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phs13: Finally… Good Politics

Basically, we have to do savage things to survive in a savage world… but the more we do that, the more difficulties we’ll have later on… as we try to get settled into a light afterlife paradise after we die and leave the Earth. If we attach ourselves too heavily in our savage qualities during our lifetime, our spirit will migrate to darker, more troubled realms after we die… where it will feel more “at home”…. Continue reading

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phs10: The Carnal Line Between Noble and Savage

Maybe the best way to distinguish the “noble” from the “savage” in human nature and human affairs is to answer a simple question: What drives the angels? While angels, or ethereal beings, aren’t perfect in the “God” sense of the word… they’re much closer to perfection than we humans are… so close, in fact, that from our earthly point of view angels seem omnipresent and all-powerful. They seem to embody all of the nobility of God…. Continue reading

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phs9: Managing the World in the 21st Century

The intent of world management is not to eliminate the savage side of mankind—which would destroy the noble-savage human being—but to tame and direct it. Continue reading

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phs6: Education

I’ve long believed that the main role of education should be to strengthen our noble side and to teach us how to contend with our savage qualities, starting at a young age and continuing into adulthood. Foster good will and trust among children, help adolescents deal with their hormones and egos, help everyone to understand their basic spiritual nature in contrast with their carnal human nature…. Continue reading

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