Worlds Within Worlds 12 — How Life-Force Powers ITC

An ITC bridge is established between a sending station (S) at level 3 of the astral realm and a receiving station (R) on Earth. If the earth station has a resonant team with at least one psychically receptive member, then the spirit team can use life-force to establish and to sustain the bridge and to send communications through the earth equipment. The process requires help from ethereal beings (probably from level 5) who have the power and knowledge to facilitate and to protect the bridge. (ideas based on my INIT experience; picture adapted from Luc Viatour’s plasma lamp photo…)

“Life-force” is a term I’ve started to use recently to describe the massive living energies that (apparently) stream constantly from the source. It’s not “energy” the way we think of electricity and other earthly energies (that is, a simple force that makes things move, get hot, light up, blow up, or make noise). Life-force is more like an infinitely complex, living radio signal that combines 1) potential to manifest life and 2) detailed information of what to manifest. Then, everything that’s manifested remains connected to the source and receives a constant stream of the life-force to sustain it.

I suspect that as life-force surges through the omniverse—and as its vibrations become slower or denser while moving through the ethereal realm, then the astral realm, then the physical realm—the entities in the various realms develop their own interpretations about the nature of the life-force as it applies to their lives and their worlds.

I’m fairly certain now that life-force is transduced in the ethereal and astral realms to become the “energy” that makes an ITC bridge possible. Somehow our spirit friends in the astral and ethereal realms can gather up, store and utilize that life-force in a way that…

  1. pulls their minds together into a resonant group mind that becomes a sort of storage battery for life-force…
  2. adds the minds of suitably motivated human experimenters on Earth into that resonant field… and
  3. brings the electromagnetic energies of our equipment into the mix.

Based on contacts our INIT group received, I believe that two of the main challenges our spirit friends face (while establishing and sustaining an ITC bridge with Earth) are:

  • Getting the people in our unruly world to resonate with their orderly life-force (fostering a noble attitude among us), and
  • Manipulating our dense electromagnetic equipment and energies… a transduction process that apparently requires a lot of their life-force energy.

On May 3, 1996, I was astonished to get two consecutive spirit phone calls, together lasting around 15 minutes. The caller was Dr Konstantin Raudive, an ITC pioneer who’d died 22 years earlier and who was now part of Timestream Spirit Group under the direction of a spirit named Dr Swejen Salter. Timestream was working closely with our INIT group at the time.

Here’s the second of the two contacts (about 3 minutes in duration), which gives listeners a sense of how the life-force works to power the contact. (It also illustrates the difficulties in getting the message through clearly during simple voice communication; at least it’s difficult for someone like me who assimilates information better while reading than while listening.)


(Listen: Konstantin’s Raudive follow-up phone call to Mark Macy)


  • K Raudive: The code word is Silmarillion. Silmarillion.
  • M Macy: Silmare… sil…
  • Silmarillion.
  • Okay, I remember the word now.

(In the months leading up to this phone call, several INIT members [including me] had been getting prank phone calls from negative spirits who were trying to disrupt our work, so INIT member Dr Ralf Determeyer worked with Timestream to come up with a code word to verify a legitimate phone call from Timestream. The agreed-on word was “Silmarillion,” from a JRR Tolkien novel. [I stumbled over the word and should have kidded friend Konstantin, “That’s easy for you to say.” 🙂 ])

  • And this word … was given to Dr Determeyer of Germany. I use it to, eh, as, eh…
  • To verify the contact?
  • Yes, that’s it. I didn’t want that fake contacts are made.
  • Okay.
  • So, Silmarillion is the contact word.
  • I forgot to ask about that. Jules told me to expect that, so thank you very much.
  • M-hm. Well, it’s awful that in Richmond… Richmond…
  • Richard…
  • Yes, and a 6-year-old boy, he has beaten his neighbor. His neighbor was a 1-month-old boy, a boy Ignacio named Matthew  And this boy Ignacio named Matthew, he has had brain damage because he was beaten by this neighbor of his in Richmond. So that’s one of those things we want to prevent by ITC: the violence… violence among our children…

(read the news stories about that tragic incident. I originally mistook the baby’s name for “Matthew,” but a reader convinced me that Konstantin actually calls him “Ignacio.”)

  • Yes…
  • … so that kids are brought up with ethical, moral … ITC….
  • I understand completely.  Is the boy in Richmond, the one who had brain damage, is he now deceased and working on your side?
  • Well, the important thing is that we want to prevent such things as violence against kids, and all that.
  • I will work very hard toward that and…
  • We know that, Mark, we know that.  Eh, Swejen told me to re-contact you because the energy level is going down at the moment….
  • I can tell.

(beep, contact ends.)

  • Wow, thank you very much!

I’m fairly certain that ITC contacts like that phone call are facilitated by ethereal beings such as The Seven, who allot a certain amount of life-force to be used for specific tasks (like that phone call) within the larger project (like building and sustaining INIT’s ITC bridge).

