Worlds Within Worlds 25 — Energy Healing, Spiritual Healing

A healthy body is like a brand-new cell phone… sort of.

It’s almost miraculous… the energies that come together to make a modern cell phone “come alive.”

  • There are the electromagnetic (and other inanimate) energies—electricity to charge the battery and to power the inner circuitry, the coding and apps to give the phone purpose, fiber-optic data streaming into modems, satellite signals, cell signals, WiFi signals, Bluetooth signals, the vast ocean of information on the Internet….
  • Then there are the living, conscious energies—talking into the phone, typing a text or email, taking a photo, playing a game, buying something, sharing a song or picture or video, locating anyone anywhere on a world map….

Visualizing all of those energies working together in a mobile phone can give us a general feel for what life-energy from the source is like… how it nourishes everything in the omniverse, including a human being, with…

Imagine grabbing the four corners and shrinking the picture smaller than a pinpoint until everything’s all superimposed, then expanding it back out in its superimposed state. If we just try to visualize how that might look, then we begin to get a sense of our true, multidimensional nature… and of our place in the big scheme of things. Awesome words like omniverse, omnipotent and omnipresent start to take on a more intimate meaning.

  • vitality,
  • purpose,
  • cohesion,
  • intelligence, and
  • truth.

The benefits:  The source is a product of flawless engineering… a divine Internet streaming unlimited truth and knowledge. It’s not just the central power grid that energizes the entire omniverse, but also the rechargeable battery at the center of our being that gives us life and vitality.

The challenge: As the life-energy moves further from the source to create its outer manifestations (the dense physical and spiritual bodies), it slowly loses its strength and purity. By the time it manifests the physical realm (level 1), life-energy can be very weak indeed, and it’s easy for a human being on Earth to start breaking down energetically… like a cell phone that’s moving out of range, or has a low battery or worn-out parts.

But the real blessing is this: people during a lifetime can learn to “move back into range” of the source by recognizing their multidimensional nature and by taking steps to recharge their batteries, to heal their worn-out parts, and to tap into vast inspiration and knowledge.

Yoga, tai-chi, breathwork, prayer, and meditation are a few of the techniques to plug-in consciously to the source in order to get the body-mind-spirit shipshape. Anyone can learn to do any of these things… but sometimes it’s nice to get help.

There are practitioners who can help people plug back in. Those practitioners are often called energy healers or spiritual healers, and their primary task is to help people clear out the blockages between their conscious body-mind and the source, or “soul.” (The soul is simply the source as it exists at the center of every individual entity in the omniverse… the “rechargeable battery.”)

Life-Energy by Any Other Name

There are many energy-healing techniques and modalities such as reiki, qigong (chi-gung), cranial-sacral work, acupressure, acupuncture, reflexology, flower essences, tapping, and spiritual healing, and there are many names for the life-energy itself, including:

Healers are those who have already cleared the path between their own conscious body-mind and the source. A subtle-but-powerful stream of life-energy can then flow through them to help clear away the blockages in their clients, while employing whatever rituals and techniques the healers have learned to use effectively.

The healing session doesn’t have to (but can) involve physical touch. It’s sometimes described as massaging the client’s energy bodies or spirit bodies or aura, and it can often be done at a distance as well as in the same room.

Positive results can range from temporary relief of chronic discomfort to miraculous healings, and the effectiveness can depend on the healer’s clarity, the client’s openness and commitment to the process, resonance between healer and client, and many spiritual conditions that might include spirit guides, spirit attachments, and karma.

I’m not a trained energy healer, so I’m getting some help with this article from a couple of experts: wife Regina and our good friend John Day. Regina uses many modalities to be an instrument for the source. John is a medical mystic who treats the complete body-mind-spirit energy package since retiring as a general and vascular surgeon some 20 years ago. We met John at Boulder Community Hospital in 1988, when I was an emotional mess on the verge of death until he removed advanced cancer from my colon to start me on a healing path.

Two Basic Approaches to Energy Healing?

Healing is one of their gifts—John and Regina. One of mine seems to be assimilating complex information and expressing it clearly in my writing… so maybe I’m being a little presumptuous when I say there are two basic approaches to healing. But it makes sense to me as I write this article.

