Worlds Within Worlds 14 — Fearless

Love is the robust essence of life-force from the source that nourishes life everywhere, and it spins off into many related feelings and attitudes (joy, honesty, trust, empathy….).
Fear is love’s weak, illusory counterpart that lurks in Earth’s shadow realms, where life-force is in short supply, and it, too, stirs up lots of related feelings and motivations (grief, deception, doubt, contempt….).
Love and its offshoots can be traced back to the source with its eternal life. Fear and its offshoots can be traced to Earth’s ultimate illusion: death.

This is what I’ve come to believe about love and fear and the other feelings and motivations that we grapple with over the course of a lifetime:

  1. All of our roller-coaster feelings and urges stem from love and fear, which can be thought of as the two primary emotions (though love is more than just “an emotion;” it’s really the essence of life).
    • Love is all-powerful as it streams to Earth in the life-force emitted by the source. Fear is weak but persistent as it seeps into our lives from Earth’s shadow worlds.
    • Love and all of its positive feelings are eternal and are readily available to everyone, as they all trace back to the source.
    • Most of the fear and negative feelings on Planet Earth (in fact, the very presence of the shadow realm itself) can be traced back largely to the fear of death.
  1. Once we embrace the simple, elegant truthabout death and afterlife and our personal connection to the source, our fears start to dissipate and love can become the prevailing force in our life.
    • To relinquish fear and to embrace love, there’s one particular process that’s simple and effective (though not necessarily easy, at least not at first).

So let’s see what it means to be fearless while alive on Earth… and if it’s something we might want to pursue.

Love and Fear

Many bright minds report that:

  • love and fear are the primary emotions on Earth… (read more here…and here… ),
  • love is the one noble, all-powerful emotional force throughout the omniverse that is directly associated with the source… (read more here…), and
  • fear is a savage counterpart of love here on Earth that usually traces back to our fear of death (read more here…and here… ).

In the summer of 1992, The Seven ethereal beings told our INIT group:

“Fear of death is one of the most distressing concepts of human culture. It is based on the conscious belief that your bodily existence offers life and security, which it never wants to lose. Fear of death therefore, is evidence of the mind having lost its roots. It shows a spiritual being who has far removed itself from its higher self. You owe this mentality largely to an intellectual and scientific way of thinking. It wants all thoughts reduced to a comprehensible level of material existence. The church also has many difficulties. These days, the churchgoer knows very little about heaven, hell and life after death. Indeed, a large number of them deny these things. Such skepticism, which is most prevalent among those who are wise and worldly, could easily influence and corrupt people of simple faith and pure heart. Heaven is in man and those who have heaven within themselves go to heaven. Heaven is in all those who recognize what is of God and let themselves be guided by the divine. The priority and basic concern of every religion is the acknowledgement of God!”

Becoming Fearless

With this information, anyone can become fearless, regardless of their religious or spiritual understanding (or lack thereof).

It only involves acknowledging the source and its life-force (even if accompanied, initially, with a roll of the eyes).

Here’s one of many techniques that can help our fears to slowly dissipate. As with most techniques, the more you do it, the more effective it becomes.

  1. Move your awareness to the heart and anchor yourself to the source.
  2. Use a silent mantra that strengthens the connection, expresses gratitude, and turns your life over to the higher power… and synchronize it to your breathing. As illustrated below:



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