Worlds Within Worlds 10 — Managing Life (part 1)

It makes sense to me that regulation throughout the omniverse is a simple, elegant process that starts within and builds outward… but on Earth everything has gotten turned upside-down and convoluted. This article tries to explain how and why (and when) things got complicated on Earth… and what we can do about it.

The Natural Essence of Regulation

The life-force streaming from the central source creates and sustains everything throughout the omniverse. Our material universe would be in the physical realm at the outer edge of the omniverse. Inherent in the life-force is a self-perpetuating, self-regulating process that is generally simple and elegant, but gets messy and complicated by the time it reaches Earth. (picture adapted from Luc Viatour’s plasma lamp photo…)

As life-force streams out from the central source and fills the omniverse with life, love, and understanding, it automatically starts to regulate everything that it creates. Everything throughout the omniverse is nourished by the abundant life-force, and the life-force imbues everything with the mission to self-regulate.

So regulation is a natural process (in the larger sense of the term “natural”) that starts within (from the central source) and builds smoothly and elegantly out-beyond as it creates and sustains entities and realities throughout the ethereal, astral, and physical realms.

I suspect it’s a fluid, natural process as entities, nourished by life-force, come together in trust and good will, and collaborate on projects that they resonate with… projects that promote the “master plan” of the source, which is apparently to keep spreading and enhancing life, love, and understanding everywhere.

Since the omniverse consists of worlds within worlds within worlds, regulation has a hierarchical appearance, starting at the innermost level (the central source) and building out-beyond into innumerable ethereal and astral universes, and finally to material universes like ours in the physical realm.

Hierarchies. From the perspective of the central source, omniversal regulation starts at the source and is then organized and executed by ethereal entities, broken down into tasks for astral entities, and broken down further to be implemented by physical entities. That, I’m sure, is an over-simplification of how things really work throughout the vast omniverse, but I suspect it’s close to the truth… like saying there are two types of living things on Earth: plants and animals. Simplistic, but true enough to get the general picture.

It stands to reason, then, that there are innumerable projects underway all the time throughout the omniverse, and any particular project might involve…

  1. the source alone (sending out the life-force, creating and sustaining entire universes, and monitoring life as it spreads and evolves throughout the omniverse),
  2. the source and ethereal entities (creating and managing worlds, shaping realms, and monitoring life throughout the astral universes),
  3. the source, ethereal entities, and astral entities (exploring the possibilities and limitations of structured life, monitoring life in the physical universes), and
  4. the source, ethereal entities, astral entities, and physical entities (spreading life, love, and understanding out-beyond to the far reaches of the omniverse).

That (I suspect) is the crux of regulation everywhere. It’s a simple and elegant process that is inherent in the life-force.

Spiritual hierarchies associated with Earth. From our perspective here on Earth, there are vast, powerful, spiritual hierarchies associated with our planet… ethereal beings working with astral beings to stream life-force into our world. The life-force does its best to spread peace and order in human affairs against incredible odds (which we’ll explore in a moment).

Our INIT association was working with one such spirit-world hierarchy that includes Timestream spirit group (hundreds of deceased humans who have gathered in a paradise world at level 3 of the astral realm with the aim of opening high-tech communications with Earth) and The Seven ethereal beings (who apparently reside in an ethereal realm, level 5 or 6, but can descend to levels 4 and 3 in order to facilitate and protect INIT’s fragile communication bridge with Timestream). There are various other entities involved in that hierarchy as well, including advanced nature spiritsdolphin-like entities living in watery astral worlds, and others(Read more about the 7 levels of the spirit realm… )

(Note: INIT’s fragile ITC bridge succumbed to savage forces around the year 2000, so communications were suspended indefinitely. Reestablishing that bridge, or forging other bridges like it, will most likely happen when we humans can figure out a way to manage our end of the bridge in a nobler way and to protect ourselves against savage, other-worldly influences. As this article explains, that is not an easy task.)

There are also dedicated spiritual hierarchies that involve thousands of our fellow human beings here on Earth, who work quietly for the betterment of the planet. These individuals, living all around the Earth, are committed to rising above worldly dramas in order to promote life, love, and understanding here on this noble-savage Earth. They all do this by meditating—forging a conscious connection with the source (bridging the brain and the soul) in order to stream a massive, unending flow of life-force into our world. They sometimes meditate alone, sometimes in global networks, but in either case they’re working with many spiritual entities. As the life-force streams into our world through their efforts, it brings along its powerful, self-regulating momentum, building peace and order in human affairs… all done quietly, behind the scenes. To me, these meditative spiritual-human hierarchies are among the most important and most natural regulating force undertaken by humans on Earth, even though few people outside these dedicated hierarchies are aware it. It’s almost like a worldwide secret society committed entirely to doing noble, anonymous service.