The two approaches could be called lightwork and shadowwork… and I suspect many energy healers employ both approaches in their practice. Here’s how I’d describe them:

Lightwork is fairly straightforward, as described earlier. Energy healers have learned to clear themselves emotionally and spiritually. They’ve developed an unconditional love toward everyone and toward all life, which allows them to resonate with life-energy from the source. They become instruments through which life-energy can stream into our world to heal their clients, their friends, their families, and anyone else who spends time in their presence. While healing others, they also heal themselves. Or, rather, the concentrated flow of life-energy tries to heal them and everyone around them. They don’t have to worry about the specific causes or symptoms of a client’s ailments. They simply acknowledge that life-energy from the source is all-powerful and all-knowing and it will do whatever it can to bring vitality, peace, and purpose to everyone and everything that it touches.

Unfortunately, not everyone and not everything is receptive to being healed by life-energy. Some people have blemishes and blockages and karmic conditions in their body-mind-spirit that are too deeply rooted to be easily healed. That’s where shadowwork can come into play.

Shadowwork is a nittier-grittier process in which brave energy healers roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty, figuratively speaking. Many illnesses that afflict humanity stem from Earth’s spiritual shadow, whose spirit-residents are troubled, confused, and sometimes malevolent. While angels and loving ancestors visit Earth from finer realms bearing love and kindness, spirits from the shadows get tangled up in human lives while bringing their troubles and confusion with them. These influences from Earth’s shadow can cause spiritual ailments in a person that can lead to mental and emotional ailments, and they in turn can cause stubborn physical ailments. Shadowworkers are psychically sensitive. They can see inside their clients, and through practice and training they can “go into” the aura or spirit or energy package of a client, locate the dark blockages and blemishes, and remove them. It can be a grueling and sometimes dangerous process for the energy healer… but that’s why they get the big bucks. 🙂 (Just kidding, of course.)

Money Can Be Problematic

Money can play a part in energy healing because money is integral to modern living, but money can also be troublesome in energy healing because it’s basically society’s dense, troubled alternative to life-energy. While life-energy is vast and abundant as it nourishes everything everywhere with noble virtues, money nourishes social systems on Earth both with noble virtues from the source and with savage vices from Earth’s shadow.

In some places, such as Brazil, India, and China, energy healing traditionally is in its purest form when it’s given freely, and clients may give donations to help support the healers’ work. Elsewhere, especially in western culture of the northern hemisphere, it’s more typical for clients to pay for energy-healing treatments the way they pay for any other service in society. In principle there’s nothing wrong with that scenario, although healers and clients alike have to be sure to remain pure of heart… to be wary of greed, suspicion, deception, and other savage vices that can emerge from the shadow when money is involved.

Excellent Articles About Energy Healing

Shadowwork. I found one utterly fascinating article on the subject of what I would call shadowwork. It shares many of the basic tenets of energy healing and describes the gifted author’s experiences in removing dark materials from his clients’ auras or energy bodies or spirit bodies.

Lightwork. Many good articles about the lighter kind of energy healing can be found online. These four are well written and easy to read (imho), and they explain the nature of energy healing in detail.

Where to Find Energy Healers

And, finally, here are some directories of some of the many energy healers who are busy making people’s lives better. Most of these are here in the USA. To find one in your country, simply do a web search on something like “energy healer directories,” and many listings will probably appear.

(Note: As a rule, articles in this Worlds Within Worlds series don’t get changed once they’re posted. This is an exception. The last step in the process below might be problematic as it dwells in the past. Read more about that… )

Closing thought: While writing the previous article I had a spontaneous experience that felt very healing and helped inspire me to write this article. I was lying down to relax and meditate when events from my lifetime started passing through my mind like a PowerPoint slide show, but each event was totally immersed in love, free of the little twinges of shame, guilt, resentment, regret, and other troubled feelings that sometimes accompany those memories. That feeling of pure love and bliss, I realized, is what it feels like when life-energy streams into our lives freely from finer realms. So I’ve been trying to capture that moment every day by thinking about this picture to the right. I’m that guy at the bottom, and the six spirit bodies above that guy, along with the source, are all inside me… all part of my energy package. When I do my daily meditation now, I think of life-energy originating from the source and streaming as directly as possible through those six spirit bodies into my physical mind and body. Then I think of people I’ve known throughout my life and let the feeling of pure, unobstructed love stream into that relationship. It seems to have a healing effect.

(Regina cautioned me, however, that energy workers shouldn’t try to change or “fix” anyone without their permission. She said what I’m doing is probably fine, though, since I’m not trying to change or fix anyone in my past… only sending love into the past relationships.)

I’m sharing this final thought in case you, too, might find the little process healing sometime when you’re meditating or daydreaming.


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