phs10: The Carnal Line Between Noble and Savage

(Politics and the Human Spirit – Installment 10)


Maybe the best way to distinguish the “noble” from the “savage” in human nature and human affairs is to answer a simple question:

What drives the angels?

While angels, or ethereal beings, aren’t perfect in the “God” sense of the word… they’re much closer to perfection than we humans are… so close, in fact, that from our earthly point of view angels seem omnipresent and all-powerful. They seem to embody all of the nobility of God.

Our INIT group (1995-2000) learned quite a lot about ethereal beings, as information about the afterlife streamed into our computers, TVs, phones, and other research equipment from the finer realms of spirit. In some ITC contacts our spirit friends (departed humans at Timestream spirit group) told us about the ethereal beings who visited their world occasionally… coming through shimmering portals… glowing in rainbow colors. In other contacts the ethereals themselves communicated with us… sharing tremendous wisdom and depth.

This is one of The Seven ethereals working with our INIT group, as it presented itself on the TV of our Luxembourg member, Maggy Fischbach. A being much like that exists within each of us... is part of us... is superimposed over our physical body... remains invisible to our senses and sciences. Thoughts and impressions from that ethereal self, deep within, bubble up into our conscious mind. Ethereal impressions are the source of noble human behavior.

This is one of The Seven ethereals working with our INIT group, as it presented itself on the TV of our Luxembourg member, Maggy Fischbach. A being much like that exists within each of us… is part of us… is superimposed over our physical body… remains invisible to our senses and sciences. Thoughts and impressions from that ethereal self, deep within, bubble up into our conscious mind. Ethereal impressions are the source of noble human behavior.

Read more about our carnal and ethereal composition…


If I can capture some of those ethereal qualities here, in this article, then I think we’ll have a fair idea of what purely noble human behavior would look like… and the challenges we would face trying to adopt it here on Earth.

Essentially we have a savage self that’s wrapped up in our carnal body and mind… and we have a noble self… an ethereal, “god-like” self, resting deep within us. The savage self lasts a lifetime; the noble self lasts forever.

The ethereal spirit within us is the source of noble human behavior… and if we can get a clear sense of what that is, then maybe we can use that knowledge to reshape our politics… as we reshape ourselves.

Our Ethereal (Noble) Qualities

Following are some of the finer qualities of ethereal beings, as gleaned from ITC messages in the 1990s. The italicized passages are the actual words of our spirit friends (in some cases translated from German). The other passages (underlined or bulleted) are my interpretations of the spirit messages.

1 – Love completely… but appropriately to your soul purpose.  The fullness of our unlimited love is open to any soul in a way that can best be accepted by that soul. (The Seven ethereals)

  • Learn your soul purpose, through meditation and inner reflection… (not an easy feat!… but a wondrous journey…) and love accordingly.

2 – Acknowledge others without judgmentChildren of Earth, people of Terra! Often, when we come to take you home at the end of your earthly lives, we notice that you are in great haste. Like someone who unexpectedly has guests coming, you dash to and fro and try to get some order in the chambers of your spirit and your heart. You quickly get things out of the way which you left lying around carelessly for a long time. You hide other things under the furniture and the carpet because you are ashamed that you neglected them. Dear people! We come only to greet you, not to judge you. The pupil is not being judged after an hour of testing, but only after his entire period of learning.  (The Seven ethereals)

  • Don’t be too hard on others… nor on yourself; we’re all doing the best we can.

3 – Strive for peace on Earth… but know the limitations of being carnal in a material worldMeat-eating man really gets in his own way. Man cannot live in the natural environment without using force. It has become part of your world and you cannot ignore it. Even peace, as far as you have it, only exists to the extent that you limit force in solving your conflicts. The same is true of peace with nature and the animal life. (The Seven ethereals)

  • Our dreams of peace can go only so far on Earth.

4 – Envision and manifest unityWe think that an emerging human vision should be the measure of things. We do not share the anxiety some of you have of a larger-scale cooperation which would be fostered by an ultimate umbrella organization. There certainly can be no argument about governing or serving this kind of cooperation. Circulating the idea (from us and from you) that it is presently “too early” to set up a stable field, can be the very obstacle that will prevent this field. Everybody is responsible for what he/she sows and reaps. These thoughts have been presented to you several times. Unfortunately they have not been understood by everyone here and on your side. I have already asked you once: What holds you back from setting up such an organization? To this date, we have not been given an instructive and informative answer. Let us say again that fear has always been a bad advocate. (The Seven ethereals, speaking of an umbrella ITC organization… but it could be broadened in reference to an authorized United Nations, an umbrella world government)

  • The “stable field” mentioned here consists of resonant thoughts and expectations of everyone involved in a project… and it shapes the living reality that bridges various realms. For a world government to receive direct help from ethereal realms (a very definite possibility!) a stable field will be necessary.

