The Human Story 11: Afterlife Wrap-Up

Let’s draw some conclusions about the afterlife, based on the testimonies of Anne Guigné, Richard Francis Burton, Arthur Moos, Jules Verne, and others. For one thing, our invisible friends at Timestream say they live on the third level of spirit, and that’s based on the model of Frederic Myers.

Read more about Frederic Myers’ spirit-world model

The third level, sometimes called the mid-astral plane, is where most people awaken after they die. It’s a lot like the Earth, where people with bodies at the prime of life and in the peak of health (serious injuries to the astral body are painless and heal completely in a matter of days) perceive a world of earth-like structures around them—buildings, forests, mountains, rivers…. To us, the structures of their world would seem wispy and dream-like, but they are as solid and real to residents of the third plane as our structures are to us. People on the third level can’t travel by thought, so they walk and rely on vehicles similar to ours—everything from cars and bicycles to helicopters, airplanes, and boats. It’s at the fourth level where people can begin to teleport and bilocate.

An ITC sending station, where information is delivered to Earth through our equipment as voice, text, and images, has to be established at the third level because of resonance. The people at the third level still think and feel much the way we think and feel here on Earth. Without that resonance of conscious vibration, ITC simply doesn’t work. The law of resonance is as unbreakable in the spirit world as the law of gravity is to us… in fact, moreso. The only people in spirit who can sustain an intimate communication link with people on Earth are 1) people on the third level, and 2) departed loved ones, twin souls, spirit guides, and others in many realms who happen to have a close heart connection with a particular person on Earth.

So in order for finer beings to contact us through ITC systems—ethereals, people-in-spirit on the fourth and fifth levels—they have to descend in vibration to the third level and deliver information from the sending station there. It’s the people at the third level who sustain the bridge through their tireless work, while ethereals support it with their powerful life energies and protect it from interference by troubled thoughtforms in the second level.

“Ethereals” are what I call beings residing at the sixth level of the Myers model.

How the Myers Model Correlates with Mine

I think of my spirit-world model as a highly simplified roadmap geared for the masses. It gives a basic feel for our true spiritual nature while correlating well with the widespread human notion of opposites—heaven and hell, good and evil, angels and demons, life and death, and so on. We humans like to boil things down into a simplified dualism that our physical minds can easily grasp, and my model works well in doing that while keeping true to the reality of spirit.

Those who want to explore beyond the simple scenario, then, can study the Myers model for a better sense of what’s really going on “over there.” But from my years of research, it seems to me that most people like to keep spiritual things simple, in the back of their minds, as they go about their business of material living. I created my model for that purpose.

Read more about my spirit-world model

Ethereal Hands Are Tied

It would be nice if finer beings could sweep away the pain, hunger, violence, and crime from our world, and in doing so eliminate the more dismal spiritual realms on the second level, so that paradise would be the ultimate human reality… but they can’t. Even the ethereals have their limitations. Humanity on Earth somehow, someday has to overcome its hormones, egos, and other human qualities that keep us trapped in cycles of troubled thoughts and behaviors. Once we can overcome our fears, wants, and animosities, only then can the ethereals help us in a big way. Meanwhile, we’re left to muddle through the noble-savage human reality that was engineered by our ancient ancestors and has evolved slowly since then.

Awakening in Paradise

In any case, most us will awaken in an absolute wonderland after we die, and we’ll be able to speak “the language of the river.” That, I’ve come to deduce, is because of our ancient roots on planet Eden, or Marduk. Humanity originated on that paradise physical world and later, when Eden was destroyed, became stranded on Earth. I suspect the “language of the river” in the astral world is the language that had been spoken on the physical planet Eden long ago, and it’s permanently embedded in our spirit… coming alive as we awaken in paradise after we die.

Many people get stuck in darkness or on the second level for awhile, especially after a sudden, violent death, but eventually they all find their way to the light of the third level before they continue their spiritual adventures… perhaps returning to Earth or another physical world for more lifetimes, or perhaps ascending to finer realms… leaving material life behind them for good.

Once we reach the third level, a lifetime of confusion and misconceptions, which had troubled our mind throughout our life on Earth… all of that disappears instantly as we get a clearer and more complete understanding of things.

In short, life on Earth is a struggle, and once we awaken in the astral realm—what Myers calls the third level—the struggle is over. But if we awaken in the dismal realm (second level), for example by cutting our troubled life short through suicide, our struggles will continue until we can find our way to the astral world.

Leaving the Earth Behind

Once we get to the third level, our life on Earth fades into a dream. People who die at a young age—especially those aborted as a fetus—quickly forget their lifetime on Earth and move onto the next spiritual adventure that awaits them… as a rule.

There are exceptions. Many people, at whatever age they die, choose to keep their memories of Earth alive within them… to remember their experiences, and to stay close to their loved ones still living on Earth. This is especially true when the loved ones on Earth yearn for their departed loved ones, and the yearning tugs like a magnet at the spirit of the departed, pulling them away from paradise toward Earth.

The ideal cycle seems to be living a happy life on Earth—a life of good choices—and then moving on to the third level, or astral world… then, after enjoying a paradise existence for awhile… moving onto our next adventure, be it another lifetime on Earth, or moving up to finer realms. The possibilities are countless, and the adventures that await us are breathtaking.

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5 Responses to The Human Story 11: Afterlife Wrap-Up

  1. Niki says:

    Mr Macy,
    Happy new year for you and your family. Go on with your wonderful work. It gives me strength in these hard times. Thank you very much.
    Niki- Athens/Greece

  2. Hi Niki,
    Happy New Year to you too!

  3. Doug OMara says:

    What is the typical time one spends there before making the next big choice? As long as one wants?

    Thank you, sir.


    • Doug, it depends on several things. Most people quickly immerse themselves in a pleasant life with far fewer dramas than they’d experienced on Earth, and they stay quite awhile.
      Sometimes a person quickly realizes he or she had neglected part of their life purpose–something important to them at the spiritual level that got ‘forgotten’ as the conscious mind got distracted on Earth (by money, addiction, etc.), and so they feel pulled to reincarnate fairly soon. Some people have just a vague feeling that something was neglected, and a little voice within them keeps nagging. Sometimes an ethereal guide will help them see that something was neglected or forgotten.
      Some people soon tire of paradise and want to ascend in vibration to finer realms, and ethereal beings can help them too.
      In short, there’s no simple rule about how long one stays on the third (or fourth) level after they die. It’s an individual choice.
      The main thing is that most people get a very pleasant ‘rest & recuperation’ period there before they make their next choice.

      • Doug OMara says:

        Thank you so very much for your detailed reply. Oh, I so dearly hope this is true as some R&R does indeed sound like paradise.

        Thank you so very much, Mark.


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