Gender Dramas 2: Riding the Wild Ride and Getting Off

A lifetime on Earth is a wild ride for the spirit inside us, especially in the area of romance and sex.

Our physical and spiritual make-up… a simplified view

Our ethereal self is motivated by love and trust, and it resides in a formless universe that’s like a vast sea of boundless love and wisdom.

As those subtle motivations waft from our ethereal depths upward, outward toward our conscious mind, our noble-savage outer shell—the physical body—dilutes them with a heavy dose of suspicion, fear, and lust, allowing our narrow, earthy mind to help us not only to survive the dramas unfolding endlessly on this noble-savage Earth, but to enjoy them.

As an ethereal being our greatest desire is to be of service to others and to the grand plan, and when we unite with other light beings, our essences merge and are shared intimately with one another. We immediately know each other’s most radiant thoughts and warmest motivations. Life is smooth, blissful sailing for the ethereal spirit within us.

But as a physical being we’re guided largely by our hormones as we react to the dramas unfolding around us constantly. With our turned-on physical bodies (as opposed to switched-off during meditation) the closest we can come to ethereal union… is having sex with a partner.

Life on Earth is a roller coaster, especially when it comes to romance and sex. Like any wild ride, it helps to know how best to enjoy it safely… when to get off… how to get off… and, in the case of romance, with whom to “get off.”

Enjoying the Ride and Getting Off

Our romantic lives and sex lives are guided largely by our hormones within the constraints of society’s norms. We know the drill, since we’ve nearly all been through it personally, and we’ve certainly experienced it in endless books, movies, and love songs.

Adolescence. Our hormones rage through adolescence. We become preoccupied with a certain someone, and we want to get inside their mind, maybe inside their circle of friends… and certainly inside their clothes.

For teenagers, following the carnal cravings freely can cause problems ranging from damaged reputations to teen pregnancies to venereal diseases.

For society, sexual freedom among adolescents would quickly lead to pandemonium. We’d all spend our formative years learning more under the bleachers than in the classrooms.

So society provides restraints—family values, church definitions of “sin,” school dress codes, government laws pertaining to minors… that sort of thing.

Adulthood. By our early twenties, most of us have been indoctrinated into society’s code of sexual rights and wrongs, and we’ve probably had some hard knocks along the way (broken heart, peer pressure, feelings of guilt and shame, unrequited love, groundings….), so by now we approach relationships with some care and discernment.

We begin to get a sense of the long-term benefits of a committed relationship, and we might start thinking about marriage. Once a young man and young woman feel safe in a good, stable relationship, they’re more inclined to explore their carnal desires with less shame and shyness. Puppy love longings make way for the things that grown-ups do… which usually includes having kids and raising families… and the cycle starts all over again with the new litter.

Through the years, as our bodies roll around in ecstasy, the spirit within us rolls its eyes. As we bump and grind our way through life, our ethereal self waits for the carnal urges to give way to more refined expressions of self… which usually come with age.

Golden years. In our later years, as our hormones begin to subside, our inner wild animal begins to retreat as our calm spirit begins to rock more contentedly on the back porch. By the sixties (or in some cases seventies or eighties or…), sex and romance and other dramas aren’t as important as a nice walk on the beach or reminiscences with our soul mate… or even a good bowel movement in some cases, or so I’ve heard.

My friend Gene Standing Bear once told me that most of the great Lakota warriors who fought bravely and touched many enemies and kneeled to no one, eventually became gentle elders of the tribe—mentoring children, mediating among the cocky young men, and conferring with other elders on sweeping decisions to assure peace and plenty for the tribe.

Hindus go through four stages of life:

  • The student begins to learn the ways of the world,
  • Householders (husband and wife) start a family and raise their children,
  • Retired couples relinquish most of their responsibilities to start lining the nest for their afterlife home, and
  • The wandering ascetic leaves his home, family and friends, signifying a final detachment from the physical world and readiness to enter spirit.

That seems to be a natural course in all cultures: Young men and women work themselves into a lather, rolling around together, making babies, and raising families… and then they relax and enjoy the finer things in life… thinking about a nobler purpose of living, especially their paradise destiny once they leave the Earth behind.

From a modern perspective of science and medicine, our senior retreat from romance and sex is mostly the result of hormones.

Read more about that hormonal shift in a good, concise article….

But I can safely say that hormones may feel powerful, but they really pale beside the spiritual forces streaming through us at all levels of our being.

Our purpose on Earth is to help usher in the grand plan—restoring paradise on Earth—and to do that we have to find ways to bring the love and trust, wisdom and knowledge inherent in our finer spirit, out into this world.

We can contend with our hormonal dramas in such a way that our physical body-mind can become a conduit or vehicle of our ethereal consciousness.

In the course of a lifetime we first relearn the nature of this noble-savage world by getting immersed in it—hormones and all—and then later we can bring forth our divine nature to help tame the world… once we have tamed ourself.

In other words, we come to Earth to enjoy the wild ride and then, at the right time, to get off. And then, once we get off, however and whenever it feels right for us, then at last it’s time to fulfill our spiritual purpose here on Earth as best we can.

