Worlds Within Worlds 24 — How Life-Energy Works and Feels

This article stumped me for a couple of weeks. I knew I was supposed to write about life-energy and how it manifests on Earth, but I had only a vague idea of how to go about it… until yesterday.

In recent years I’ve become more and more aware of how life-energy works:

  • It inspires creative minds to compose a soul-stirring song or to invent a world-changing technology or to cook up a delicious meal or to write a meaningful book…
  • It flows through spiritual healers and energy healers to cure suffering people in ways that sometimes seem miraculous…
  • It fills the minds of gifted psychics with ideas and impressions… and powers ITC systems so that information can stream into our world through our TVs, radios, telephones, and computers.

I’ve slowly been getting a sense of how life-energy gets modified or transduced as it passes out-beyond from the source, through various entities, as it moves toward the Earth and the physical universes, where it can manifest in many ways.

Yes, even though I’ve become increasingly aware of all that, I couldn’t see the complete picture. It just seemed impossibly complex. How does the life-energy actually work and how does it feel as it enters our body (or passes through us) from finer realms? Impossible to comprehend…

… until yesterday afternoon, when I was lying down to relax for a while.

In a matter of moments my mind started wandering randomly through my life, like a Powerpoint slide show. I saw (or “relived” might be more fitting) a dozen or more of my friendships or relationships while growing up. But for the first time in my life, every one of those relationships was totally immersed in love. There were none of the little dark twinges that I typically feel when looking back over my life… shards of shame here, barbed roots of regret there… a festering splinter of guilt… a rusty screw of resentment. Not so much as a trace of troubled thoughts oozed up from Earth’s shadow. For about a half-hour, my entire life was pure, unblemished love.

It wasn’t just a generic love that was the same in each situation. No, each situation had its own version or flavor or personality of love. They were all unique, like different places in paradise or a delicious variety of fruit in a tropical buffet.

But here’s the most amazing thing:

Each love situation felt both totally new to me and at the same time intimately familiar. I have no conscious memories of having experienced any of those intensely loving situations in my life, but at the same time I know they were always there.

It’s as though a strand or stream of pure love has been following me silently throughout my life, but it was always behind the scenes—tucked away somewhere in my unconscious or subconscious mind.

Or stated another way, maybe there have always been two or more versions of me experiencing the same events in my life at the same time with some the same people (or souls) doing the same things in each parallel lifetime. These concurrent lifetimes flow side-by-side in different dimensions. While this “Earth-me” is on an emotional roller-coaster ride between light and shadow, there’s another version of me in a parallel world that’s totally immersed in the light… probably at level 3 or level 4. Even if that paradise life is hidden from my view most of the time, as of yesterday I’m confident that it’s there. The Earth-me and the paradise-me are leading parallel lives.

And I suspect we all—all of us on Earth— have that lovestream going on in our lives behind the scenes. We each have a paradise-self immersed in the light (again, probably at level 3 or level 4). And getting an occasional glimpse of it can be a moving, inspirational, and healing experience.

I think it’s probably how we on Earth experience life-energy from finer realms in those rare moments of blissful inspiration. It’s a healing moment… and maybe those healing moments don’t have to be so rare.

(Note: As a rule, articles in this Worlds Within Worlds series don’t get changed once they’re posted. This is an exception. The process below might be problematic as it dwells in the past. Read more about that… )

My aim now is to set aside a little time each day to relax and relive experiences throughout my lifetime, and to try to see each situation through the lens of pure, unblemished love. To see if I can invite that lovestream back into my life everyday… the way it happened spontaneously yesterday.

If I can do it, I think it could be a profoundly healing time. After all, that higher form of love might be at the core of energy healing.

And that’ll be the subject of my next article: Energy healing, or spiritual healing.



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