2012: As Disasters Worsen, What’s Preventable and What’s Not?

Disasters are growing in frequency and severity as world civilization treads ever more heavily on the planet. Here’s a glance at some of the more serious recent disasters… and at the end we’ll talk about what could be preventable in the future.


Today is the first anniversary of one of the worst disasters of our lifetime—the tsunami in Japan. It’s reassuring to know that when disaster strikes, people from around the world lend a hand.


Also a year ago this month, a series of 12 earthquakes hit Youngstown, Ohio. These are important for how they were caused… but very minor in terms of severity. Here’s a remarkable time-elapsed film from Japan showing all the earthquakes that hit the world last year, giving a good sense of where the earth’s crust is especially unstable, and where ‘there’s a whole lot of shaking going on.’

… and a short clip of how a 7.2-earthquake must have felt in a Turkish flat last year.


Last year was a record year for tornadoes in the US Midwest…

Tornadoes in the US midwest last year.

Tornadoes in the US midwest last year.

… until a new record was set this month by another flurry of twisters.


And then there’s genocide. How do you get the world to look at an appalling life-and-death struggle it would rather forget or ignore?

The Internet, of course.

Mass executions in Africa have become a gruesome reality that most people in the West have a hard time reconciling… and try not to dwell on. Case in point: world leaders and international news organizations have long been concerned about the barbarity of an African dictator, Joseph Kony, and his attacks against hundreds of thousands of his countrymen. The atrocities that he and his followers have commited in Uganda include murder, rape, mutilations, and by some accounts even cannibalism.

Most of us never heard of Kony until this month, when Jason Russell produced and posted a video that went viral. It takes a human approach, comparing the life of his own son in America to the horrors experienced by kids in Uganda under the terror of Kony. The film is moving as well as informative.

Coming Together to Watch the World Unravel

We’re blessed to live at a time when we can watch world affairs unfold before our eyes… via TVs, iPads, smartphones, and computer screens. We can see first-hand as humanity unravels one moment, and comes together, united, the next.

This pervading awareness could be the first step toward a new age in which humanity learns to tread lightly and peaceably on the planet. As we witness first-hand our impact on the world, maybe we’ll change our way of being.

But awareness alone won’t get us there. The big step is yet to be taken.

Which Disasters Could We Prevent?

It’s hard to visualize most of the disasters listed above being solved anywhere but in a sci-fi movie. I know of only two exceptions:

First, the 12 small earthquakes in Ohio were caused by oil companies’ “fracking” technique—the high-pressure injection of waste water into the Earth in order to fracture the bedrock and release natural gas. Political aftershocks included a new set of Ohio state regulations to monitor and control pressure and volume at the well sites… perhaps to prevent such earthquakes in the future.

That wouldn’t solve the thousands of large earthquakes that shake up the planet every year, as we saw in that creative Japanese video, but could help avoid destabilization caused by human hands.

Second, those familiar with my writing know I believe that mass executions could be eliminated in the course of a generation, along with other serious economic imbalances. But it would take the adoption of what I call ‘the vitality ratio’ by business, technology, government… and, well, by world society in general. No small order.

I’ve written lots about the vitality ratio elsewhere…

Read more about the vitality ratio

… so for now I need only say that wherever overpopulation is a chronic condition, mass executions will be a gruesome reality.

  • US military intervention won’t solve it.
  • Humanitarian aid won’t solve it.
  • UN intervention won’t solve it.
  • Multinational efforts won’t solve it.
  • Films like Kony 2012 may set fire to millions of minds and hearts… but they won’t solve the problem.

The only solution will be population control, which is one of several basic cornerstones of the vitality ratio.


About Mark Macy

Main interests are other-worldly matters (www.macyafterlife.com) and worldly matters (www.noblesavageworld.com)
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8 Responses to 2012: As Disasters Worsen, What’s Preventable and What’s Not?

  1. A good one Mark. I went back and re-read the long entry about the Vitality Ratio.

    The more I read about your Vitality Ratio, the more I am eager to see it discussed at a broader forum and enacted via some large advisory group, such as the UN.

    Keep going. You are bringing good things.

    There are corporate and other influences which would have to be tempered into the humane destiny that is our Noble side. Currently, so many chaotic forces run amuck, intoxicated and addicted, as they have been allowed to become, to exacerbate our Savage side.

    How this Savage side will heal is through the evolutions you write about. Methinks our transition into our Noble side will be a tumultuous adventure.

    The earthquake time lapse production was impressive.

    Thank you.

