Pfrankenstein’s Monster: The Morbid Creation of Big Drugs

The basic building blocks of the body—any biosystem’s body—are cells and molecules. Our body cells use molecules (water, nutrients, hormones, enzymes, peptides, proteins, carbohydrates…) to keep our body alive and healthy. Very simple, very basic.

Based on that premise, let’s enjoy a short parable in which a major disease might be overcome worldwide in the course of a generation.

Hm, what’s a bad disease?

How about cancer! Let’s imagine cancer being largely wiped out in our lifetime. Here’s how it could unfold:

1)     We discover certain molecules that are plentiful in healthy people but almost nonexistent in cancer patients.

2)     We isolate those molecules from healthy people and infuse them into the bodies of cancer patients.

3)     Voila!… the cancer tumors quickly disappear. There are no harmful side-effects to the treatment, because we’re using natural molecules that are prevalent in all healthy people.

4)     Hundreds of terminally ill patients, after several treatments, are suddenly cancer-free, and their bodies are healthy.

5)     Word spreads quickly that a cancer cure has been found.

6)     Health agencies and the medical profession embrace the new treatment and dedicate their time, effort, and money to its development.

7)     Medical labs are set up around the world to produce these molecules, and hospitals begin treating cancer patients en masse.

8)     Millions of patients who would otherwise have died with conventional treatments, like chemotherapy and radiation, within months are free of disease and in the peak of health.

9)     Cancer becomes a minor villain on the world stage.

Now for the shocker: This is a true story… up to a point. That point is step 5 in the story. The treatment described in steps 1 through 4 has been in use since the 1970s. If this were a perfect world, the entire scenario above, steps 1 through 9, would have played out during the past quarter century, and the Earth would be a healthier place. Cancer would no longer be one of the two deadliest diseases on Earth. Based on my research in recent days into cancer treatment, and my life’s work of trying to understand human nature… I know this to be true. Cancer could easily have been reduced to a minor player in the past 25 years.

As it is, a drama began to unfold at step 5 that squelched the development of the new treatment… which, nearly everyone involved in the drama agreed, was (and today still is) both safe and effective in defeating cancer.

(The following paragraphs contain many links that you’re welcome to open if you want the full flavor of the drama. The complete story of the pioneering medical team and its successes are in the links at the end of the article.)

The drama: Since the 1950s, pharmaceuticals (medical drugs) have evolved into a trillion-dollar industry, with dozens of drug companies competing to develop profitable new medications for all sorts of human ills… and chemotherapy drugs are among the most profitable. These are poisons (derived originally from chemical weapons after World War II) that kill fast-growing cancer cells by disrupting DNA synthesis and cell division. Unfortunately these poisons kill other fast-growing cells at the same time, including bone marrow, hair, and stomach cells. In other words, chemotherapy makes people sick to make them better, and the many healthy cells destroyed by the treatment are regarded by the medical profession as acceptable casualties in the war on cancer.

Research into chemotherapeutic drugs is funded not only by the profits of the pharmaceutical businesses (12 of which are Fortune 500 companies) but also by a massive network of nonprofit cancer research agencies in the States (including the National Cancer Institute, the American Cancer Society, AACR, the CRI, the NFCR, the AICR, the AMC…), which actively solicit billions of dollars in donations from corporations and individuals. Most of this money is used directly or indirectly to perpetuate this system of cancer treatment through toxic chemicals, radiation, and surgery.

So, trillions of dollars and the livelihoods of millions of people are invested in the system, which has grown into a monster of sorts. Even many medical professionals and government agencies (such as the US FDA) have been pulled into parasitic relationships with the system, receiving financial gifts and luxury vacations from drug companies in exchange for keeping the chemotherapy business lucrative and protecting it from dangers.

What kind of dangers?

Well, the greatest danger to the modern cancer industry would be a simple, inexpensive treatment that would cure cancer effectively. If that emerged, the entire system of chemotherapy research, radiation treatment, surgeons, charities, and stockholders—all united in the multi-billion-dollar fight against cancer—a would come crashing down like a house of cards.

It would be a real disaster in the areas of economics, business, finance, and medicine.

So, we’ve come to a crossroads. Modern society contains many such systems (based on hydrocarbon energies, faulty economics, 3-dimensional science, and more) that evolved with the best of intentions but have grown stale and toxic… and need to be rebuilt from the ground up. And we have to ask ourselves a crucial question:

Can there be a smooth transformation from the stale, old systems to new, vital systems that are in the best interests of humanity? Or do the old systems have to collapse into chaos before the new systems can emerge from the rubble?

I’m to a large extent an idealist, so I believe that a smooth transformation is possible. As long as there is a lot of dialog and a free flow of information along the way, we could see oil dependence quickly replaced by renewable energies, growth economics replaced by the Vitality Ratio, Newtonian science replaced by a new spiritual science…. and, of course, the replacement of toxic cancer treatment by safe, effective treatments now available.

Unfortunately, reality (at least in the last case) suggests otherwise. Case in point, the trials and tribulations of Dr Stanislaw Burzynski and his team. (Click here for a short article about the work, and click the link below to watch a new movie, which lasts more than an hour… so pop some popcorn.)

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2 Responses to Pfrankenstein’s Monster: The Morbid Creation of Big Drugs

  1. Hello Mr.Macy,
    really nice written article about how governments and big companies prevent technical and medical progress because of money. Almost every discovery made last century has been thrown into the trash (or bought by big companies and locked up into their safe). The Vitality Ratio is the perfect solution to all this, but it needs a lot of rich (or powerful) people to climb its way to the top.

    I hope this will be real in near future.


    • Thanks Patrik. Hope I’m still alive when the world stage is set for the next act. Lots of great solutions are gathering in the wings. Actors scorn interruptions as the drama unflolds, so we may have to wait for the intermission. Mark

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