5 – Understand morality and live morally.  We, The Seven, have decided to help and support the way chosen by you in INIT. It is the way of morals, which means to understand, to acknowledge, to devise, and to act. (The Seven ethereals)

  • Understand the information received by the conscious mind from ethereal realms (including from the higher self), acknowledge it, adjust it to fit the world at this time, and act accordingly. Morality.

6 – Avoid fear and envy, which lead to darkness and destructionIt is easy to forget that you are still on the physical side of the veil and have your daily battles with all the shortcomings of physical life. We notice how under the weight of a stone all kinds of repulsive worms and vermin accumulate. So it is under the weight of fear and envy that hate and thoughts of destruction come forth. Do not think that you only have to awaken what is humane and dignified in a person to make them walk the way of the light. (The Seven ethereals)

  • Live on Earth, as best we can, in the light of love, understanding, and acceptance.

7 – Stand against tyranny, protect the peopleShall we leave doors open (to human corruption)… or shall we close them?… Our decision: Protect the citizens. (The Seven ethereals)

  • This is an excerpt of a message delivered, I believe, by The Seven ethereals during a rare, direct intervention into recent election fraud that would have turned a dark tide on Earth. ”Rare,” to say the least! I have not heard directly from The Seven since the breakup of our ITC group (INIT) around the year 2000… and I wondered (in my gloomier moments) if maybe they’d given up on ITC and maybe even on humanity. (If an international research panel of spiritually motivated men and women with the best of intentions couldn’t get along for more than four or five years, what chances were there for humanity?!) When I heard through the web that someone had stymied the latest efforts to steal yet another US election, I was captivated. I’d been watching the stealing of US elections since the year 2000, and there were moments when I myself had nearly lost all hope in humanity as I watched the devastating, shock-and-awe repercussions unleashed by the illegitimate Bush administration. When I finally tracked down the actual letter from “the protectors of democracy” who claimed responsibility for thwarting the latest effort at a stolen election, I got chills on my spine, the hair on the back of my neck bristled, and my jaw dropped. The depth, the wisdom, and the perfect metaphors in the letter were intimately characteristic of The Seven as I’d gotten to know them in the 1990s… and today, two months after the 2012 election fraud incident, I firmly believe it was The Seven who saved the day. It would take some mighty solid proof to convince me otherwise… to persuade me that someone on Earth had circumvented the fraud and composed the letter. I’d need the names of the “cyber sleuths,” their technical and literary background, the techniques they used, and so on. Until then, I’m comfortable “knowing” it was a job requiring herculean talents, and that The Seven stepped in to help humanity at a crucial moment in our history. (Read more about the election-fraud incident and see the complete letter…)

8 – Help those in need… with tact and discretionWe accompany the lonely and grieving. We lie next to the sick and we ease the burden of the suffering. We love human beings, but people sometimes expect this love to give them something which we cannot give because you are unable or unprepared to receive it. We do understand your desperation and your skepticism, your doubt and your anger. We know you are only on a journey. Once you get back to us, you will feel like the child who sits smiling and secure on its mother’s lap. (The Seven ethereals)

  • Those in need don’t always know what they need. Those wishing to help don’t always know how to help. We can only do the best we can… learn from expert sources such as the 12-Step Program… and live with knowledge that a more tranquil and true reality awaits us once we leave Earth’s carnal illusions behind.

9 – Advise, don’t dictateWe only give you advice. We would never command you or insist on a particular action. (The Seven ethereals)

  • Our savage side may need to be closely managed by ourselves and by society, but our noble side flourishes in freedom.

10 – Discern the information to bring into this worldWe seek council with the higher beings to determine the information to send to Earth. (Timestream spirit group)

  • As wide-ranging information streams into our conscious minds from diverse spiritual worlds, it’s up to us to determine what information is or is not suitable to act on… what information would help or hurt the world around us.