    • Thanks John,
      Your comments are always appreciated……
      I certainly agree that the chaotic forces will pose an obstacle to implementing the vitality ratio… and it’ll probably have to wait til I’m long gone from this incarnation.
      And I’m fine with that… after all, it’ll be a LOT of work to get set up.
      I’d certainly spend the rest of my life working to get it up and running, if conditions were to allow… but if I have to spend my ‘golden years’ enjoying this blog, writing books, traveling with Regina, and visiting you from time to time in Crestone… hey, all the better! 🙂
      Warm wishes to you and Jean,

  2. Alex says:

    “No small order” is correct.

    You are calling for a NEW WORLD ORDER (which is fine and it’s your right to do so).

    But I wish New Agers would just be honest about this, that’s all. Veiling it with lofty language in my opinion is pure deception and shows the manipulative nature of the spiritual powers and principalities behind it.

    I would be very pleased if proponents of the ‘New World Order’ or ‘New Order of the Ages’ or ‘One World Order’ would just admit that they wish to impose a fascist rule over the entire globe. Why hide in the shadows if what you say is of the light?

    Nonetheless, bless you, Mark and take care.

  3. Thanks Alex. Different people with different views use different terms to describe the same situation.
    “New world order” would be a nice term, but for the fact that it’s been steeped in fear.
    People resist change.
    Before the US became the US, people in Texas (Lone Star Republic) and the California (Bear) Republic had the same fear of giving up their autonomy to a bigger society. But the US was ‘manifest destiny.’
    People today have similar fears about the United Nations.
    I don’t have any fear about that, since I figure autonomy has always been a myth anyway. There’s always been a sharing of decision-making at all levels of human society.
    Also, there’s always been a struggle within humanity and the human being as we try to decide whether we want more personal freedom or more social stability… and what levels of society should make what decisions.
    Some form of world government is inevitable in the future evolution of our species. It’s just a matter of what sorts of decisions will have to be made at the planetary level. And it’s just a matter of time.
    To me this is nothing terrifying… simply a natural evolution.
    Eventually there’ll be intergalactic federations that we’ll belong to… as well as multidimensional councils in which we work with ethereals and astral beings to make decisions.
    To me that’s all a wonderful prospect… certainly not scary.

  4. valloned says:

    Doesn’t the UN have to be a “decent” organization run by “decent” people before we could even begin to suggest that they should form some ‘One World Government” (or something along those lines)? The “current” UN is so far away from being “decent”, I’m not sure how it could even be suggested that our globe is even close to having a governmental body being close to prepared to take on such a huge responsibility – am I missing something?

    Even our own government (US) is so far away from being “enlightened” that the thought of a New World Order and/or a One World Government (being run by “any” governmental body currently on the face of our planet) seems dangerous – thoughts?


    • The UN’s no further away from decency than any other human group. All of us us humans have got a noble (decent) side and a savage side, which boil over into our governments and regulatory bodies.
      Those groups are all doing the best they can, given the individuals delegated to operate them. Every government has always had noble visions undermined by savage shortcomings. The UN is no different. A future world government is no different.
      To suggest that the individuals in the UN are any less decent than the norm doesn’t make any sense… unless you’ve done interviews with them all or otherwise have gotten to know them.

      • valloned says:

        It would be an extremely significant move to hand over our country’s sovereignty to a body of people made up of “many” members who do not share our vision of what is “just” or “right” (“yes” – I am generalizing here, but we both are).

        To force one’s self to think through what it would take to arrive at having a common vision (as a “planet”), (where we could act in our “planet’s” best interest) – one would eventually have to conclude that some sort of ‘One World Government’ is likely the only way that (any) planet could get to that point – I get that. So your viewpoint reflects a super-duper high-altitude view (i.e. 100K foot view).

        There is so much that would need to happen before 6 billion people could “unite” – I would have to suspect that this is still many, many generations away (unless there is a major event on the planet – which certainly can’t ever be ruled out). I understand that a big-switch (like a One World Government) has to start where many other major shifts have started in the past (people have to start “suggesting” it and then quickly begin ducking so they don’t get hit by the multitude of people throwing shoes, stones and tomatoes at them for suggesting it).

        You do seem “in-touch” with the enormity of the idea you’re suggesting – the spirit world needs to reach a lot more to the planet’s current 6 billion people (to make any serious headway)

        Shifting gears – has the pace of ITC research/results slowed-down over the last several years (it seems that way) – if you think it has – “why” do you think it has? Also, the lack of interest on the known-facts related to ITC (by mainstream media and the scientific community), is nothing short of stunning. Why do you think both of those institutions show little interest (on the “surface” anyway)? If the scientific community believes that these “voices” come from our own mind, it still strikes one as being something very ‘worthy of investigation’ – but they seem very disinclined on the entire topic.

        Again – thank you for your insight. I respect where you’re coming from (even if I don’t think our country is ready to hand over our sovereignty to a group of so-called world-leaders (including our own) who (based on the current state of the world economy) appear to be grossly incompetent).


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