By the time we die, hopefully we’ve detached enough from the drama to make a smooth transition to our paradise adventure in the astral realm. Too much drama carried over into the next world can retard our spiritual progress… the subject of the next article.

The Gender Dramas Series: 

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8 Responses to Gender Dramas 2: Riding the Wild Ride and Getting Off

  1. Melody says:

    Mark, you wrote <<<resides in a formless universe that’s like a vast sea of boundless love and wisdom.<<<. I'm concerned that it is not scientific to apply attributes to our universe, which scientifically, does not care one way or another about us. If you are talking about an alternate universe, well, science doesn't apply (yet) but there is no basis in fact thus far to say that the universe is not purposeless.

    • Interesting viewpoint, Melody.
      I’ve believed so completely for so long (…well, for about 25 years) that our physical universe is one of many superimposed universes flourishing with life, that I guess I take it for granted, and it shows in my writing. I definitely see a purpose to existence in all it’s forms.
      It’s good to be reminded that not everyone sees it that way. 🙂


      • dustylady1 says:

        Thanks, Mark. I know you do. 🙂 I have studied cosmolology and physics from a layman’s view, and I’ve grown accustomed to a universe without purpose. Its even more beautiful to me now. 🙂 We were evolved from a chimp in So. Africa and we just love to finding meaning in things that have none.

  2. Doug OMara says:

    Wow, this whole article makes nothing but good sense. It’s brutally difficult to see or think straight with outrageously beautiful women everywhere. Sometimes I think “whoever” created the fairer sex really went overboard and simply made them too great for us typical flunky men to be able to handle. Talk about drama….oh boy.

    Great, great point about when the hormones “finally” start to die down somewhat. I hadn’t thought about it that way before but I think you’re right. It’s something to look forward to.

    Thanks Mark!

  3. Thanks Doug. I just went to a website of quotes about women, expecting to find a lot of people echoing those sentiments that you (and I) have… men idolizing women, being distracted by them… but it turns out the subject of women is amazingly complex (once you get beyond the hormones, anyway).
    A modern woman author, Stasi Eldredge, for example, wrote:
    “Women have been essential to every great move of God. Yes, Moses led the Isaelites out of Egypt, but only after his mother risked her life to save him! Closer to our time, Clara Barton was instrumental in starting the Red Cross. Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin put fire into people’s heart to end slavery in the United States. Rosa Parks kicked the Civil Rights movement into gear with her quiet act of courage. Eunice Kennedy Shriver created the Special Olympics. Mother Teresa inspired the world by bringing love to countless thought unlovable. And millions of other women quietly change the world every day by bringing the love of God to those around them.”

    That’s a subject I’ve been planning for one of these articles too–how women lean toward the noble, and men toward the savage. I know there are exceptions to that throughout the world and within each of us, but I’ve always felt it’s generally valid. That angelic quality of the feminine tugs us guys just as strongly as the hormonal things, I think. After all, we each had a mother. We’ll see if I can express it clearly enough to be convincing. After all, according to Conan O’Brian:
    “A study in the Washington Post says that women have better verbal skills than men. I just want to say to the authors of that study: “Duh.””

    Anyway, as far as being distracted by ‘the fairer sex,’ I’m right there with you… Mark

  4. Gate Seeker says:

    Mark, I am not sure how else to contact you or leave my feedback for you, but I think your work is absolutely wonderful. I have been reading your material on your old website for a while now and I have recently obtained some of your books. Your work provides a spiritual insight that clicks with me and I have always had a feeling that there was a “planes” structure to this universe. Our friends at Timestream deserve all of our appreciation for everything they do for us on our side and I wish there was some way that I could express that to them.

    I want you to know that you and your colleagues (including those on the other side) have contributed to what will most likely be a deep lifelong interest in ITC and universal unity for me.

    With the purest of SINCERITY 🙂 ,

    Thank you.

  5. Gate Seeker says:

    Hi Mark,

    I want to thank you for your absolutely incredible work for bringing ITC to this world. (I tried to post a comment earlier but I think my internet may have lost connection for a brief moment and it did not get posted.) Our spirit researcher friends deserve all of our appreciation as well. If only they could know how grateful I am for their work. I have always had a sense of a “planes” structure to our universe and way of being. I have a deep sense of gratitude towards them and they have awakened me in a way that transcends earthly thought processes.

    You and your colleagues have been literal “godsends”! 😉

    With utmost SINCERITY and the PUREST of appreciation, 🙂

    Thank you.

  6. Thanks!
    I always appreciate sincere positive feedback.
    As far as expressing your feelings to Timestream… not necessary.
    I suspect they ‘monitor’ blogs like this and ‘tune in’ mentally to those of us on this side who are observed to be allies of the work.
    In other words, they probably already know.


    (Sorry about the delay of your comment(s) appearing on the site. When a person first makes a comment here, I have to moderate it… make sure it’s not spam before I publish it. Then, your future comments should appear quickly, no moderation needed. Thanks for your patience.)

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