Gender Dramas 5: The Difference Between Love and Sex

When John and Mary feel drawn to each other, it could be love or sexual attraction… or more likely some combination of the two.

If you search the Internet for definitions of love and sex and the differences between them, just about everyone tells you that love is an emotion, and sex is a physical act.

I don’t agree.

If you’ve ever loved someone in a romantic way, you know that sexual desire usually gets all tangled up with your loving feelings. Love and sex are both emotional, and they’re both physical.

Emotionally, you want to share affection, kindness, and compassion (love), and you also want to feel passion and ecstasy (sex).

Physically, you want to hug, caress, comfort, and hold hands (love), and you also want to get naked and share complete intimacy (sex).

So again, love and sex are both physical and emotional. To say that one’s emotional and one’s physical… well, it’s just not that simple.

It’s not simple at all!… until you factor in the human spirit. Then it gets a lot easier to distinguish love from sex.

Sex is the ultimate expression of intimacy between two physical, biological human beings. It involves hormones and genitals specially designed for physical pleasure.

Love is the ultimate expression of intimacy between spiritual beings. It involves a desire to serve others, to help them, to appreciate them, to trust them, to feel one with them… when you’re sitting side by side… or when you’re half a world away from each other… and even if one’s still on Earth and the other has died and relocated to a better world. The warm feelings of love linger and glow.

Sex is here and now, it exists in all its fervor only in the material world, and it lasts up to the point of ecstasy, then fades. We’re told (through ITC contacts) that after we die and get settled into the astral worlds, we can still enjoy sex with a willing partner… but by then, especially at the finer astral levels, it’s a more tranquil experience devoid of most of the drama and frenzy that we experience here on Earth.

Love transcends time and space. It generates bliss at a spiritual level that goes on and on.

Sex can stir up jealousy, heartbreak, and many other problems (physical as well as emotional) that persist after the short-lived pleasure.

Love in its purest form produces enduring happiness and warmth with no unpleasant side-effects.

The pain that we often associate with love, such as grief and a broken heart after losing a loved one, are symptoms of the ego.

Pure love streams from the spirit, and as it slows to an earthly vibration it passes through the ego—a sort of muddling filter—where it is colored with human emotions. It’s this altered love force, blemished by the ego, that is the source of pain that we associate with love.

Finding the greatest love on Earth, then, involves spiritual practices to purify the ego to some extent.

Such as meditation.

Finally, once the ego is cleaned up a bit… then sex can be blended together with copious amounts of true love, and the two together can afford the ultimate human/spiritual experience attainable on Earth.

The Gender Dramas Series: 

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2 Responses to Gender Dramas 5: The Difference Between Love and Sex

  1. A good one Mark. Thank you. Very simply and perfectly worded, and to the point. Try getting a 20 or 30 year old to understand this.

  2. Thanks John. I know what you mean. Hormones overrule good sense for much of our lives…

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