11 – Know the human purposeWe whom you call Rainbow People have often given you the real purpose of ITC contacts: Mankind at the end time should be led back to the principle. Light and darkness shall unite and form a whole again. What people experience now is not the actual beginning of the apocalypse, but only the first symptoms of it. Before opposites can be united, the strength of unity among ITC people must increase and come from a pure heart. (The Seven ethereals)

  • Carnal life is a strange dichotomy of light and darkness. We’re noble creatures at our core with savage inclinations near the surface… and as the end approaches (not just our personal end-of-life but also the end of an epoch), it’s time to pull the loose ends together into the complete human package as we prepare for the next adventure.

12 – Know the human heritageIn reality, the legends of the Fall of Man are based on a factual incident: the downfall of the civilization you often call Atlantis (also known by other names). This downfall was brought about by the descendants of the last inhabitants of Marduk (Eden) who became marooned on planet Terra. This downfall came through reliance and blind trust in a massive technology. (The Seven ethereals)

  • The Seven ethereals shared some world-changing information with our INIT group over the years… information pertaining to our ancient heritage.

13 – Be aware of many spiritual levelsSome of us regard the Ethereals as great souls or creators. They live on our plane and yet are really not among us. They can ascend to higher planes and again “bend down” to our level. (Timestream spirit group)

  • For all of the many levels of spiritual existence there are corresponding spiritual levels within us. We are, after all, a microcosm of God’s totality. Through spiritual practice we can train the carnal self to be more receptive to our ethereal self.

14 – Sustain a rapport between the carnal and ethereal worldsThis is the seventh time that we accompany and guide you on your progress toward a free, wealthy and sane future in which humanity would have stripped off the chains of intolerance and cruelty. A future in which it will be able to establish fruitful and durable relationships with the Light, ethereal realms of existence. (The Seven ethereals)

  • As we develop our personal rapport with our ethereal self, humanity can also foster a rapport with the brilliant beings in ethereal realms. That could be done through ITC.

15 – Know God as the absolute realityMany Earth people mistakenly perceive God as a person or an individual entity. God is not a person but the highest principle of life, as well as the absolute reality. (The Seven ethereals)

  • To consider God a mere myth is the grandest, most perverse human illusion… one that is easy to fall into during a carnal lifetime.

16 – Tap into unlimited power, wisdom, and goodnessThe Ethereals’ power is almost unlimited and so is their wisdom and goodness. Their entire being is illuminated by understanding and forgiveness. It is impossible to describe the good feeling that overcomes the person who faces them and can speak to them… (Timestream spirit group)

  • The dazzling and delightful sensations can be almost overwhelming as we begin to build a bridge between our carnal and ethereal minds… for example through practiced heart meditations.

17 – Anticipate an afterlife adventureEvery being is a unity of spirit and body that cannot be separated on earth or in spirit. The only difference is the fact that the physical body disintegrates and in its place comes the astral body. Our message is to tell you that your life goes on. Any speculations on how an individual will experience it are bound to be limited in validity. All your scientific, medical or biological speculations miss the mark of these realities. What serves as “real” to science is not close to reality in the broad picture. It is no more than a word in a book. 

(The Seven Ethereals Timestream Spirit Group: the spirit of Friedrich Juergenson)

  • Spiritual reality is too vast and diverse to be comprehended by the carnal mind… trapped as it is in an illusory, short-lived existence. So… be ready for the ultimate adventure that we call afterlife. Prepare for it with noble choices… savor the possibilities… but don’t get bogged down in detailed expectations.


Someday humanity will probably abandon its old-fashioned, bipolar beliefs in good and evil, God and Satan, heaven and hell… and replace them with a more rational understanding of our noble-savage nature.

That understanding will help reshape politics and economics and all manner of human endeavor… and it will help prepare us for incomprehensible adventures that await us as human beings and as a human species.

It will involve a committed effort to embrace our noble heritage and to face the difficult task of coming to terms with our savage inclinations.

It will be a crucial time for humanity… like an alcoholic’s first month of sobriety….

And that time might be upon us.

If I’m right about #7 above…

the writing is on the wall.


(to be continued….)

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  1. Mark,
    This entry is fabulous, and is very helpful at many levels of resonance. Thank you. At its most basic level it is like “New Year’s Resolutions.” The words help cleave through the shroud of our collective Identity crisis.

  2. Hey Mark,
    I had to post a link to this valuable writing on my Journal:
    Thank you.

  3. Ricky says:

    Hey Mark,

    #17 brought a question to mind – isn’t this quote derived from a computer letter received from departed Friedrich Juergenson on 6/12/92 (not the ethereals themselves)?

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