Worlds Within Worlds 13 — Portals

When we founded the INIT association in 1995, we got spirit communications and apports (materialized objects) that seemed miraculous to me at the time. What made those “phenomena” possible, I believe, are portals that sometimes open up to our world from lighter realms.

The term portal is related to contact field and ITC bridge, but is broader in scope.

What Is a Portal?

As I understand it, a portal between two dimensions is a channel for the flow of “living information” (that is, the essence of the life-force). Portals are opened when collaboration is desired between two dimensions for a particular project. One end of a portal is closer to the source (lighter), and the other end is further from the source (darker). As a rule, the information at the lighter end of a portal is purer and more reliable. Portals closest to the source (in ethereal realms) are the most stable and durable, while portals furthest from the source (near the physical realms) are the most erratic and fragile. A portal is made stable and durable mainly by resonance or harmony among minds involved in a project from both sides.

Apparently a portal is created when interdimensional collaboration is required for a particular project, such as an ITC bridge. It requires a field of resonant life-force among minds of living entities on both sides of the portal. Once the resonant field is established among the minds of compatible entities on both sides, a portal can open up, and information can flow in both directions.

Principles of portals

It stands to reason that:

  1. the information flowing from the lighter end of the portal (originating closer to the source) is usually purer and more reliable than information flowing from the darker end,
  2. portals closer to the source are more stable and durable than portals further from the source, and
  3. portals can only be created away from the source; that is, entities at one level can build a portal only to “lower” or darker levels, not to “higher” or lighter levels closer to the source.

Portals on Earth are difficult

If those three principles are true (as I believe they are), then:

  • A stable ITC bridge on physical Earth can only be created in an astral world before it is joined to our world. Then, as we build our end of the bridge, we have to accept advice from our spirit friends, who do most of the work and most of the planning as they establish and sustain the portal.
  • To build a portal from Earth, we could only build it into shadow realms and dark realms (away from the source)—which are even more dissonant than our world. So portals developed on Earth are difficult to sustain, as explained in the next paragraph.

Portals involving Earth are unstable because of the savage aspects of the planet… what our spirit friends have called a prickly or dissonant “vibrational fabric” of our world. That, I believe, is why the exceptional portals in the 1990s associated with INIT (and probably with the Scole group as well) failed after just a few years.

When a portal is successfully created and sustained between Earth and finer realms, the “information” arriving in our world might be delivered:

  • mentally… such as brilliant insights, inspirational images, and soul-stirring melodies planted in minds of receptive scientists, artists, and musicians (whom we call “geniuses”), especially during a particular era in a particular location (in 1700-1900 Europe, for example)… or
  • spiritually… such has healing energies channeled through a team of practitioners into their patients (in Brazil’s Spiritist healing centers, for example)… or
  • materially… such as a coin dropped into our world as an apport or (I suspect) the creation of a megalithic structure on Earth, like a massive pyramid, forged from a template that already exists in an astral world… or
  • instrumentally… such as the spirit phone calls heard in the previous article.

The scope and magnitude of the information delivered (whether a coin or a great pyramid) is probably determined by the strength and purity of the life-force in the minds of entities at both ends of the portal.

2,000,000,000 years ago the invincible Edenites, who had long been marooned on Earth, apparently possessed the mental strength to transduce life-force through portals in a way that could create and sustain the entire living ecosystem in our world.

2,000,000 years ago their descendants, the mighty Titans, had the mental strength to create megalithic architecture (again, apparently with life-force through portals).

Today, as dissension and discord have become an intractable part of our short lifespans on Earth, it’s hard to sustain a stable portal between Earth and the spirit worlds… but significant portals do open up on various occasions under the right conditions.

Developing INIT’s Portal

One significant, high-tech communication portal opened up on Earth in the closing years of the 20th Century, allowing spirits and ethereal beings to give us world-changing information. They called us on the phone, chatted through radios, sent pictures through our TVs, and delivered long letters through our computers and FAX machines. These spirit communications reached an apex with the formation of INIT (the International Network for Instrumental Transcommunication) in 1995.

