Worlds Within Worlds 08 — The Creation of Heaven and Hell

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Here are a couple of ways to think of “heaven and hell” in relation to our world, the physical Earth. In both diagrams, worlds close to the source are lighter, more perfect, and more real. Worlds further from the source are darker, rougher, and more illusory.
Above: The source and the Earth and all of the spirit-world-versions-of-Earth are superimposed over each other in the same space, and in this diagram we imagine that we can start pulling them apart in order to see each one, like an accordion file. The hellish realms are a little “out of joint,” and this article tries to explain why.
Below: Heaven and Earth (but not hell) are nested neatly inside each other like Russian nested dolls. At the center or innermost position of those nested dolls is the source (far right). Hell, on the other hand, consists of tormented worlds—flawed copies of Earth—that are rife with dark thoughts and unsavory behavior of people on Earth. The hellish realms are far removed from the source… as though they exist in Earth’s shadow and are not really part of the nested set of dolls. Again, we explore the reasons in this article.

“Heaven and hell” is a simple metaphor for the spirit realms associated with the Earth. One recent article in this series already explored the moods of the various happy realms (“heavens”) and the various troubled realms (“hells”), so this article just addresses the question of how everything came into existence in the first place.

How were all those realms in the omniverse created?

For the heavenly realms, at least, it seems pretty straightforward, as the last article tried to explain. Here’s a recap:

  • The source (a.k.a. God, Allah, Yahweh, Brahman…) is like a brilliant, eternal sun whose essence of perfect love and total knowledge radiates from the source as “the life force.”
  • The life force streams away from the source into many dimensions, slowing down in vibration as it goes, and along the way it creates and nourishes everything in the omniverse. Every universe, every world, every rock, every individual living being… everything is created and sustained by the life force.
  • Everything has a piece of the source at the center of its being… a soul.
  • An individual soul is like a portal through which life force can flow directly into every individual thing to nourish it.
  • That nourishment can be represented by a simple formula,
    R : N.
    The meaning of the formula (slightly modified for this article) is: The Vitality of every entity in the omniverse is roughly equivalent to the life force that the entity Needs, in relation to the life force that it Receives).
  • Life force streaming from the source is apparently boundless.

There it is—simple enough—how everything is created and sustained: It’s all done automatically by the bountiful life force streaming nonstop from the source.

Still, there’s one big puzzle left to solve:

If life force streaming throughout the omniverse creates and sustains everything with life and love and knowledge, what’s going on in those hellish realms where everything and everyone is dark, stunted and in some cases grotesque? Why is there so much suffering in the hellish realms?

Best guess? Something is obstructing the flow of life force into those dark realms. Entities in “hell” can’t receive (R) the life force that they need (N), so they have lost their vitality(V).

If that’s the case, then what’s causing that obstruction? Can anything be done to clear it away?

Obstructing the Life Force

Here’s a simple metaphor of what I think is going on… how the obstruction happens (referring to the diagrams above):

As life force streams through “heaven” from the source to the Earth, most of it nourishes the Earth with life and love and knowledge, but a lot of that life force is blocked by the Earth—like sunlight hitting a big building—and so a big shadow is cast. The shadow cast by obstructed life force becomes the hellish realms around the Earth.

So the next question is…

What in Hell is Going On?

Exactly what is going on in our world that blocks the life force and casts that big shadow to form the dark, hellish realms?

Here’s what I think is the answer, as I explained near the end of the previous article:

… our most ancient ancestors, the Edenites, (probably) subsisted entirely on life force, the way a few mystics in India still do today. I suspect the Edenites were busy engineering an entire ecosystem on Earth that subsisted on life force… and that was the paradise of legend. (At that point there was no “hell” around the Earth, since the Earth was nourished completely by the life force that streamed to Earth from the source.)

Then their descendants, the Titans, took over after the contentious age of dinosaurs, and they decided to change things up. They engineered a new way of life based on conflict and competition, so that entities on Earth could get their life force in a more complicated, more “earthy” way… by eating each other and by assimilating the life force of those they ate. All entities on Earth would continue to be sustained (primarily) by life force streaming from the source, but now they were also trapped in the convoluted drama of supplementing their life force by eating each other. (At that point, the cannibalistic nature of life on Earth, with all of its residual fear and suffering and aggression and malice, began to form the hellish realms around the Earth. The “natural” life force streaming from the source was being obstructed.)

Living things on Earth eventually became accustomed to that dog-eat-dog way of life and started neglecting their omnipotent connection to the source… and I suspect that was the basis of the true “fall of man”…. (and “hell” has been waxing and waning ever since… growing especially dark and brutal whenever humanity passes through a very troubled period on Earth.)

Years ago I began to differentiate between the noble and the savage aspects of human nature… similar to the concepts of good vs evil, and of light vs dark… but a little more precisely defined:

  • Heaven is created by noble life force from the source. Noble thoughts and behavior (love, honesty, good will, serving others, omniversal understanding…) are what motivate life in the realms of “heaven” (the spirit realms between Earth and the source). Noble attitudes are spread throughout the omniverse by the life force.
  • Hell is created by savage life on Earth. Savage thoughts and behavior (fear, deception, malice, craving, ignorance…) that prevail in the “hellish” realms do not originate from the life force. Instead, they are created here on Earth, largely by the conflicts between predator and prey and the endless struggle to survive and to prevail. The dark, savage thoughts and behaviors of living things on Earth spin off into the massive, shadowy spirit realms that we call “hell.” Essentially, savage thoughts and attitudes created on Earth are incompatible with the heavenly realms, and when they leave the Earth they have nowhere else to go, other than into the shadows.

So, hell has been created largely by savage attitudes that get stirred up on Earth ever since “the fall of man” and then spin off the Earth, to ebb and flow in those shadowy realms.

In short, then, it is the savage aspect of life on Earth that is incompatible with the source and obstructs the flow of life force streaming to the planet.

Can the Obstruction Be Cleared Away?

On a global scale? Probably not anytime soon. The living things on Earth are too wrapped up in killing and eating each other, contending with predators, competing, and struggling to survive. Relentless struggle, or “drama”…

  • is a way of life on Earth,
  • blocks the life force that streams to Earth from the source, and
  • feeds the shadowy spirit realms known as “hell.”

Minimizing the drama, or making the Earth a “nobler” world, would have to include a nobler way of managing or regulating the planet (the subject of an upcoming article in this series), but it’s not liable to happen before the end of this Second Epoch.

On a personal scale? The best we can do during a lifetime is to remove the obstructions in our own life by making noble choices… so that we resonate more with the heavenly realms and open ourselves up to the life force that streams to Earth.

That’s the subject of the next article in the series.

Next: Welcoming the life force



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