Healthcare Heroics

Sometimes, when someone’s in crisis, you have to drag them to safety. Maybe they’re overcome by smoke during a fire or under attack by an angry animal or unconscious in a smoldering car-wreck or paralyzed by fear on the battlefield… Whatever the case, you may have to drag them to safety without their consent. When you do, you’re sometimes called a hero and acknowledged for your bravery.

And sometimes you’re not.

For example, if you try to help someone who’s drowning, they often clutch and claw in a frenzy and pull you down with them. People in the grip of panic are often unpredictable and irrational, and lash out at anyone trying to help out.

So it’s been with healthcare reform in the USA in recent months. American healthcare has become a shambles and national disgrace by modern standards, with many people losing their homes and life savings to pay expensive doctor bills. It has to be transformed into a system where people’s basic needs for good health are taken care of… but the drowning system isn’t going to be saved without a tussle. Certain factions are driven by fear and it’s ugly twin—greed.  

In previous blogs we’ve taken a close look at the sick US healthcare system and traced the symptoms to the source… moving beyond the dollar-hungry health insurance companies, beyond the dollar-hungry malpractice lawyers, beyond the dollar-hungry medical system itself… in order to determine WHY everyone involved is so dollar hungry!

We’ve looked beyond the fear-mongering bullhorns like Limbaugh and Fox News, and beyond the panicked, ignorant masses they’ve stirred into a frenzy with buzzwords like “socialism” and “death panels”… in order to determine WHY the opponents are in such an panic.

You can look at those blogs…

1)     from a down-to-earth, material perspective, or

2)     from a spiritual view.

In other blogs we’ve seen how President Barack Obama finds himself in a position to drag America, living in the past, into the 21st Century… which is bound to be accompanied by some kicking and screaming.

Anyway, the bottom line will be shown clearly in the history books:

Mr Obama is truly the hero of US healthcare. With patience, persistence, certainty, and his disarming sense of humor, he has prevailed over the tantrums of the self-interested conservatives and has begun to quell the hysteria sweeping through a large segment of the population… just to do what’s right for the people.

Bravo, Mr Obama! Onto the next phase in the modernization of America.


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