End of the American Dream

When did we start going wrong?

The savage side of human nature has always reared its ugly head in all sectors of every society, but normally our noble side keeps it in check. Such is the nature of the human drama… at least, here in America. Decency and fairness prevail… truth, justice, and the American way… but things have gone wrong lately.

From an era when Clark Gable’s “I don’t give a damn” comment in Gone with the Wind was ‘scandalous’ in 1939… we’ve evolved to rampant vulgarity in movies today.

From Roosevelt’s New Deal in the 1930s, in which government took care of the distressed public and stabilized the economy, we’ve been pulled today into hogs-at-the-trough politics by America’s richest, who’ve hijacked government to keep their incomes growing. And it’s not just wealthy liberals like Warren Buffett who see the dangers ahead as the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and society unravels… but even leading conservative thinkers like David Stockman, President Reagan’s economic advisor.

When US government tortures its whistleblowers and crams prisoners into hopeless, unhealthy conditions… when even our peacemakers—our diplomats—slander their international colleagues who resist American strong-arming… it becomes obvious that something is not right in the land of the free and home of the brave.

Well, in past articles I’ve tried to analyze the problem politically, economically, socially, and spiritually, and I’ve offered some tips on how to get out of the quagmire permanently… so all I want to do today is look at one incident in recent history that I believe played the biggest role in America’s fall from grace.

By the end of the year 2000, US government had a record $230 billion surplus, which could have done so much good for so many needy people… or shored up a decaying social infrastructure… or helped a struggling world. Instead, over the next two years most of it was given to America’s richest—people who needed it least. Not only did that destabilize the US economy, but it had serious spiritual consequences.

I believe that the good fortunes of a flourishing society are choreographed to a large degree by ethereal forces, who want to see all humans enjoy freedom and prosperity… but they’re unable to help all people and all groups all the time. They can only help some of the people and some of the groups some of the time.

That’s not to say a nation’s fate is determined by the whims of angels. Far from it. Ethereal forces are constantly at play in the affairs of Earth, and there’s a certain other-worldly science that controls it all. The scientific principle is this:

When individuals or groups operate on good will, they resonate with finer spiritual forces, which are drawn into their lives and influence outcomes in wonderful ways.

By contrast, when individuals and groups are driven by selfishness, revenge, lust, hatred, and other savage motivations, they no longer resonate with the finer spiritual forces. They’re ‘out-of-tune’ with the angels, so to speak, so they get no support.

It’s not as though angels shake their heads in disgust and turn their backs… it’s simply a case of them losing touch with humans and societies who become motivated by ill will. Under those conditions, darker, more troubled spiritual influences move in… not because these dark forces revel in causing problems, but, again, simply because they resonate with troubled societies and troubled individuals.

So, it’s not a case of good vs evil, reward vs punishment… it’s just a case of resonance. We humans and our groups attract into our lives those spiritual influences that resonate with our motivations.

When America started this new millennium by hoarding its riches and launching a devastating high-tech bomb-and-rocket attack on a poor country (Iraq) to steal its oil… well, it was clearly a case of savage motivation that put our country out of sync with finer spiritual forces. We suddenly lost the ethereal support that we’d attracted during the first 200 years of our existence as a nation.

If we wish to return to the graces of finer forces, we simply need to restore a policy of good will to our government.


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