Every time-proven religion is also an earth-based, spiritual hierarchy that brings life-force into our world through the prayers, contemplation, love, and good will of its followers. The overall purity and nobility of any religion depends on the collective efforts of its members. That is, how effectively their love washes away fear… their commitment to peace preempts conflict… their good-will eliminates malice… their honesty overcomes deception and suspicion, and so on. Religions depend on their followers’ acknowledgment of the source (God, Allah, Brahman, Yahweh…) and its life-force (Holy Spirit, prana, chi, Shakti…). Religion has built-in obstacles to the flow of life-force into our world, however. As a spiritual hierarchy, it involves millions of followers who are embroiled in Earth’s day-to-day dramas that prevent many of them from forging a close connection to the source. Even so, religion plays a vital role. While everyone on Earth is subject to suffering caused by worldly dramas, religious followers can protect themselves to a greater or lesser degree, depending largely on their level of devotion. Also, more stable religions typically include a core of committed practitioners (monks, priests, nuns…) whose life purpose includes rising above Earth’s dramas to become open channels for the life-force.

Regulation on Earth

Those spiritual hierarchies are, to me, the most important regulating force on Earth, all helping to spread life, love, understanding, peace, and order throughout the world. Natural, noble regulation, starting from within at the source, or soul, and spreading out-beyond into our world through the minds of aware individuals.

However, Earth is a noble-savage world, so while those spiritual hierarchies blanket the globe like a noble net of light, they overlap with countless non-spiritual, regulating hierarchies that are darker and more savage… not necessarily by choice. Life on Earth has to be regulated to some degree by noble-savage hierarchies because Earth has become a noble-savage world.

It wasn’t always that way. Here’s a brief look at how, why, and when life on Earth took a noble-savage turn (as best I can determine, based on ITC contacts):

“Fall of man” scenario. As explained in a previous article, there was apparently some kind of big shift on Earth some 250 million years ago, with the emergence of dinosaurs (“the serpent”) after the last ice age… when life on Earth took a savage (“evil”) turn. Apparently humans were already on Earth at the time; colonists from Eden (Marduk) had been marooned on Earth, presumably after the destruction of their home planet, probably some 4 billion years ago.

Before the last ice age, life on Earth had been peaceful and idyllic, probably because physical life on Earth was sustained in the simple, elegant way: Each living thing on Earth was nourished entirely by life-force that was streaming into our world from the central source. Life on Earth was much different in those early eons:

  • Humans didn’t have to kill and eat other living things to assimilate the life-force of the things they ate.
  • Humans weren’t caught up in the sex drama because there was no biological reproduction.

Instead, physical beings (humans, animals, plants) were all forged from spiritual templates of living entities in the astral realms, and lifespans were probably measured in centuries, maybe millennia, or maybe eons.

Then, after our ancestors’ chaotic contention with the dinosaurs, they made a dubious decision. Descendants of the last Edenite colonists, the Titans, embarked on a project to re-engineer life on Earth, to see if physical living things could achieve some kind of balance in a global ecosystem…

  • By reproducing,
  • By killing and eating each other, and
  • By adapting to short lifespans in a cycle of birth, death, and rebirth (reincarnation).

That scenario, I believe, is why ancient scriptures tell of giants who once walked the Earth… of sons of God and sons of men who chose human women with whom to reproduce.

It’s also the source of ancient myths, for example:

  • (Dionysus-Zagreus) Gods were killed and eaten by demigods, presumably to enhance their life-force.
  • (Prometheus) Demigods were punished by other demigods for sharing fire (and presumably other knowledge) with the new, little, noble-savage humans.

Typical Ica stone and Acámbaro figurine.

The noble-savage scenario is also why ancient Ica stones and Acámbaro figurines dug up recently in Peru and Mexico (respectively) depict humans fighting dinosaurs, as well as frustrated homosexuals chasing each other. The project to engineer sexual humans apparently started with the male version (the so-called “Adam”) and only later was the female version (the “Eve”) created. It was an ugly time for mankind—the birth of the noble savage on Earth. It was the true “fall of man,” and it happened in that ancient, megalithic, worldwide civilization that we sometimes call Atlantis, Lemuria, or Mu. It was the First Epoch of noble-savage life on Earth, and today we’re in the closing years of the Second Epoch of the noble savage, which started in Babylon.

(As mentioned earlier, that mind-boggling scenario was pieced together from what I regard as a few basic truths delivered to INIT members through ITC contacts, then I supplemented those truths with information from science, religion, and myth.)

The entire, complicated scenario—the “fall of man” leading to a noble-savage way of life on Earth—helps to explain how and why regulation on Earth has been turned upside-down and become complicated.

