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Establishing a Popular World Government and Doing It Right

So let’s look at a right way to start setting up world government in a way that would be acceptable to just about everyone. I’ve felt strongly since the 1970s that Planet Earth is long overdue for a sensible world government, so I’ve given the matter some thought. Here’s one scenario that might actually work. Continue reading


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The Top Three Solutions for Today’s World

I’ve been studying the world and its problems and trying to find the best solutions for the past thirty years, and over time I’ve boiled it all down into three sweeping solutions that, I believe, would be most effective in bringing peace and contentment to the world today. There’s a solution for the planetary level, one for the national level, and one for individuals…. Continue reading

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Fixing America (5): Basic Income and the Fertility Rate

The yellows, oranges, reds and purples indicate countries with precarious population growth, which would have to be gotten under control before Basic Income (or any other economic solution) would really help…. Continue reading

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Who Can Help the Poorest of the Poor?

Imagine being one of the poorest of the poor… starving… watching people dying all around you. You’d likely wonder, Where’s God? Where’s the United Nations? Where are the rich people of the world who could help? We’re dying here!…. Continue reading

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