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How Kids Become Happy, Responsible Adults… or Not

What’s the biggest influence on our attitudes, personalities, and behavior patterns as we grow from childhood to adulthood? Most of us would probably say parenting, but after some digging I’ve found that many forces shape our growing lives… and our parents might play a surprisingly small role. Continue reading

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Protecting Earth from the Wrath of Marduk

Last fall a contingent of astronauts and cosmonauts visited the United Nations in New York to urge international collaboration in setting up a defense system to protect Earth from getting struck by asteroids… shrapnel from an explosion, some 4 billion years ago, of a planet called Marduk. The fact that the Babylonians had a god of the same name was probably not mere coincidence…. Continue reading

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phs2: Privatization and the Public Good

We’re noble-savage creatures in a rough world in which life kills life to survive, so politics gets complicated here on Earth. We don’t always have a clear idea about whether government is a good thing or a bad thing… a facilitator of public safety and stability, or an obstruction to human affairs. Continue reading

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