life blocks or repels some of the refined life-energy that streams constantly (or tries to stream constantly) into our world and into our lives from finer realms closer to the source. As long as we eat food and indulge in other earthly dramas, we can’t be a clear channel for refined life-energy coming from the source. The simple reality of living on Earth makes us impure, and it’s unavoidable.

And that, in a nutshell, is why we can’t sustain a state of bliss during a lifetime: 1), we have to be unkind sometimes to survive, and 2) we’re impure simply by being born here.

We can get flashes of bliss during a lifetime—for example while meditating or having a near-death experience, or when finer (“angelic” or “divine”) beings intervene in our life in times of crisis or inspiration and fill us with light—but then it’s back to living in the brutal world. The beautiful memories of those blissful events can make our life much happier in the future, but capturing that bliss as a way of life isn’t possible—not until we leave the Earth and get settled into finer realms (usually at level 3), where there are no parasites, predators or competitors, and where life-energy flows freely into every living thing.

Happiness throughout most of the omniverse is absolute. It’s a “birthright” enjoyed by everything that’s connected to the source, because kindness and purity are a way of life.

Happiness on Earth is relative. It depends on how kind and how pure we can be in spite of our earthly limitations, and on how effectively we can deal with the parasitic, predatory, and competitive forces around us.

The best we can hope for during a lifetime is to be as happy as possible under the circumstances.

How To Find Happiness on Earth

The simple secret to being as happy as possible during a lifetime is this:

  1. Be as kind as possible by feeling love and empathy for all people and for all life, and by letting those feelings guide our thoughts and actions, and
  2. Be as pure as possible by understanding our multidimensional (spiritual) make-up and by fostering a conscious connection to the source. Then,
  3. When parasitic, predatory, and competitive forces around us disrupt our life, deal with them expediently, forgive them, then resume a life of kindness and purity to the greatest extent possible.

Being kind is fairly straightforward. Simply have the best interests of the planet and its inhabitants at heart, and then foster friendships and relationships with people of like mind. Ensure kindness in our life with the same principle that’s used by our spirit friends at the finer levels (levels 3 through 7 in the diagram above): migrate naturally into communities of like-minded people. Our friendships, our family, our church, our place of work, the daycare and schools for our children… all of these (ideally) would be forged by kindness. Choose them and shape them accordingly.

Being pure is more complicated and more personalized. Here we have to do some self-reflection to determine where our own personal impurities reside.

  • We all eat food, and being tainted in that way can’t be avoided. But we can devise ways to “lighten up” our diet in ways that suit our unique metabolism. For me? I like to start my morning with a cup of coffee or two (a dubious habit) and lots of water. Around mid-morning I wash down a small handful of vitamin supplements with what I call my “elixir mixer.” It’s a powder consisting of psyllium husks for fiber, collagen peptides for these 70-year-old bones, and a rich mix of fruit and vegetable powders that are red, green, and blue. I mix all of those powders into a jar every couple of weeks. Then every day I add a scoopful to a glass of water, mix it up, and use it to wash down the vitamins. Then, later in the day I have one or two small, normal meals. Over the years I’ve had a series of love-hate relationships with nicotine, alcohol, sugar, starch, and other things that compromise my “purity,” and some of those struggles persist. But I do the best I can.
  • We all have a sex drive and other hormonal compulsions, and I suppose we each have to deal with them in ways that don’t heap too many impurities and pain onto our own life or disrupt the purity and happiness of others.
  • Some of us might have a severe, maybe life-threatening impurity—an addiction to alcohol or drugs or gambling or shopping or stealing or… (it’s a long list!). Addictions can be all-consuming. If we have an addiction, we might want to change the 4 words of happiness (Be kind. Be pure.) to focus more acutely on the problem. An alcoholic, for example might change it to:
      • Be kind.
      • Be sober.

Contending with predation, parasitism, and competition in human affairs is even more complicated, especially in capitalistic (money-oriented) societies that accept—and in some cases encourage and even reward— that sort of behavior. (I’ve dealt with that subject elsewhere on this website, and it’s too complicated to go into detail here.)


Maybe the best thing to do now is to move all of these complications to the back of the mind and let them simmer in their own way and assimilate at their own pace… and to focus, consciously, only on the 4 simple words the bring happiness to every living thing everywhere:

  • Be kind.
  • Be pure.



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  1. John R.M. Day says:

    Thank you Mark for this always timely kind and pure advice.

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