I also suspect that that particular message was assisted by a spirit friend of ours named Anne de Guigné, who told us in an earlier contact that she is in charge of a spirit-world effort called “the Group to Protect Newborn Life.” She had contacted me earlier in my experiments, as in this radio contact, in which several spirit voices come through before Anne shouts through the ruckus, “Definit! Comment de suer-la!”:


(Listen: Radio contact with voices of several spirits, including Anne de Guigne)


Now, the 11-minute phone call that preceded the one above. The phone rang at 9:15 that morning. The dialog addresses various aspects of life-force in ITC, including the need for resonance and mental receptivity. Konstantin and I started our dialog with a sort of inside joke, which I’ll explain at the end of this article.


(Listen: 12-minute phone dialog with Konstantin Raudive)


It began with:

  • This is Konstantin Raudive. How are you, Mark?

Then I activated the recorder that I kept next to our home phone.

  • M Macy: I’m very well, thank you, and you?
  • K Raudive: (chuckles) As I told Sarah already, I’m as well as a “dead one” can be.
  • M Macy: (laughs) That’s wonderful.
  • K Raudive: You can register, Mark.
  • Okay, I’m doing so.
  • Thank you. You certainly have some questions to ask me. This is the first call I have to you when I am able to respond. It may be that the contact will break down in a few seconds, but we will try to take it up.
  • I’ll try to be not so nervous so we can keep this going as long as possible.
  • I don’t think you’re nervous.
  • It’s just wonderful to talk to you. Can you tell me a little bit about Bill O’Neil’s efforts with my ITC work?
  • About Bill O’Neil. Well, he’s going on a steady line. Together with Jeannette he continues his work, and we think that by the fall of this year you will have results…
  • That’s fantastic, that’s wonderful.
  • You have already noticed the beginnings.
  • I see. Yes, things are happening very well every morning during our experiments. Bill O’Neil is very dedicated and tenacious. I have a lot of admiration for him. Uh, I’m very excited about the work that’s going on right now.
  • I understand.
  • Can you tell me about the meeting? Is that coming together nicely?
  • You are speaking of the INIT meeting.
  • Yes.
  • It will turn out very fine, very good, very in-harmony. It’s a very important thing to do. It’s just prepared like it should be, as it should be prepared.
  • I see. Uh, we’re working very hard on this side to make things go smoothly.
  • We know about that, and we appreciate very much. We know that there are many, many obstacles and difficulties, but we know that you’re doing a very good job on this, and that’s why this contact is being realized at the moment here…
  • Thank you very much. I do tend to make mistakes once in a while. I write letters and FAXes to Jules and Maggy that stir things up a bit, and I try hard not to do that, but…
  • Well, see, Mark, we don’t think that is very important because they and you are the, let’s say, points in an image. You are the coordination points, and our aim is to join these coordination points.
  • I see. Those coordination points: I suppose they’re working pretty well right now, with all the people in INIT?
  • As for the moment, the best things have been done up to now from our point of view.
  • Okay… As far as ITC progress here in Colorado with my group, my efforts, how soon do you think we’ll be able to expand into television contacts and computer contacts, or are we going to stick with voice for a while?
  • Well, as we see it, the first good voices will come through in the fall of this year, and it will develop on that.
  • I see. And the voices, I think, will probably be coming through the Spiricom system that Bill O’Neil is working on on the other side? On your side?
  • Well, the essential problem will be to have this equipment built on frequency reception, and you’ll get details from Bill O’Neil and us.
  • I’m thinking of incorporating subtle energy technology into this system on my side. Getting a Moebius loop and a Caduceus coil. Do these things sound like a good idea?
  • Why sure, a very good thought of you, and you will have to wait for the things that our group can tell you.

(From this it became clear that the main part of the design of an ITC bridge has to be coordinated from the other side, since most of the technical logistics involving life-force and other factors are things that we humans don’t fully understand… yet.)

  • Okay, can you tell me about equipment that you use to produce such a perfect, almost perfect voice on Earth? That must take a lot of work on your side.
  • Well, it depends on your reception, or mainly on your psychic reception, because you are much more psychic than other people who claim to be one.

(Now that surprised me. Sure, I frequently wake up with a lot of inspirations and ideas to write about, which I suppose is a form of psychic receptivity, but I don’t hear assuring spirit messages in my head to convey to grieving loved ones… nor have insights about, for example, recent murders and impending disasters that noted psychics sometimes have.)