The finer spirits associated with INIT were trying to give us (humanity) some key puzzle pieces about our ancient heritage, our spiritual roots, and the prerequisites for interdimensional collaboration. They certainly got our (INIT’s) attention.

This is how (and why) I think the INIT portal opened up:

[Seeds for the INIT portal had already been planted long ago, at the end of the First Epoch (Atlantis) during a mysterious meeting of priests in the Sothis Temple along the banks of the Euphrates River, where Babylon would emerge some 10,000 years later to start the Second Epoch(Read that fantastic story… )]

  • Late in the Second Epoch, around 1980, ethereal beings such as The Seven, who’d been quietly monitoring and supporting humanity’s struggle down through the ages, decided to become more direct and “hands-on” by contacting us directly through modern communication devices. They started to work closely with certain psychically receptive people around the world, including Bill O’Neil (US), Hans-Otto Koenig (DE), Marcello Bacci (IT), Klaus Schreiber (DE), and Maggy and Jules Harsch-Fischbach (LU). These efforts probably involved small portals powered by the minds of the individual researchers and their spirit friends, supported by ethereal beings.
  • An especially competent spirit group calling themselves “Timestream” came together around the Harsch-Fischbach couple in Luxembourg. The Timestream portal was established and protected by The Seven ethereal beings, and it was the first step toward what the ethereal beings would soon be calling “Project Sothis.”

Audioclip #1

“In the course of bygone decades, of thousands of earthly years, beings interested in human species meet to decide on the continuation of The Project.” — One of The Seven speaking in 1996 through the telephone answering device of Maggy Fischbach (excerpt).

Maggy and Jules with one of the seven “guardian angels” who watched over and protected their work.

  • Then the ethereal beings decided that more meaningful and productive portals would require the combined mental energies of many researchers working together with one mind. They urged the Harsch-Fischbach couple to form such a resonant network as they (the ethereals) strengthened and refined the portal between the couple and spirit group Timestream. Before long the voices, images, and text that the couple were receiving from Timestream through their phones, radios, TVs, and computers seemed absolutely incredible to a rational human mind.
  • The Harsch-Fischbach couple, despite their full lives (she as a schoolteacher, he as a public servant), hosted evening meetings at their home, published their results in a journal called CETL Infonews, attended conferences to share their research, and invited collaboration with other researchers. Despite some successful early collaborations (such as with Hildegard SchaeferJochem FornoffTheo LocherErnst Senkowski, and George Meek), many people’s doubts, fears, envy, and self-determination made collaboration “with one mind” difficult.
  • In 1990 the couple began collaborating with Friedrich Malkhoff and Adolf Homesof Germany, and soon there were two portals working together, one between the Harsch-Fischbachs and Timestream, the other between Homes-Malkhoff and a spirit group calling itself Centrale, which included Homes’s late mother and Malkhoff’s late father. Timestream’s portal continued to flourish with mind-boggling contacts, and Centrale’s portal became increasingly stable and prolific. There were cross-contacts in which the same or related information was sent to two or three of the researchers at the same time.
  • Adolf Homes parted ways with the Harsch-Fischbach couple in order to work more closely with physicist Ernst Senkowski, and a third portal (Kleeblatt, or Cloverleaf) opened up for Friedrich Malkhoff, who continued his close friendship and collaboration with the Harsch-Fischbachs. I suspect it was apparent to the spirit groups that collaboration on Earth was going to be a challenge, but they continued to urge the Harsch-Fischbach couple and Mr Malkhoff never to give up the goal of enlarging their resonant circle of researchers.
  • I met the Harsch-Fischbach couple in 1992, thanks to my collaboration with George Meek and his close friend and colleague German-American Hans Heckmann. When Hans and I flew to Luxembourg for a short meeting with the couple, Hans agreed to translate their research results into English, and I agreed to publish the translations here in the States.

Audioclip #2

“We, the Seven of the Rainbow People, have decided to help and support the way chosen by you in INIT. It is the way of morals, which means to understand, to acknowledge, to devise, and to act.” — One of The Seven speaking in 1996 through the telephone answering device of Maggy Fischbach (excerpt).

