Gender Dramas 1: Opposites Attract

Girl attracts boy. Boy pursues. Girl resists. Boy persists.

Probably the most widespread conflict in human history and, for many, the most fun.

Flirting and romance, subjects of vast volumes of literature down through the ages, seem to be driven by primal urges… such as feminine urges to attract and unite, and masculine urges to conquer and dominate.

These urges that excite us in love, can divide us in society. They spice up the inner workings of our social groups, but indiscriminate spice can ruin the meal. Flirting and romance in inappropriate places at inappropriate times with inappropriate people can generate friction and conflicts in our schools, clubs, companies … in any social systems where males and females interact.

This age-old drama tracing back to the fruits of Eden are what I want to explore in this series of articles… with some twists along the way.

Here are some of the touchy areas I hope to penetrate (sic) in the coming weeks with these articles:

  • How different cultures get into the battle of the sexes in different ways, with different results… from the sexiness of western democracy to the restraints in the Muslim world.
  • How the celebration of romance (free love) and its repression (enforced celibacy) can both spin off into different kinds of problems in society… is there a safe balance?
  • Whether sex idols in today’s world, especially hot women in movies and rock concerts and TV shows, can be affected at a spiritual level by the carnal desires of millions of lusty men aimed in their direction.
  • The hormonal and genetic differences between boys and girls… men and women.
  • How it all traces back to our noble-savage heritage.
  • How romance and sexuality are powerful forces on Earth, and how we contend with them can shape our afterlife.

Could be an interesting series. We’ll see how it comes together (sic).

In any case, it all seems to trace back to some very basic differences between males and females that make life on Earth interesting!


For a more serious look at the dramas involved in gender and transgender (which the title of this series evokes in some minds), please explore sites like:


The Gender Dramas Series: 

1 Opposites attract   –   2 Riding the wild ride and getting off   –  3 Packing light for the final journey   –  4 Minding that bulge in your genes   –  5 The difference between love and sex


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