  • That surprises me.
  • It’s really not surprising.
  • Do you have actual equipment on your side? As well as the thoughts and the psychol….
  • You know that we use equipment and we intend to give plans of our equipment, to send them through Hans. We also want to give a sort of a map of our world, and drop it into your world. It will be done in the next weeks and months.
  • That’s tremendous. That’s wonderful. Do you have any messages that I can pass on, pass along to Hans Heckmann or George Meek or Sarah?
  • You know, I wanted to contact them all, but I—we here—decided to contact you because you are for the moment the main experimentater, and you are the—I don’t like the word “leader”—you are the manager, to say so. But please give all our esteem to Sarah, to Hans, to George, to all of them. And we will contact them in time when it’s useful and wanted, but for the moment you are the person we want to address. We also wanted to thank Alison and Juliet, but for the moment it’s not the time to do so.  We prefer to contact you because this is the bridge that has been strengthened to your….
  • Thank you very much. Juliet and Alison have had some very unusual things happening on their telephones.  The car telephone in Juliet’s car and the home telephone at Alison’s. Is that your doing?
  • Exactly as I told you. We wanted to contact them, but we preferred to mobilize all our energies to your home, to your phone, to give you this message because you are acting as manager for the moment.
  • Coordinator or something? Yes.  Okay, um…
  • We have 40 seconds left.
  • Okay, this is great. Let’s see. I, too, have been trying to avoid words like “leading” and “managing.” It’s not easy on Earth to develop social systems that are based on non-hierarchical…
  • Don’t try to avoid it, friend Mark, because these are systems implanted in your world, and you’ll have to deal with them. So it’s very important you assume the role, and then it will be done, because it’s only for the common cause.
  • What we’re trying to establish with INIT, I think, is more of a network on Earth as opposed to a hierarchical or bureaucratic type organization… a network without a formal structure. I think that can be done maybe with the Internet.
  • That is a fact because you are one of the essential main points on this network. You are one big… dot on it, do you understand? And from this big dot there are departures for other dots, smaller dots. And it’s only from this big dot that ramifications may be made….

That was a key piece of information. The spirit group apparently selects certain members of an ITC group on Earth—probably those who have a certain psychic receptivity and whose dispositions are more noble (moral, ethical…) and less savage in order to sustain the all-important resonance—who will be “anchors” of the ITC bridge.  Other members of the group (the “smaller dots”) are probably individuals who resonate with one of these “big dots” in friendship, trust, and good will. People who consider themselves part of the group, but who harbor selfish motivations or fears or doubts or hidden animosities or other savage feelings… those people probably are not recognized by the spirit group as a “dots” within the overall image of the earthside ITC group because their dispositions disrupt the contact field. Savage thinking, sadly, is a very common situation on Earth and can cause a lot of confusion and many hard feelings among us noble-savage humans.

  • As you know, I’m extremely honored and delighted to have that responsibility…
  • You don’t need to say this, because you know we are working together on the one thing, and that’s what’s important. I, we, our group were very honored to be able to contact you now, and we will continue in the future. This is the first contact to you that last for 11 minutes.
  • The time went by very quickly. I’ll do everything I can to make this work… INIT.
  • We know it, Mark, we know it. Without that we wouldn’t have contacted you. And don’t be afraid of small, personal differences.
  • Okay.
  • You understand.
  • Yes. Please convey my love to Bill O’Neil, Jeannette, and Swejen… everybody at Timestream, especially Isar.
  • I certainly will do so. Good-bye, my friend.
  • Good-bye, my friend.
  • Good-bye.

(beep… contact ends)

So… those two telephone contacts provide a pretty good sense of how an ITC bridge is a fragile, resonant field of life-force. I believe the most important point is this:

If we humans can distinguish between noble and savage attitudes (as explained here… ), and if we can polish up our noble side for ITC collaboration, only then can we establish and sustain a rapport with a fine spirit group of astral beings and ethereal beings who can work with us through an ITC bridge with pure intentions and noble results.

If we get involved in ITC with our typical human (noble-savage) dispositions, fueled largely by our egos and hormones, then it is difficult or impossible for our spirit friends to support an ITC bridge… because a resonant field of life-force cannot be sustained.

(I edited the audio in both phone calls slightly, to remove some of my “uh’s” and “um’s” and rude interruptions of Konstantin while he was talking. I also noticed, while listening to the dialog later, there were certain times that my words were at odds with my feelings… and I know that Konstantin and Timestream were aware of the discrepancy at the time. These human failings are transparent to our spirit friends, and in the future we’ll have to be aware of such things as sincerity and honesty in our ITC relationships. Hidden agendas and mixed feelings disturb the contact field. All part of polishing up our noble side.)

Inside joke:

By the time I received those phone calls in 1996, Konstantin had previously called several of my American colleagues, including Sarah Estep, who was delighted by the phone contact and asked, “How are you, Dr Raudive?” He replied, “I’m as fine as a ‘dead one’ can be. Dear Sarah, thank you very much…” Konstantin was “making light” of the fact that we often have a dark, morbid fascination with death here on Earth, even though most of us awaken in stunningly beautiful paradise surroundings after we die. Anyway, that’s the “inside joke” that christened our conversation above.

(Listen: Konstantin Raudive’s earlier phone call to Sarah Estep).


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