Recipients of the Eleanor Roosevelt Award in 1994: Robert Muller (Asst Secretary-General of the UN), Juliet Hollister (founder of the Temple of Understanding), and the Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso (Buddhist spiritual leader).

  • Around the same time, I developed a friendship with an amazing woman in Greenwich, CT—Juliet Hollister—who was fond of George Meek’s work, and she offered to help to manifest the international research team envisioned by the Harsch-Fischbach couple.
  • So in 1994 I traveled again to Luxembourg, this time in the pleasant company of Juliet Hollister and her close friend Alison van Dyk… and the two generous Connecticut women agreed to find the necessary funding for the project. INIT was conceived that weekend. We would have annual, expense-paid meetings in different countries (starting in England in 1995) and I’d start publishing a journal about our research (in English, here in the USA) three times a year.
  • Timestream spirit group and The Seven ethereals, who facilitated and protected the portal, provided the Harsch-Fischbach couple with a list of names of a dozen men and women who together possessed some of the psychic skills, noble dispositions, and afterlife interest to sustain a series of portals that would open up for our group in different parts of the world in the coming months and years.
  • The spirit group viewed the members of our new organization as “dots in an image.” There were a few “big dots,” and the other members were “smaller dots… and only from those big dots could ramifications (branches) be made.” In other words, they wanted our network on Earth to evolve as several main members in different parts of the world, all united in friendship and trust, and those main members would each gather around them a sort of sub-network of associates, also united in friendship, trust, and good-will. Each of those sub-networks would be developed into a resonant portal. The big dots, I believe, included Maggy and Jules Harsch-Fischbach (LU), me (Mark Macy, US), Sonia Rinaldi (BR), and Fritz Malkhoff (DE).
  • The Seven planned to open seven significant portals within our organization in different parts of the world, each with its own spirit group. All of the INIT members and all of the spirit groups would remain in close, compatible collaboration. The spirits told Maggy that an ethereal being called Isar was assigned to support and protect my group here in the States.
  • After INIT’s founding meeting in 1995, the spirit group left it up to us to decide whom to invite into the group as new members… and soon members’ motivations and dispositions began to bristle with each other. Our spirit friends reminded us frequently of the importance of resonance and of “laying our cards on the table”… of being honest and sincere with each other and working out our differences. Without harmony, they warned, the portal (contact field) would become unstable.
  • As INIT members struggled with typical human doubts, fears, and animosities, shadow spirits and dark spirits were able to break into the portal to further destabilize our minds and our group with troubling messages.

Audioclip #3

“This is Konstantin Raudive. This is Konstantin Raudive. This is Konstantin Raudiveh-eh-eh.” — a negative spirit impostor called Afra contacting me by phone in 1996 to destabilize our portal and our work by trying to make me afraid if ITC.

  • So as the portal floundered, and as various negative spirits from the shadow realms tried to stir up INIT members’ insecurities over honesty, trust and, of course, money, our spirit friends at level 3 and The Seven ethereal beings continued to encourage and support us with “love and friendship true, the best qualities of mankind.”

Audioclip #4

“This is the seventh time that we accompany and guide you on your progress towards a free, wealthy, and sane future in which humanity would have stripped off the chains of intolerance and cruelty, a future in which it will be able to establish fruitful and durable relationship with the light, ethereal realms of existence. You are in the right way. You are a small number, but much depends on you and on your decisions those days (referring to our upcoming INIT meeting in Tarrytown NY). We trust in you.” — One of The Seven speaking in 1996 through the telephone answering device of Maggy Fischbach (excerpt).

In the end, INIT did not succeed in establishing the seven stable portals among worldwide members all resonating with love, trust, and good-will. Nor did any of us “fall into the pit” of darkness and malice.

Instead, we all did the “human” thing: We went our separate ways to pursue ITC and spiritual growth as best we could within our innate, noble-savage limitations.

Even though INIT didn’t succeed in its complete mission, what we learned about portals could he useful to anyone hoping to establish the next stable ITC bridge here on Earth… and to try again. But it will require some patience, to see if ethereal beings are attracted to their work to facilitate and to protect the bridge.

It will also require the ability of us humans to collaborate “with one mind,” something that does not come easily to us.


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