The complicated nature of regulation on Earth is evidenced by the many different names for the same process, each with its own nuance:

  • Rule – control, direct, and dominate
  • Direct – manage by advice and instruction
  • Guide – assist and direct along a course
  • Govern – rule over by right of authority
  • Control – dominate and command
  • Manage – succeed in accomplishing something, maybe by overcoming obstacles
  • Oversee – observe and supervise, sometimes secretly, from a higher position
  • Regulate – adjust behavior to conform to rules, standards, principles…
  • Facilitate – make a process easier by assisting progress through the process
  • Supervise – observe and shape with oversight and direction
  • Administer – manage by authority
  • Systematize – arrange and shape according to a system or plan

Related terms: organize, standardize, help, simplify, rationalize, institute, contrive, order, devise, design, dictate, plan, marshal, inspect, shepherd, chaperone, baby-sit….

As we reflect on those words and their nuances, we begin to see the complicated way noble-savage life on Earth has to be regulated. It’s no longer a noble process of letting life-force stream into our world with its self-regulating momentum, spreading life, love, understanding, peace, and order. Now it becomes a process of promoting noble behavior (which is motivated by love, trust, good will…) while contending with the problems stirred up by our savage behavior (which is motivated by fear, insecurity, predatory impulses…). That’s explained in greater depth in a moment.

The rest of this article, then, examines briefly:

  • How our world is influenced in a noble way (by the life-force streaming from the source),
  • How savage forces influence the world, and
  • How noble-savage Earth could be regulated in the noblest way under these difficult conditions.

Noble Influences of the Life-Force

As the life-force streams to Earth to nourish the planet and all of its inhabitants, it imbues living things with patterns of love and order, urging and inspiring them to help manifest those patterns here in our world. These self-regulating patterns carried by the life-force are the impetus for all of the great works in our world when channeled through receptive minds of talented souls:

  • They carry the blueprints of mighty civilizations,
  • They become the most beautiful works of art and architecture,
  • They inspire the most soul-stirring music,
  • They fuel the greatest scientific and technological advances,
  • They pull compatible people together, like gravity, to collaborate in love, trust, and good will….

In short, the life-force compels humans to build and to sustain noble social systems that promote and protect the happiness and well-being of all life on Earth.

Savage Influences from the Shadows

Much of the life-force coming to Earth is repelled or deflected by the contentious, dog-eat-dog way of life in our world. The effect is like sunlight being deflected off a building and casting a shadow. The shadowy spirit realm, then, traps the fear, craving, and malice spinning off the Earth, and cycles it back into our world.

Some of the life-force streaming from the source gets repelled by the unruly nature of our planet, like sunlight deflected off a building, and a shadow gets cast in which dark, nonphysical realms (“hells”) receive little of the vital life-force. So life in those shadowy spirit realms becomes a struggle. Love, good will, and trust turn to fear, doubt and malice. Understanding gives way to confusion… and all of that negativity feeds back into our world from the shadows.

As a result, life on Earth has been corrupted to a large degree into a system of competition and conflict in which fear, craving, predation, and confusion are in perpetual contention with life, love, good-will, and understanding.

Optimizing Regulation on Earth

So let’s try to figure out some good ways to manage life on Earth under these challenging conditions. First of all, a couple of fundamentals:

  • Life-force from the source is limitless, so that every entity, every world, and every universe in the infinite omniverse can receive all the life-force it needs to nourish itself and to fulfill its purpose. By contrast, Earth’s dog-eat-dog personality compels all living things (including humans and their social systems) to compete with each other for life-force assimilated from the things they eat (or from the resources they consume), so life-force becomes a limited commodity in a finite world.
  • Money is humanity’s artificial, noble-savage version of life-force. Wealth represents the value of products, resources, and services, and we try to “nourish” human lives and social systems on Earth with money the way the life-force nourishes entities, worlds, and universes throughout the omniverse. The money concept doesn’t work very well because the entire noble-savage project doesn’t work very well. Money is artificial, just as the noble-savage character of life on Earth (each living thing having to kill and consume other living things to assimilate their life force) is artificial. Many of us humans care more about money than life-force because we’re immersed in the dramas of noble-savage living. We’ve forgotten about our connection to the source.

So, those are some of the main facts we have to contend with as we come up with a sensible way to regulate our lives, our social systems, and our world.


Hm, this article is getting kind of long, so I’m going to publish what we have so far. The next article will lay out some of the things we could do—both personally and at every level of those countless, noble-savage regulating hierarchies all around the globe—to try to maximize the noble and to minimize the savage in human affairs.


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2 Responses to Worlds Within Worlds 10 — Managing Life (part 1)

  1. John Day says:

    The problem of greed and the struggle for power and control have created immense problems for Earth.
    Chaos has some kind of pattern to it, but it is usually below our ability to see its details of eventual order.
    The caterpillar enters its cocoon stage of its life and it then changes into a goo. The same cells that were the caterpillar become the cells of the butterfly, but have to transition first through this cocooned mush.
    How does a butterfly evolve out of that amorphous goo?
    Through such a chaos process a higher order is formed.
    Are we going to need some chaos to get to a higher order?

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